Lee Zeldin: I see an ‘Alvin Bragg’ in these media pundits

Lee Zeldin: I see an ‘Alvin Bragg’ in these media pundits

Former Rep. Lee Zeldin and Rep. Claudia Tenney, both New York Republicans, react to soft-on-crime Democrats embracing the Trump indictment on ‘Lawrence Jones Cross Country.’
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So with the former president prepared to Turn himself in on Tuesday it's the First time Alvin Bragg in the left will Have ever appeared to actually care About Law and Order Millions of Americans have been waiting For this day for years I can't even Think of an artifact a a mug shot that's Going to be circulating around the world In the kind of way that this one of Donald Trump is you will reap what you Sow this is good news for everybody the Judge that that presided over that case Where the Trump family was found guilty Is the same judge presiding over Donald Trump's 30 counts They are so excited I want to bring in Former New York Congressman Lee zeldon And New York congresswoman Claudia Tinney uh thanks so much for joining me Um Lee zeldin I want to go to you first What do you make of all the Glee amongst All the pundits and Democrats people That say they don't want the criminal Justice system to be politicized also They're big reformers last time I Checked even if this was true this is a Non-violent offense so what where is all The the purest uh in the Democratic Party I see Alvin Bragg in each of those People in each of those clips that you Just played Alvin Bragg before he was Even sworn into office he was saying

That he was going to be personally Supervising this prosecution this Investigation of Donald Trump he didn't Even know what the charges were he Didn't know what the facts were going to Be all he cared about was taking down President Trump and these people in the Media they don't need to wait to see What an indictment says they don't care About the great legal analysis that you Just heard from Greg Jarrett with Statutes of limitation ask them what They think about the fact that by the Way I don't know if any County district Attorney anywhere in the state of New York has ever charged a federal campaign Finance violation these people don't Care no they don't but unfortunately for Them a lot of independent-minded Americans see right through it this is a Political prosecution congresswoman uh I I did a monologue laying out his Connection to draw a Soros now Jorosaurus is saying I don't even know Him I never gave any money to him but Colorful change they gave one million Dollars to them the number one Contributor to color for change is George Soros he gave 3.9 million dollars To him and then his son gave ten Thousand dollars to Alvin Bragg and his Son's wife gave ten thousand dollars so I'm not buying that there's no Sorrows Connection to this D.A are you

It's absurd I mean look at most of these People church service doesn't know most Of the people he's funding he spent he Started going around the country funding District Attorneys just so he could get People like Alvin Bragg in office who Would misrepresent our law would be Involved in malicious prosecution which Is exactly what he's done with President Trump what he did to Jose Alba remember The bodega owner he was maliciously Prosecuted and unfairly when he was Self-defense in acting in self-defense And so that that's just nonsense I mean Mean look at we've got a justice system That needs to be preserved and Liz Alden Actually ran for governor and set his First act would have been to actually Fire Alvin Bragg which the governor has The power to do and Kathy hokel has the Power to do that and she's busy trying To negotiate a late budget by the way The New York State Legislature once Again didn't get their budget in on time But one of the big issues because Lee Zeldin raised this issue was the problem Of crime and it's not just New York City It is the whole state because this is Albany talking and they are fighting Over the bail reform laws the raise the Age laws the laws that Lee zeldin talked About as he traveled the state running For governor realizing that crime is Everywhere my district has a lot of

Crime we've never seen the kind of crime We have Rochester New York which is Right outside my district has among the Highest crime rates in the Northeast This is happening all over New York and It's directly the result of leftist Albany Democrats leftists like Alvin Bragg who remain in office we can solve A lot of problems and save a lot of People in New York if we could put Somebody decent in that DA's office well Yeah they don't understand that it when They make these policies it spreads I Mean the criminals move they go and they Take over one territory when they're Done they go to the next but they don't Care about the consequences they don't Even care about Justice only when They're targeting their political Opponent and it's very shameful Congresswoman Congressman thanks so much For joining the program Hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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