Leo Terrell: The Biden administration is looking the other way

Leo Terrell: The Biden administration is looking the other way

Fox News contributor Leo Terrell reacts to Jewish students describing alleged antisemitism on campus on ‘America Reports.’

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All right let's bring in Leo Terell Civil rights attorney and a Fox News Contributor want to play a little bit More of what those students had to say At that Capitol Hill event listen here Dirty Jew monster colonizer child killer These are the names we are given at Stanford Jews at Ruckers are afraid MIT Has become overrun by terrorist Supporters that directly threaten the Lives of Jews on our campus the Situation at Harvard is so bad that we Really only had two options one was to Come here which we are doing and the Other was to hold them account in a Court of law so the type of language and Treatment that they're reflecting there Leo really takes us back to a very dark Period in our history and we don't even Know if there's any sanctions for talk Like that at these college Campuses you're absolutely right this Remind me of something that occurred in This in this world 75 years ago let me Be very clear John those students are Telling the truth they're telling the Absolute truth but I want to be very Clear as a lawyer I know what's going on Harvard is not going to turn over the Documents at 5:00 you know why because Joe Biden's Department of Justice Joe Biden's Department of Education is Basically going to St sit on their hands Because Michigan is more important the

Democratic party is split John they are There's a pro Palestinian Wing that is Basically preventing Jewish uh students From being protected they're not going To get protection because that subpoena Is going to go and expire and there's Going to be an attempt motion file and It's going to be referred to Department Of Justice they're not going to do Anything John Roberts yeah I mean we'll See what happens with that subpoena we Should just give a little bit of Background for folks at home who might Not be familiar with it uh few weeks ago I guess uh the health and education Labor pensions committee uh led by Virginia Fox subpoena Harvard for Documents related to minutes of meetings That the board was having also any Discipline that was handed out to people Who engaged in anti-semitic Behavior or Speech they received back some 2400 Documents from Harvard but not what they Were looking for so that's why they say That they're going to go after this uh With all the Vigor that they can there In Congress but in terms of the hate Speech that these Jewish students are Experiencing it's not just at Harvard or At Berkeley let's put up a list of some Of these top col es where this seems to Be pervasive it's Harvard University University of Pennsylvania MIT Columbia Stanford University of California

Berkeley Rutgers Tain Cooper Union That's where all of these students were From and to a person that're they're Citing the same sort of uh language the Same sort of threats the same sort of Fear that they have about just being on Campus how do we get to this point Leo John what has happened is simply This title six of the the Civil Rights Act States public and private Universities that receive federal Funding and these universities receive Federal funding they're required to Protect all students regardless of race Religion protective class status they Have an obligation they have failed to Do so why let's be very clear look at All these protests going on in this Country they are well financed Pro Palestinian uh financing campaigns Follow the money follow what type of Money is influencing these universities Let's be very clear Virginia Fox asked For documents to see if these Universities are protecting students They want to see if there's been Investigations they refuse to turn them Over that should tell you something and What documents are being requested or Being denied solely because there is no Desire by these universities to protect Jewish students and that's why these Students are In Harm's Way yeah we're Showing a lot of pictures of protests

Here at at Harvard University but last Week we had on a couple of students from Berkeley who had to run and hide after Anti-israel protest to storm the Building where they had invited an Israeli attorney who was also a Reservist in the IDF to speak uh one of Those students that had to run Sharon Nlman said this to NBC News quote is This 1938-39 Germany Nazi Germany where I have to hide because my safety is at Risk I mean there's a large Jewish Population in this country it's the Biggest Jewish population outside of Israel and in fact I think it's even Bigger than that in Israel uh but what Does it say about Society where people Feel like they're living in in Nazi Germany or Poland or or wherever uh Prior to World War II it says that some people in this Country some people unfortunately have Deprioritized the importance of Protecting the Jewish Community I'm Going to be very honest and very blunt If if if those individuals were of a of A of a particular color like my skin Color that wouldn't happen that would Not happen but it's happening because They're Jewish period plain and simple And the and the and the Biden Administration is looking the other way Those subpoenas will fall on deaf ears Because the Department of Justice and

The Department of Education is Controlled by Joe Biden and Joe Biden is More concerned with winning Michigan the Jewish Community needs to be protected Like everyone pursuing to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 yeah you know one of the big Demands that conel Harris was making was For immediate ceasefire in Israel a lot Of critics say that's more about Michigan than it is about Gaza we'll be Talking to Dan Hoffman about that coming Up Leo good to see you good to get your Thoughts thank you my Friend thank you my friend hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe To Fox News YouTube page and catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis you will not get it anywhere Else

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