Lindsey Graham: This is ‘political white-washing’ by the Biden administration

Lindsey Graham: This is 'political white-washing' by the Biden administration

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., discusses China’s looming threat over Taiwan, the drug cartel dilemma at America’s southern border and the White House’s review of the Afghanistan withdrawal. #FoxNews

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Joining me now South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham welcome back to Fox News Sunday Thank you okay we'll get to Afghanistan But I want to start with China and you Heard Aisha's reporting there about what Reuters has been calling a standoff in The Taiwan Strait you served in the Air Force we noted weeks ago an Air Force General of four star said that he Thought we would be in actual combat With China by 2025. chairman McCall has Said the same thing on the show where do You think we are this morning where does This go Well number one we're celebrating Easter So if you're looking for some good news It's Easter Sunday to Taiwan uh here's What I think I think they're setting the Stage possibly for a blockade of Taiwan That the Communist Chinese party is Going to test us dramatically this year And next year before the election so in 1961 the Russians tried to isolate West Berlin so I am fearful that the Chinese may be setting conditions to Blockade Taiwan in the coming months or Weeks and we need to respond forcefully If they do that we need to blockade oil Shipments coming from the Mideast to China and let them know if you block a Taiwan we're going to cut off your oil We need to train more aggressively Taiwanese forces so they can fight like

The ukrainians we need to put nuclear Tip missiles back in our submarines Biden won't do it the military he's Asked for a nuclear tip cruise missiles To be put back in submarines like the Russia's Russians did and we needed more Forces in the region I think if you do Those things you could deter a blockade It sounds though like a ratcheting up of The situation and if Taiwan is not fully Equipped trained armed ready for this Right right we don't want to be leading To world war three Well nobody wants world war three but What kind of world do you want to live In do you want to live in a world where A uh an island called Taiwan could be Taken by China ninety percent of the High-end chips are made in Taiwan that Have a monopoly on the digital economy Do you just want to let Putin take Whatever he wants in Europe I don't live In that kind of world there's no reason For this listen I believe in a one China Policy but I would be willing to fight For Taiwan because Taiwan is a democracy We've stood with them for decades so Taiwan's not the problem Lindsey Graham's not the problem is Putin in his She so what would I do to deter a Blockade I'd let the Chinese know if you Blockade Taiwan you're going to have a Hard time getting oil from the Mideast I Would increase training and give the

F-16s they need in in Taiwan there's a Backlog I would solve that backlog I Would move more forces to South Korea And Japan I would put a nuclear tip Cruise missiles and all of our Submarines all over the world like the Russians did when they got out of the Nuclear treaty and started using cruise Missiles nuclear tip that's what Reagan Did in the Cold War so I would up our Game and if you don't up your game now You are going to have a war okay very Quickly because I want to get to a lot Of other topics chairman McCall Discussed with Aisha hasni there about The possibility of authorizing force and The possibility of sending U.S troops to Taiwan do you would you support that Scenario Strategic ambiguity is not working China After Afghanistan believes that the the Store is open that you can go in and Take whatever you want on Biden's watch So the question for the Congress should We have a defense agreement with the Island of Taiwan we don't should we have One but yes I'd be very much open to Using U.S forces to defend Taiwan Because it's in our national security Interest to do so okay China also Very vocal They've said basically there's no such Thing as illegal trafficking a fentanyl Between Mexico and China you have talked

About getting tough there about using The U.S military along the border with The cartels Mexico's president this is How AP reports his response to you Lopez Obrador said Mexico would not accept Such threats calling them quote an Insult to Mexico and a lack of respect For Independence and sovereignty Lopez Threatened to start a campaign in the U.S asking Mexicans and Hispanics who Live there to not vote for Republicans So what are you proposing keeping in Mind they're a sovereign country Well here's what I'm proposing that no Sovereign country has the right to kill 70 000 Americans without some kind of a Repercussion seventy thousand Americans Died last year from fentanyl poisoning This year alone 13 000 pounds of Fentanyl has been seized that the U.S Mexican border okay that's enough to Kill billions of people two and a half Billion people uh my point is I want to Work with Mexico but the president of Mexico denies that the drug cartels are In charge of part of his country he's Delusional about what's going on in his Backyard writing a letter to the Chinese President means nothing so what I want To do I want to designate drug cartels In Mexico as foreign terrorist Organizations who are sending in Fentanyl to poison Americans by the tens Of thousands and put military force on

The table to eradicate those drug Cartels if Mexico does not work with us I want to work with the president of Mexico but he's in denial of about the Problem and I'm not going to sit on the Sideline and watch Mexico be used as a Staging area to ship fentanyl into the United States that kills seventy Thousand Americans last year what Mexico Is doing is insufficient and China needs To be put on notice too fto designation Of drug cartels in Mexico would allow us To prosecute the chemical manufacturers In China that Supply the product to Mexico okay but to be be clear U.S Military assets this side of the Border Correct not in Mexico right okay let's Move on to Afghanistan yeah okay that's Clear I want to ask you about Afghanistan you served in in uniform There you know the situation there we Got the report this week um you saw Alex's reporting she cited this portion That says President Biden's choices for How to execute a withdrawal from Afghanistan were severely constrained by Conditions created by his predecessor so They say that President Trump had drawn Down too many troops that the special Immigrant Visa program to get people out Of there have been starved of resources That the Taliban had been emboldened by Us engaging in peace talks without Including our allies or the Afghan

Government they talk about the Doha Agreement the release of 5 000 Taliban Fighters from prison is it fair to say That any of those things handcuffed to The Biden administration's ability to Make a smooth withdrawal Well some of the things president Trump Did I disagree with but he didn't Withdraw and here's the point this Report is a political whitewashed by the Biden Administration to shift blame the Report says that our mission had been Accomplished that's why Biden got out of Afghanistan he's claiming that we're Eradicated all terrorist threats in Afghanistan that's why he withdrew to End the longest war General Corelli said Last week who's the head of centcom that The rise of Isis K and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan is so severe we could be Attacked in America in the next six Months without warning so when the Biden Administration tells you there are no Terrorists in Afghanistan they are lying There's a lethal cocktail forming rise Of terrorism in Afghanistan a broken Border here in the United States it's Only a matter of time to there's another 911 if we don't change policies my view Of what happened in Afghanistan by Biden Was he paved the way for another 911. A lot more about Afghanistan later on in The show but before you go I want to Talk to you about the issue of abortion

We've got two federal judges there are Dueling rulings on the pill that's been Used in abortions approved by the FDA More than 20 years ago it's an issue That's been a struggle for Republicans Post-doms that ruling that overturned Roe v Wade you're very passionate about This but critics including conservatives Say it's costing the Republican Party Kim strassel writing the Wall Street Journal and opinion piece says Conservatives need to decide if they Want GOP majorities that will enact Common Sense protections or Democratic Takeovers that will open the abortion Floodgates that's the choice how much Clearer can voters make it isn't that What happened this week in Wisconsin Where the pro-choice candidate won by 10 Points getting a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court Well I'm very pro-life and I think being Pro-life is a winning message I oppose Late term abortions I have a bill to set A national minimum standard of 15 weeks 50 of the 53 European nations have been Abortion at 15 weeks I have an exception For rape incest and life of the mother In Wisconsin you had an 1840 statute That banned abortion pretty much across The board and the Republican party did Not put an alternative on the table if You're pro-life you need to explain what That means here's what it means to me I

Want to protect as many babies as Possible I want exceptions for Pregnancies as a result of rape incest If the life of the mother is in Jeopardy Then the family can decide I do believe In common sense restrictions on abortion That's where America is at the Democratic solution when it comes to Abortion is taxpayer-funded abortion up To the moment of birth that's barbaric That's like China that's like North Korea we can win this issue at The Ballot Box if we show up with reasonable Positions if we have our head in the Sand we're going to lose Right it's underground we will talk About that with a panel as well thank You for your time a happy Easter to you Foreign Thank you

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