Levin: This is an effort to destroy Donald Trump

Levin: This is an effort to destroy Donald Trump

Fox News host Mark Levin gives his take on the indictment of former President Donald Trump on ‘Life Liberty & Levin.’ #foxnews #fox #levin

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Hello America Mark Levin and this is Life liberty and Levin this is a special Edition of the program entitled Democrat Party insurrection I wasn't planning on doing this show This evening in fact I'd gone to Mar-A-Lago and spent several hours for President Trump interviewed him for Today's program Is a fantastic new book coming out but That's going to have to wait for another Day And after I spent the the afternoon with President Trump I left Mar-A-Lago he'd Invited me to dinner And I was going to come back and while In the car I heard about this outrageous Effort by the Manhattan district Attorney And then I did come back for dinner and I sat with the president in the former First lady and others And I must tell you that this is a Remarkable man he's strong he's Courageous he's also very compassionate About you the American people And he is withstood What most people could never withstand As I speak there have been four grand Juries investigating the man for the Most Preposterous phony crimes all run By democrats all and overwhelmingly Democrat cities with Democrats sitting On the grand juries with Democrat judges

Democrat potential juries And I want to get into this a little bit But before I do I want to say a few things that will no Doubt get me on the FBI's most wanted List You might even see my picture at a post Office do they do that anymore I don't Know Let me read this to you When in the course of human events it Becomes necessary for one people to Dissolve the political Bans Which have connected them with another And to assume among the powers of the Earth the separate and equal station to Which the laws of nature and of Nature's God entitled them A decent respect to the opinion of Mankind requires that they should Declare the causes Which impel them to the separation We hold these truths to be self-evident That all men are created equal that they Are endowed by their creator with Certain unalienable rights that among These are life liberty and the pursuit Of happiness That to secure these rights governments Are instituted among men deriving their Just powers from the consent of the Government That whenever any form of government Becomes destructive of these ends it is

The right of the people to alter or Abolish it and to Institute new Government Laying its foundation on such principles And organizing its powers in such form As to them shall seem likely most likely To affect their safety and happiness Prudence indeed will dictate the Government's long established should not Be changed for light and transient Causes and accordingly all experience Has shown that mankind are more disposed To suffer while Evils are sufferable Than the right themselves by abolishing The forms to which they are accustomed When a long train of abuses and user Patients pursuing invariably the same Object events is a designed to reduce Them under absolute despotism It is their right it is their duty to Throw off such government and to provide New guards for their future security That's the Declaration of Independence And that will be considered provocative What I just read to you There are certain elements in this Government The use of federal law enforcement The use of democrat district attorneys The use of George soros's money And so forth and so on If they are not thrown off if they are Not at least controlled Well

Then we will lose our Republic Because it's my argument this evening That we already surrounded and immersed In a tyranny that's unlike anything We've seen internally in the United States Let me read you something else that will No doubt put me on the FBI's most wanted List the crisis by Thomas Paine Used to have an original copy of this Pamphlet I gave it to our friends at Hillsdale College It starts off these are the times the Try men's Souls the summer Soldier and The Sunshine Patriot will in this crisis Shrink from the service of their country But he that stands by it now deserves The love and thanks of man and woman Tyranny like hell is not easily Conquered yet we have this consolation With us that the heart of the conflict The more glorious the triumph what we Obtain too cheap we esteem too lightly It is dearness only that gives Everything its value Heaven knows how to put a proper price Upon its goods And it would be strange indeed of so Celestial and article as freedom Should not be highly rated very radical Isn't it It's time for we the people who love This country The people who are patriots

It is time for republicans Moderate Democrats Independents people Of good will To stand up and be heard Of course I'm not talking about violence That's the other side I'm talking about Democracy I'm talking about the founding Of this nation You look at these issues that are being Raised against Donald Trump it's not About the law It's not about taxes It's not about business filings and did He put A issue in the right credit or debit Column or anything of the sort This is an effort To destroy Donald Trump After he left the presidency and now as The leading Republican potential nominee For president United States against the Regime in Washington Against the Biden Administration against The Department of Justice and their Special counsel Whose family is heavily involved in the Democrat Party We have Democrat metropolitan areas that Are run by District Attorneys who are Elected by the same Democrats some with The support of Soros Democrat grand juries and judges And this is where they're taking their

Battle they can't win on the Battle of Ideas and they have no intention of Winning on the Battle of ideas this Isn't about some non-disclosure Agreement or the president told somebody Help us find votes or to use a warrant And a SWAT team on a document case Against a former president or to try and Interfere with the Constitutional Process under Article 2 and use criminal Prosecutors in the Department of Justice As opposed to Congress to resolve these Issues this is an onslaught by a Democrat Party Who despises this country Who's filled with individuals who Despise this country whose legislative Efforts are to transform America into Some kind of a tyranny And that is what's taking place And in these various cities Republicans Trump supporters especially Donald Trump himself He cannot get a fair break it's an Impossibility You know we have in our constitution a Jury of peers What's a jury appears While we look at the race sometimes we Look at their sex Sometimes we look at their age how about We look at their political affiliation Jury appears where does that come from Jury of peers as I said it's in the

Constitution it's in the Sixth Amendment It comes from the Magna Carta of 1215. That's how long jury appears as matter And jury appears matters if you're going To have due process So they drag the drag these matters in Front of democrat grand juries by Democrat prosecutors because they know They know That Donald Trump and anybody associated With Donald Trump can't possibly Have their due process recognized We have a prosecutor in Washington D.C Who has The support of a obama-appointed judge Who just retired To violate attorney-client privilege That goes back hundreds and hundreds of Years under the excuse of the crime Fraud exception One lawyer after another representing Donald Trump is being forced in front of A Democrat grand jury by a Democrat Prosecutor To discuss what he discussed in Confidence and underprivileged with his Client So as you can see the entire system is Being transformed in a tyrannical system This isn't about the law any specific Law this isn't about Justice this isn't About equality under the law when you Hear Schumer and others talk about Nobody's Above the Law there is no law

Here This is Rogue absolute Rogue Democrat Party power the Democrat Party seeks one Party control remember this book American Marxism that is exactly what's Going on in this country let me cite Something to you The demand for absolute one-party Control over the body politic through Various extra constitutional schemes and Other means The Democrat party's doing As Marxism does not tolerate the Competition of ideas or political Parties These efforts include changing the Voting system to ensure Democratic party Control for decades which has as its Purpose the eradication Of the Republican party and political Competition attempting to eliminate the Senate filibuster rule so all manner of Laws can be imposed on the country Without effective deliberation or Challenge threatening to breach Separation of powers and judicial Independence by plotting to pack the Supreme Court with like-minded Ideologues planning to add Democrat Seats to the Senate to ensure its Control over that body Using tens of billions of taxpayers Funds to subsidize and strengthen core Parts of the Democrat Party base such as

Unions and political activists And facilitating massive illegal Immigration the purpose of which is to Among other things alter the nation's Demographics and eventually add Significantly to the pro-democrat party Voting base These actions and Designs among others Are evidence of an autocratic power Hungry ideological movement that rejects Political and traditional committee and Seeks to permanently Crush its Opposition and emerge as the sole Political and governmental power Wow is that going on you better damn Well believe it And wake up to it The Republican party is under attack They seek to destroy it the conservative Movement's under attack they seek to Destroy any opposition any country views We have an FBI and a DHS under Joe Biden That's worked with social media Platforms to advance their agenda to Censor people they disagree with to Interfere in elections like the hunter Biden laptop and so forth we have uh the Entirety of federal law enforcement Including those that deal with foreign Threats and terrorism and so forth the Entirety of federal law enforcement Focused on parents who later challenged School boards and teacher unions why Because teacher unions aren't strong

Part of the political Army of the Democrat Party carrying out their will We have Federal prosecutions of innocent Human beings who believe in life who Oppose abortion who are protesting under The First Amendment protected under the Bill of Rights in front of abortion Clinics They're throwing the book at them Meanwhile we have churches that are Firebombed and attacked and people are Not being rounded up and prosecuted for That we have anti-Semitism in the Democrat Party we have racism spreading In the Democrat Party All Kinds of Horrors taking place our civil liberties Are under attack the Democrat parties Attacking separation of powers they Reject the Constitution and the people Who wrote it unless they can use it to Attack it And now Donald Trump why Donald Trump Because Donald Trump is not Chris Christie because Donald Trump is not ASA Hutchinson Because Donald Trump is not Larry Hogan Because Donald Trump is not your typical Washington Republican Donald Trump Is a really unique historic figure Who has been standing up To all of these elements in the Democrat Party and increasingly in the Republican Party and in the media

He's a man who uses Common Sense he's Conservative but not by ideology by Experience and practice He loves his country He has tried to confront these elements Within the country who do not love the Country or perfectly happy with the Status quo He took the third term of Obama by Defeating Hillary Clinton it was Hillary Clinton's turn and he defeated her They were surprised and they have spent Every waking moment to try and destroy Him and they fear Him And they fear if he comes back He will be even more effective in a Second term than he was in a first term This is absolutely hard what's taking Place we have crossed the Rubicon now We've crossed the Rubicon now where a Former president who is the number one Contender for the Republican nomination Has been targeted And attacked they seek to imprison him Not just charge him but imprison him Under charges in Washington they hope in Atlanta they hope in New York they hope They seek to overwhelm him imprison him On state charges and on federal charges And choose the Republican nominee By the Democrat Party The Democrat Party is a tyrannical party That is dragging this country in the Tyranny hey Sean Hannity here hey click

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