Kirby torched by Pompeo after appearing to blame Trump for Afghan withdrawal failures

Kirby torched by Pompeo after appearing to blame Trump for Afghan withdrawal failures

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo joins ‘The Story’ to reject Adm. Kirby’s claims Trump admin left them no cohesive plan for Afghanistan withdrawal. #thestory #foxnews

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The White House spending a lot of time In today's briefing blaming the previous Administration for the botched Afghanistan withdrawal watch but while It was always the president's intent to End that war it is also undeniable that Decisions made and the lack of planning Done by the previous administration Significantly limited options available To him Mike Pompeo was Secretary of State in That Administration he joins me now Secretary Pompeo this has got to be Somewhat stunning to you being involved In that and I just want to read this Because this jumped out at me in this Quoting here the previous administration Provided no plans for how to conduct the Final withdrawal your thoughts on this Report sir Well Trace I I'm not stunned because the Bite Administration has consistently Tried to blame someone else for every Failure that they've had in these two Years where they're leaving Americans More at risk today than when they came Into office two years ago I am outraged I am outraged by the fact that the 13 Americans that were killed there didn't Have to happen and President Biden made The political decision to announce the Date of withdrawal to publicize it and Then to withdraw in spite of the fact That the military clearly had told him

That that was that was a likely outcome I I don't know what they're talking About I was the CI director I was in the Middle of all of this the military for Our entire four years made very clear to Us that if we withdrew too hastily that If we publicly announced a date of Withdrawal that precisely what you just Saw happen in that some in the summer of 21 would likely happen it was a Reasonably likely outcome And for Kirby to stand there today to Say gosh who would have guessed that Ghani would flee I think everyone who Dealt with President gunny knew this guy Was a liar he was a scoundrel he was Corrupt and that the most likely thing He would do was to depart and save his Own life this was entirely predictable We didn't constrain them at all the bite Administration has demonstrated their Willingness to break up good plans that The Trump administration had think of Our Southern border where we had a good Plan and were made in Mexico now Thousands and thousands coming across Each day think of the work that we had Done to deter Vladimir Putin no they They know how to protect America only From embarrassment to the Biden Administration it is outrageous what Kirby said today in this report is based Upon things that are just simply not True and one of the outrageous things he

Said that a lot of people are pushing Back on is this and then I'll get your Opinion on the other side this call for One And so for all this talk of chaos I just Didn't see it not for my perch at one Point during the evacuation there was an Aircraft taking off full of people Americans and Afghans alike every 48 Minutes and not one single mission was Missed so I'm sorry I just won't buy the Whole argument of chaos it was tough in The first few hours you would expect it To be there was nobody at the airport And certainly no Americans it took time To get in there Well this aircraft had people falling Off of them secretary Pompeo this thing Was a disaster there are still Afghan Heroes who helped us out in that war for Years and years who are stuck in that Country and cannot get out and it's up To private teams to go in and get them Out this was as Admiral Kirby said an Unmitigated disaster uh he prefaced it With that saying he went on we had some Good things this was a disaster that's Pretty much the consensus Trace at the American people and every Veteran who served there should be Incredibly proud of our 20 years of work There we saved American lives but for Kirby today to say that he's somehow Proud of the way we departed that this

Wasn't an unmitigated disaster we should Just all believe our own eyes we all saw The video this was chaotic 13 Americans Killed they they sabotaged a plan that We had put in place that was conditions Based and we had withdrawn American Forces down to about 2500 uniform Military personnel over months with the Approval of the military and the Intelligence agencies and had relative Stability inside of Afghanistan they Came in took the plan that we had and Just botched it they made they made a Hash of it and the American people have Suffered for it and frankly America's Standing in the world is continuing to Suffer from that today yeah and Sir they They were told again and again do not by The generals do not let go of the Bagram Air Force Base and they let it go at a Time that was pivotal pivotal to what Happened Of course they were tracing I want to Get to one more thing you know Kirby Used the word constrained I've had a Chance only to read the report cursely It just came out there there were no Constraints we knew the Taliban we knew Exactly how evil they were and when they Violated the agreement on my watch we Crushed them General Scottie Miller an Amazing man he and I worked closely Together we we made sure that the Taliban didn't attack a single American

After the date that we signed to that Agreement they came in and somehow acted Like the house was on fire so that they Could actually execute what President Biden intended back in 2010 a full-scale Withdrawal the embarrassment of America It is outrageous for them to somehow try And blame anyone but Joe Biden yeah Secretary Pompeo uh thank you for your Time sir we appreciate it I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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