Kellyanne Conway to Fetterman: Leave everybody behind who used you

Kellyanne Conway to Fetterman: Leave everybody behind who used you

Former Trump administration White House counselor Kellyanne Conway voices her concerns about Sen. John Fetterman’s health problems after his CBS ‘Sunday Morning’ interview on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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Comes in the media every interview is The same if they like you they treat you Like Biden but if they don't like you it Kind of looks something like this We looked up some words that have been Said about you okay crazy Cute clown Looney Tune unhinged Pretty Ugly stuff Looks like the average troll in my Twitter feed so I don't really care You're used to it so I don't let name Calling bother me or offend me oh we Looked up some words to describe you Leslie and nah can't read it That was Marjorie Taylor Green's big Interview with 60 minutes and they had To edit the heck out of that thing to Make it work watch this And things she says that are over the Top like the Democrats are a party of Pedophiles I would definitely say so they support Grooming children they are not Pedophiles why would you say that Democrats Democrats support even Joe Biden the president himself supports Children being sexualized and having Transgender surgeries sexualizing Children is what pedophiles do to Children Okay I caught five edits in that

Sequence five in 30 seconds that's what They call in the business a hatchet job But I guess this is what you'd expect From Leslie stalls the only person we Know hasn't verified the laptop yet but See CBS doesn't like Marjorie Taylor Green the Washington establishment Doesn't like Marjorie Taylor green and Why because they like politicians they Can control and if you can be controlled And you're a victim the sky's the limit Enter John fetterman the media's new Golden Boy he also sat down with CBS This weekend his first big interview Since being released from Walter Reed For depression And CBS wanted to talk about fashion He was becoming a rising political star And an unlikely darling of the Fashion World what did GQ call you they said you Were a fashion god or something his wife Of 15 years Giselle American taste God And then the New York Times I found out That I was one of the most fashionable Or something that's right along with Beyonce and Brad Pitt satterman was one Of the paper's most stylish people of 2022. it was an edgy modern look it was Appalling And then things got really sad In November December Depression started Gathering strength is that correct Very much very much I had stopped Leaving my bed

I've stopped eating uh dropping weight As it was described to me You were Agnostic about the question of living or Not At that time Yeah well I I never had any self-harm But I was indifferent though if the the Doctor said Gee you have 18 months to Leave to live I'd be like Okay well that's that's how things go It's almost like his body was rejecting His Senate Office like it was a bad Organ now most people would watch this Interview and say wow this poor guy Needs to take some time for himself If he was struggling to eat a plate of Food how is HE capable of serving in the Senate but not CBS they listened to Fetterman and thought hmm Maybe this guy should be president Someday Your trajectory from mayor to lieutenant Governor United States Senator was still pointing Up at 53 in politics that's a young man Can you have aspirations can you serve Beyond the United States Senate you know My aspiration is to take my son to the Restaurant that we were supposed to go During his birthday but couldn't because I had to checked myself in for Depression the guy just wants to get Better and be there for his kids but

Instead Democrats are forcing him into Office so they can push him around and Get stuff done it's wrong and it's a Little hard to watch kellyanne Conway is A Fox News contributor and former White House counselor really Stark the Difference between those two interviews What does that tell you kellyanne It does and let me just say mental Health depression very serious issues Jesse I know we agree this is a Scourge In society and I bet John fetterman it Sounds like he might want to be an Advocate for it but that's not really What the Democrats want him to do they Need his vote to carry on their slim Majority and he came out the best in That one interview because he actually Seems a little humble he seems like he Doesn't want to be in the United States Senate if I were fetty John my advice to Him would be leave everybody behind Everybody who used you to get there the Wife who's giggling and thinks she's Some kind of fashion icon very flip Can't let him do an interview by himself The Democrats certainly and he could Just say I want to go heal myself one Last thing about this juxtaposed how Angry if not evil all of them were if Anybody dared questioned John Fetterman's health during The Campaign Which is a legitimate issue in any Campaign people got pushed back to Asha

Burns from NBC was insulted she was Threatened and worse Now they want John Federman to be on our Couch they want to have this whole National tour National interview Sympathy tour he seems uncomfortable Look there is a double stand in the Meeting we all know that but Leslie Stahl lost credibility should have lost Her job they just never do that in the Media nobody ever loses their job for Being egregiously wrong you get promoted If you screw up in the media you get Promoted not a single person in the Media lost his or her job after the 2016 Election where they all swore up and Down Hillary Clinton lose Trump couldn't Win it was a joke if one person had had Been unemployed after that Jesse I'm Sure they would have sharpened up but They always fail upward and by the way I Know how interested people are in each Other's marriages and politics and media So let me just tell all the youngins out There look up dunesbury the guy who's Done that for 52 years his name Gary Trudeau that is the husband of drum roll Please Jane Pauley he's one of the most Savage critics of trump and all Republicans so she's interviewing Frederman Leslie Saul's interviewing MTG Um and I think they're just trying to Make MTG the face of the Republican Party force her onto the short list for

Donald Trump they are so rude to People's faces by by reading what people Who don't wear pants that snap button or Zipper anymore never get fresh air sit On Twitter all day insulting other People that's supposed to be relevant to What used to be a flagship program like 60 Minutes Johns Hopkins medical says That those first three months after some Common stroke are critical to full Recovery and I feel like John Federman They blew it for him this poor man by Forcing him to campaign he should have Taken himself out it doesn't seem like He was equipped to do that should have Taken himself out because when you lose That three-month window and you don't Get that intense therapy with a stroke Apparently that severe you don't get That window back and people are saying Why is she supporting Federal I'm Supporting people who suffer from Depression and mental health 100 United States senators representing a country With 335 million people Jesse we can Find somebody else in Pennsylvania to Serve while this man is the Pennsylvania Voters deserve someone better thank you Very much kellyanne Conway as always hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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