Kirby Calls On Iranian Gov’t To “Cut Off” Support For Hamas After Biden Enriched Iran With $100B

Kirby Calls On Iranian Gov't To "Cut Off" Support For Hamas After Biden Enriched Iran With $100B

Comments made on 1/24/24

Forign Minister told ABC News yesterday That he believes the risks of a wider War in the region is going up he's Blaming the US for it says that if the US sto providing Aid then Netanyahu Wouldn't survive for 10 minutes wanted To get your reaction on that if the Iranian uh government is concerned about Escalation then the best thing they Could do would be to cut off the support That they give to groups like Hamas and Hezbollah uh and these Iran back militia Groups in Iraq and Syria we don't want To see the conflict escalate we don't Want to see some broader War we're not Looking for a war or a conflict with Anybody

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