Lawrence Jones: We have lost our minds

Lawrence Jones: We have lost our minds

‘Fox & Friends’ co-hosts discuss the rise in anti-Israel protests on college campuses across the U.S. #FoxNews

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Well I mean the fact is it's not there's Two things they want to divest from Israel Israeli companies so the divest Movement which was high and then it gets Low uh and now it kind of was kind of Before October 7th was kind of simmering Now that comes up so how much these Universities invest in Israel and those Companies are one thing number two is They are pro Palestinian they're Anti-israel and I think that the big Story is if you're not happy with the The school and their investment Strategies if you're not happy with the Uh with the the policy of maybe the Middle Eastern studies Department go to Another school uh I these these people Are not happy with the management of These universities so why are they even There in tus in rice and MIT at Emerson Uh you're seeing this pop up at Berkeley You're hearing about all these other uh Smaller protests but the one that got Out of control yesterday was uh NYU You're seeing it yeah NYPD uh Deputy Commissioner said that they received a Letter from NYU requesting to clear this G Plaza and individuals refused to Comply and so they repeated this request To to disperse and they didn't listen so Some of them were arrested let's bring In Lawrence Jones he is having breakfast With our friends he's in Allandale Michigan if you're in that area go out

And talk to him he's at the nest egg Which is a diner in that area Lawrence I'm sure you saw last night Robert Craft The Patriots owner he was on with Shawn Last night and he said the school he Grew up he was born in an observant Jewish home and he said the school I Love so much the one that welcomed me And provided me with so so much Opportunity is no longer an institution I recognize and he announced he was Pulling his support let's take a listen Of this and get your reaction on the Other side L when I went to Colombia it was a place Where people listen were empathetic had Compassion and now you know we have Professors who instead of teaching how To think that they're trying to tell our Young people what they should think and I think one of the biggest problems that We have to do something about is really Tenure in these universities where People can do things and don't have Accountability it's great point you Can't fire you know it's Interesting yeah you know I I'm sure He's saddened as someone that gives so Much to the to the college and not have The college in return to stand up for Basic human rights which is saying we Want to exist um you know will made the Point earlier when he was asking Todd You know is it just a regional thing or

These just the liberal universities is This just happening North no it's Happening all across the country uh one Of my professors on my University the University of North Texas sent me a Message yesterday and he was like Lawrence it's happening here in Texas as Well um I would never give a dollar to The University of North Texas until they Fix this issue you got kids all over the Country that are suddening wearing uh Keas all over like is there sand here in America now all over where there's is There sudden Sun like the Middle East Like and then you got the blueh haired Liberals that are suddenly uh uh with The cause of the Palestinians meanwhile They wouldn't be able to live there in Gaza I mean we have lost our minds I Mean I wonder if the parents of these Children that are paying for the college Or I guess we're paying for the college Now since Biden wants to back better are Are they seeing their kids in the middle Of the street calling their fellow Americans death to them we're in Michigan now where is Dearborn they were Saying deaf to our country we have lost It guys you know Lawrence I think that's The operative point for me we we can and We should analyze by the way why uh so Many young people pull Disproportionately from anyone else in This country on the side of the

Palestinians um and we could talk about The fact that it has to do with you know Teaching from the professors the role of Tick tock whatever it be but what these Movements again whether not it's at the University of North Texas rice Berkeley Yale or Harvard need to understand is if Young people want to have a a debate an Earnest debate about you know Israel and The Palestinians they're going to have To have some ability to distinguish that From death to America and support from Hamas that's the problem you're you're It's all wrapped up one and the same Your protest is chanting in You you are not simply saying um and and By the way when you say well will you You know you're using the proverbial you It's not everybody in the crowd well you Know what I think it was you lawren the Other day that said if a KKK member Standing next to you and you're at a at A rally you might need to disavow that Member of the KKK and all of these Protests are veering into anti-Semitism And hatred of America so started out Didn't it start out didn't you feel like It was we need to cease fire we're Worried about the innocent women and Children that are in that area we need To send them South because the north is Getting bombed everyone was worried About humanitarian Aid then it evolved Into really what this is about and we're

Hearing death to America in Michigan We're hearing I am Hamas I am Hamas on One of the college campuses and we're Hearing from The River To The Sea and we Know what that means NYPD KKK is another Phrase coming out of NYU yesterday Really uh it's a minority uh Force most Most of those officers last night were Black and you're telling them they're KKK so get yourself educated number two Just understand this the Palestinians Are run by Hamas 80% of the Palestinians In Gaza supported the October 7th attack They continue to elect toas in the last Election that they had and they're very Popular in the West Bank too so you Can't distinguish between the two the Palestinian Authority is non-existent They're corrupt as the day is long I Don't want any innocent people killed But the IDF is going out of their way The best they can an extremely dense Population to weed out the terrorists From the innocence it's an impossible Situation we're making it worse by Trying to sanction certain divisions of The IDF yesterday which is insane Telling them not to finish off Hamas and Rafa so think about from the Israeli Perspective they're a democracy Imperfect as all are working their way Through and now we find out our number One Ally has got a Next Generation that Seems to be Pro Palestinian which for

The most part support the terrorists Two thing on on that Brian how insulting Not only to the IDF but the American Military guys we train with them their Their hostage rescue team we adopted a Lot of the policies and the tactics that They did we are linked in arms we do Training exercises all the time so it's Not just a direct assault on the Israeli Military but aren't our military as well The second thing is look I have no with People having points of views and you Know when people are younger they have Radical views and and then they grow up And they understand what the real world Is the problem with what's happening in America right now is the ideology that They're professing it's not just a Liberal ideology it's anti-American it's Not congruent with the American value System and so my question is how do we Adopt an ideology that is in the Middle East people are leaving the Middle East To come to America because of our Freedom IDE ideology and we want to be Their we want to be them that makes no Sense to me I'm not willing to negotiate With those type of people yeah I wonder How many of these are transfer or uh Overseas students uh that are coming Over here creating havoc

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