KJP skirts Peter Doocy on Biden’s mental fitness: ‘Confusing for me’

KJP skirts Peter Doocy on Biden's mental fitness: 'Confusing for me'

The former presidential candidate joined ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss the state of the race in New Hampshire and why he believes Phillips is the best suited to replace President Biden. #FoxNews

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Andrew Yang is here he is campaigning For Dean Phillips who's a congressman Out of Minnesota taking on uh Joe Biden And others morning to you great to be Here New Hampshire primary day get Jacked up okay is this a good look uh I Think it's a terrible look for the President I think Dean Phillips is going To put up a shocking number tonight and People are going to realize that Democrats here in New Hampshire and Around the country don't want a Coronation of Joe they want a real Competition and a genuine primary here's Dean Phillips on calls to unify behind Beating Trump this is call for number One listen I've already asked Cornell West and Jill Stein and RFK Jr to come Into the Democratic primary because we Have to unify behind beating Donald Trump I've said this 18,000 times I'm Only doing this to defeat Donald Trump Nobody seems to want to do that in the Democratic party right now other than me Because Joe Biden can't is my Proposition because the data says he Can't no one in the country right now Cares in fact most of the people in the Country are going to the Trump rally Right now because he's listening to them So if you can't get Democrats to unify What is the point of all this uh what's Great is that we have a process you're Going to find out who the best Contender

Is to take on Donald Trump in November I Agree with Dean polls show that Joe Biden is terribly positioned in the fall He's down by eight in Georgia which he Won last time he's down by eight in Michigan uh which he won last time Having Joe Biden on the ballot against Donald Trump is not the best bet and I Think Dean Phillips is going to make That point tonight well the point he Continues to make is that he's young but He doesn't really discern on policy and So Peter Ducey had the honors at the White House to ask about that and More why do you think it is that more And more people p feel like over time President Biden is getting less and less Mentally Sharp you know I have to say that's a Little confusing for me because if you Look at what this president has done the Last 3 years historical pieces of Legislation someone who's had Senate Experience someone who was the VP vice President under under uh President Obama Obviously and someone who has been a Pretty effective president over the last Three years all right you're Representing Dean Phillips what would he Say to that you know Dean Phillips Actually wants to address some of the Problems like the border that are Frustrating so many Americans in a way That the current Democratic

Administration has not he's talking About reforming uh the process of Applying for Asylum so you have to apply In your country of origin as opposed to Crossing the border and then applying Our current system does not make sense For anybody um and these are common Sense solutions that most Americans Would get excited about that the Democrats have not put forward because Unfortunately we're in a a a political Environment where if you try and solve a Problem you're likely to get punished by Your own base well my prediction was That the Democrats that race is the one To watch tonight as well you are right I Think one primary may be ending just as The other primary is gather that either Dean Phillips going to save us from the Battle of the 80y olds let's go Dean all Right next time bring the pom pom nice To see you you have a good day me know Family as well I'm Steve juy I'm Brian Killme and I'm Angy aart and click here To subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Page to catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling Analysis

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