Lindsey Graham: Where are we going as a country? | The Trey Gowdy Podcast

Lindsey Graham: Where are we going as a country? | The Trey Gowdy Podcast

On this episode, Trey is joined by Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) for a conversation on foreign policy and an analysis of the United States’ international relationships.

Senator Graham reveals his thoughts on the past week’s indictment of former President Trump and the hypocrisy of the investigation. Then, Senator Graham emphasized the importance of the United States military in protecting and standing up for America. Later, Trey asks the Senator his opinion on the approach of the United States’ relationships with China and Russia and the United States’ handling of the war on Ukraine.

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Foreign [Music] Hey this is Trey thank you for joining Us for another Tuesday edition of our Podcast there are lots of things going On in the United States obviously the Indictment of a former president you got The debt limit looming you have an Unstable economy but there are also Issues around the globe that do not Always get the attention that they Should get and I want to talk to someone Who has dedicated the better part of his Career in public service certainly since He's been in Congress to understanding And knowing and having a position on Matters that involve foreign policy and American diplomacy and our military and The use of our military but we will Start with the indictment in New York uh Former president Trump on what would be A misdemeanor honestly legally is pretty Factually thin even for a misdemeanor Make it a felony there has to be another Crime involved and right now that's the Great mystery what is that other crime But here's what's not a mystery my guest Senator Lindsey Graham from the gray State of South Carolina Senator how are You thank you for joining us Well thank you Trey I I hear you're the Number one podcast is that right the Number one podcast that you are Currently doing right now yes the number

The number one the number one that Involves me and you at this very moment Yes okay all right well anyway uh yeah It's all good I'm not in the top ten of My own household so I I I I know your Household so for those who are listening I play with Trey uh a couple days ago 30 Mile an hour winds best I've ever seen You hit the ball and I really don't like Complimenting you but if it's deserved In this case uh speaking of trump well I Only get to play four or five times a Week so in my in my defense I I when I Don't hit the ball well let's just do I'm a workaholic you know that I know Your your wife's so lucky to have you uh It's just you're around the house kind Of guy uh I heard you bought our Lawnmower for Christmas that was really Good of you uh So speaking of trump You know you're a smart lawyer uh I Don't think this case is going to Survive a lot of scrutiny but let's just Step back a little bit Trey and where Are we going as a country Bill Clinton I Remember him I do yeah okay well he was former President he got sued for sexual Harassment by Paula Jones and he gave a Deposition about a situation with Monica Lewinsky and he lied and I understand he Lost his license law license for a few Years but he wasn't prosecuted and I Quite frankly was okay with that it was

A personal matter you know you tend to Want to protect your family when you get In situations like that but nobody Prosecuted Bill Clinton for lying on the Road uh you have Hillary Clinton she's a Democratic nominee she had 33 000 emails Under subpoena you know this better than Anybody they magically go away and Apparently somebody in her world took a Hammer to her hard drive and nothing Happened to her so here's my point would You like Trump but don't like Trump What's going on in New York is just Legally bizarre resurrecting the dead Legally just to get the guy because you Don't like him and we can't live in a World where a Democrat does similar Things and nothing happens to them a Banana Republic by definition tray is a Place where it's not about what you do Is who you are if you're not in the Right tribe or the right group you can't Get a fair shake and a lot of Republicans listening to this podcast Today believe that America is going down That road where if you're a Democrat you Get away with it if you're Republican You spit on the sidewalk they're coming After you and that's what worries me the Most You know Senator before you went into Maybe while you were in the state house But certainly before you went into Congress you were part of the judicial

System you have had a very successful Private law practice you you were a Trial lawyer and that used to kind of be Where we would go for the playing field To be level was our Judicial System Um you know I don't want to sound too Hokey but she is blindfolded for a Reason and when you either let that Blindfold slip or when you with volition Remove it I worry about our country and I and this is coming from somebody who Used to tell Republicans to stop Chanting lock her up because you don't We don't lock people up that have not Been indicted or tried or convicted it's Just it's I hate to use the phrase a Weaponization but that probably is the Best phrase it is weaponizing justice Well you know you you made a career of The law you're a great member of Congress but I know you love the law I Mean I like politics but I love the law But in theory the law is a place where The most unpopular person get a fair Shake where the rich guy doesn't have to Pay just because they've got money and Uh the poor person can sue the rich guy And and and have an objective decision Made we're losing that if we don't watch It what happened in New York is I don't Know what the second crime is but here's What I believe there's no way in hell That they would do this to anybody but Donald Trump the guy ran on the the idea

If you elect me I'll get Trump I'll Stand Up Trump I'll come after Trump and What they did to president Trump he's The only person in the history of New York City to be charged this way I think It's selective prosecution and I don't Know what's coming down the road we'll We'll call them as we see them in Georgia and you know up in DC but I do Know this that in Manhattan Trump got 12 Of those he got five percent that vote DC whether grand juries operating and he Got 25 percent of the Fulton County uh I Just worry that we're opening Pandora's Box and that Republicans in red states Are going to start looking for Democrats To go after and that will erode the law And destroy the rule of laws we know it And I just hope we can stop it before it Gets to that level And what I wish we could get to at some Point in our culture and our society is For folks to say my friends can be wrong And my opponents can be right and I'm Going to treat both with the same amount Of fairness and when I look at this fact Pattern Senator I mean I I mean how Would you like to go to court with Someone who has been convicted of making A false statement under oath and an Executive with the National Enquirer as Your as your two two of your more Important Witnesses And then you get to the merits of it and

There there are a thousand reasons that People do not would not want others to Know that they had an extramarital Affair if that is indeed what happened There are a thousand Reasons Yeah yeah well that didn't even get to The okay so the facts are thin the law Is a mystery as you pointed out we don't Know what that other crime is and then You get to the jurisprudence of it the Jurisprudential side of it right this is A prosecutor who really struggles to Find a crime that is worth Prosecuting I Mean he's got a long list of ones that That he's going to ignore but not this One it's just it's the wrong facts the Wrong law and the wrong prosecutor I Don't know what's in the other three Investigations I don't know but this is Thin to me well now I I think it's Legally dubious I mean you know the Whole theory of trying to get around the Statute of limitations is that Misdemeanors that are no longer subject To being prosecuted can be revived if There's another crime well we don't know What that other crime is we know that The federal elections commission looked At the campaign you know contribution Allegation they decide not to do Anything with it we know the U.S Attorney who's a federal prosecutor Decided not to prosecute campaign Violation we know that Obama made a

Campaign violation paid a fine we know Hillary Clinton paid Fusion GPS from her Campaign paid a fine we know that she Took her people took a hammer to a hard Drive they weren't charged with surgeon Justice we know they deleted 32 000 Emails you know it better than anybody They weren't charged with Russian Justice and I'm not saying they should Have been I'm just saying what we need To do is have some semblance of saying And let me tell you what's going to Happen politically here there'll be a Backlash in our state South Carolina South Carolinians in the Republican Primary are probably going to be pretty Upset with what's happening in New York I think you see Trump's numbers going up You know it's our good friend Tim Scott Runs he'd be a great candidate but There's a lot of sympathy right now for President Trump will you like him or not But here's what I worry about as we deal With things like this that divide the Country the bad guys are going to rear Their ugly heads and we've got to keep Our eyes on the ball overseas this is a Really dangerous time in America as We're at each other's throats we got to Pay attention to what's going on Overseas and I tell you what I see a Nurse me a lot we're going to take a Quick break more of my interview with Senator Lindsey Graham is next we're

Going to span the globe I'm gonna pick a Country you tell us what you see I'd Love you to tell us what maybe our Listeners don't get a chance to hear or Maybe is not emphasized enough that you Think is really important let's start With Ukraine Okay the ukrainians can win with the Right help nobody believed it including Me I thought they'd sold after a couple Of weeks 400 Days Later they're wearing The Russian army out they're not going To quit until they get all their land Back here's what's at stake in Ukraine In 1990 498 I can't remember the Budapest Memorandum was signed where the Ukrainians gave up 1700 nuclear weapons In Russia the United States and Great Britain would guarantee their Sovereignty in exchange for giving up The nukes back to Russia and the map in Question included the Crimea as part of The Ukraine so what has Putin done he Did what Hillary did sign an agreement Tore it up he's not going to stop in Ukraine we got to stop in the Ukraine if We don't it goes to mobilva Georgia and Eventually he'll cross pass on the NATO Nation we're going to have a full-blown Nato-russia War so Ukraine's really Important and if you don't think China Is watching us regarding how we deal With Ukraine you're crazy China wants

Taiwan in the worst way and if we can Win in Ukraine against Russia I think it Deters China if the West Falls regarding Ukraine because it's just taking too Long and is too hard then I think there Goes Taiwan I think what happens Ukraine Can be the liberation of Taiwan or the Death sentence for Taiwan uh let's go to Iran the Iranians thanks for watching I'm going to Israel pretty soon here Here's something your listeners need to Understand one Holocaust is enough For the Jewish people the Iranian Ayatollah is a religious nut he's a Religious Nazi they constantly talk About destroying the state of Israel you Know Rocket Man in North Korea is kind Of a thug I don't think he's going to Attack America tomorrow he doesn't have A religious motivation Putin's a thug You know China is a Communist Dictatorship but they're not suicidal Religion and weapons of mass destruction Are bad combination I am convinced that The Israelis are convinced if the Ayatollah had a single bomb they would Use it again he would use it against State of Israel we're on the brink of a Major military engagement between Israel And Iran because the world has led Iran Go to 60 percent in Richmond of uranium They're just probably a couple months Away from having bomb raid material and We're sitting on the sidelines not doing

Much about it and we'll put Israel in a Box so watch what happens in the mid East this summer I want to go back to Ukraine and ask you A follow-up question there and then a Follow-up question on Iran because I Think one thing that vexes our listeners Is okay there there's overwhelming Consensus no U.S troops get involved in Ukraine in in the Ukraine invade the Invasion of Ukraine all right no no U.S Troop are there limits on what equipment The U.S should or can give you crane That's question number one and number Two it's one thing to say no troops I Guess it's another thing to maybe Possibly be slightly agnostic I don't Get that but I don't understand the Pro-putin elements within the Republican Party I I really do not I'm not being Facetious I I do not understand that Yeah okay so Putin is a war criminal the International criminal court which we're Not a member of but I know the Prosecutor he's a British guy prosecutor Of God has brought an arrest warrant Against Putin for the kidnapping of 16 000 Ukrainian children by Force of Arms Removing them from their families in Ukraine and sending them to Russia I Thought we were the party of family Values if you allow Somebody to use Force of Arms like Putin To kidnap the children of another

Country I don't want to live in that World the bottom line is so much is at Stake if we let Putin go for those who See no fault in Putin you're blind Putin has destroyed Every semblance of checks and balances In his own country he has raped his own Economy he is destroying his neighbor Ukraine he wants to recreate the Russian Empire and he's a war criminal and he's Not going to stop until somebody makes Him stop so if you believe that Defunding the police is a bad idea well Then you don't want to let Putin get Away with it because if you defund the Police The crooks take over the town if you let Putin rewrite the map of Europe by Force Of Arms you're going to have a situation Where he'll go to Estonia Latvia Lithuania which are NATO nations in the Eastern Bloc that he claims uh ownership Of so stop in now or pay later so that's My view about Ukraine it's about things Much bigger than just it's not a Territorial dispute it's about who we Are it's about forgiving and forgetting War crimes on an industrial scale to Appease aggression leads to more of it World War II for dummies I'm about to Write a book called World War II for Dummies everything that Putin's doing Hitler did and we need to stop him and Stop him now unlike what we did with

Hitler Are there limits in your judgment on Military equipment that should be Provided to Ukraine Uh uh the capability of the ukrainians To use the equipment we're certainly not Going to get my nuclear weapon we're the Equipment we give Ukraine like the f-16s Which they make in Greenville they need To drive out Russia from Ukrainian Territory I'm not advocating sending American forces to Ukraine I'm not Advocating you know an invasion of Russia I hope the people in Russia will Take care of Putin because they have no Future with it but give them the Advanced fighter systems they need to Evict Russia from Ukrainian held Territory give them the artillery that Can reach out and hit the Russians Before they get hit give them the Capability to liberate their country Again if we let Putin get away with this There goes Taiwan and the Iranians are Going to Sprint toward a bomb rewriting The map of Europe by Force of Arms never Turns out well with America for America Or you mentioned Iran I want to ask you Two follow-up questions you also Mentioned Israel I'm sure a lot of my listeners are Trying to figure out why the United States on the one hand believes that Iran may have had a role in The Killing

Of a United States contractor in Syria But on the other hand we are negotiating With them on a nuclear agreement Um that I think just makes people Scratch their heads how can you sit down And trust people The other thing is Israel and the Judicial reforms we read a lot about Kind of chaos right now in Israel should We be should we be worried about that Well I'm going over to Israel I'm going To hear both sides of the story Israel Is a democracy They're aligned with the United States Israel provides a lot of intelligence to Our nation regarding terrorist activity To protect Americans they're in the Backyard of all the bad guys they're Surrounded by some pretty bad hombre so Israel surviving is important for the United States in terms of our own National Security interests they've been A reliable partner they deserve our Support So how do you deal with the Iranians the first thing you got to do In a law practice Dealing with Family Matters and foreign Policy is who's on the other side of the Table What does the I tell actually want Is he trying to build a peaceful nuclear Power program Or is he lying about it and he actually Wants a bomb

If you don't believe that the Ayatollah Is trying to build a bomb you should not Be allowed to drive anywhere in America They have been trying to build a bomb For decades there is no Peaceful nuclear purpose for enriching Uranium as 60 percent much less 90 Percent the Israelis believe they're Trying to build a bomb and I think they Would use it the Ayatollah is a Religious zealot Under his view of the world you have to Bow to Islam as he knows it if you're a Sunni Muslim he's going to take over Your mosque if you're a Christian he's Coming after you if you're an Infidel Like the Jewish people in his eyes They're going to wipe you off the map It's hard to believe that Hitler wanted To kill all the Jews nobody said he Really meant it he's just talking well He actually meant it and the Jewish People believe the Iranian idola would Wipe him off the map if they could so All I can say is that Iran is trying to Destabilize Syria uh Yemen and Iraq it Is not in our interest allow the Ayatollah and Iran to get stronger by Dominating Syria Iraq or Yemen so I Don't mind negotiating with people who I Don't like who are really bad I don't Mind negotiating with China sometimes You have to do that here's what I object To believing that a nuclear negotiation

Will disarm a man who's hell-bent on Getting nuclear weapon the wrong model Has been created Trump had it right you Punish them for their nuclear program You don't reward them you deter them From getting a weapon by threatening to Blow them off the map everything Biden's Doing is encouraging Iran China is more bold than they've ever Been we have a broken border people are Coming into this country by the men's we Don't know who they are this is a very Dangerous time and I I'll end where I Started this program There are several things going on at the Same time Isis is coming back in Afghanistan the biggest debacle maybe in My lifetime The rise of radical Islam in Afghanistan And other places is going to come back To America you may be tired of fighting Them they're not tired of fighting you They're going to come through that Broken border if we don't fix it and we Need to hit them before they hit us Fine is selling on multiple fronts All right I'm gonna Bounce Around Um there is not a geography test Although I'm sure you could pass it um But I'm gonna jump to Finland because Finland is now joined NATO or I think It's official now and there may be other Countries on the horizon is that Significant and if so why should our

Listeners care about that I'd rather have friends than not have Them let me just say this back around Islam you got two choices you can fight Them in their backyard or your backyard Uh before 9 11 September the 10th 2001 We didn't have one soldier in Afghanistan we didn't have an embassy we Didn't give any money we got attacked Anyway why they have a religious view Tray requires them to dominate the world Like the Nazis had a view of the Superiority of the Nazi race or the Radical Ayatollah has a religious view That doesn't accommodate others what is Putin doing he's trying to recreate the Russian Empire he believes the worst Thing ever happened was the collapse of The Soviet Union so what is he doing He's taking the low-hanging freak Finland is the neighbor right and uh Finland has joined NATO and Sweden's Right behind him now why are they doing That they believe they're safer Collectively why does it matter to us The last time Europe went bad in World War II where Hitler took one country and Then another nobody did anything about It you get sucked into the war Hitler Was aligned with the Japanese and the Italians with the Iranians and uh the Russia and China are all aligned so Here's what I would say I would say to The American people that we need to stop

Putin now we have an article 5 Commitment to Nato members Finland is in NATO that makes us safer the more people That are willing to fight with us for Democracy and Freedom the better off we Are Syria it was an incident Um it is alleged that you would know More than I do about it but it I think I Read that it may have been a an Iranian Drone that was used to kill an American Con was President Biden's response Retaliation if you will sufficient in Your judgment that's number that's Question number one question number two You're not in the house I would never Ask a senator to explain what happened To the house but 47 Republicans voted With the squad Yeah an amendment to remove all U.S Troops from Syria so I'm trying to Figure out if you think he should have Done more why do you want to remove all The troops and therefore remove a good Bit of the intelligence so he can do More Well we're going to make this real Simple okay here's what if if you do the Same thing over and over again expecting A different result you're insane if you Get kicked in the head by a mule once You're to move right the last time we Pulled out of the Mideast because we're Tired of being there was a rock

Everybody told Obama Isis and Al Qaeda Are still present In in Iraq after Saddam was taken out if We leave they're going to destabilize The region Obama knew better than Everybody but I knew better than Everybody we left what the hell happened Isis came about they took over all a Northern Iraq went into Syria Created a caliphate headquarters in Raqqa killed hundreds of Americans and Thousands of people throughout the Planet uh from operations planned and Directed from rocket Syria so what did Trump do he told the military kill these And he took the caliphate down where are These people advocating now well Isis is Still present in northeastern Syria it Is all rich the Iranians are trying to Drive us out and get all the oil in Syria if we leave Syria now we've got 900 troops Isis will come back and the Same damn thing will happen over and Over again you owe it to the men and Women in the military who go out and Fight the bad guys and take territory Not to give it back to the enemy because You've got a view of the world that Doesn't make sense I'll tell you and Everybody listen on this podcast if you Think leaving the Mideast makes us safer You don't understand the Mideast More my conversation with Senator Lindsey Graham is coming up all right

Before I'll let you go I uh because this Is already like a full work day for for You three weeks for you I know you're I Know you're exhausted thank you for Sticking with us I want I want to ask You about China and there are a couple Of different things you you reference The the feckless withdrawal from Afghanistan that they were watching they Are watching Ukraine um they just they Have a new a new or maybe not a new but They have a relationship with Russia They they watch you know 50 ounce Republicans say hey get out of Syria so Are you convinced first of all how would You label our current relationship with China and are you convinced that the Republican Party would defend Taiwan uh Given the somewhat weak need response in Some other parts of the world Well here's what I would say about Taiwan why does it matter to anybody in South Carolina or any place on the Planet really Taiwan is the home of 90 Of all the high-end ships made that go Into Vehicles made in South Carolina Planes refrigerators you name it Taiwan Is uh the center of high-end chip Manufacturing to give it to China would Allow them to have a monopoly Taiwan has Been an island of democracy since the End of World War II that's where the People standing up the Communists fled On Mainland China they went to Taiwan we

Have been providing them arms we've got A good working trade relationship if you Give them Taiwan they will not stop China is claiming Island Zone by Japan In the Philippines China is marching Forward Taiwan is a tripwire Taiwan Matters to us economically again have You learned nothing from World War II in Past Wars when you give in their Aggression you get more of it here's the Bind's biggest mistake when he got Elected president he took cruise Missiles out of submarines that were Nuclear tipped now taiwan's an away game For us militarily if we can win in Ukraine it's going to make chi think Twice about going into Taiwan we need to Armed Taiwan so they can fight for Themselves we need to move our troops Forward so Chinese would understand America is serious about defending our Interest in Asia because if you give up Taiwan there goes a lot of Asia and You're going to have a big war in Asia Because Japan South Korea are not going To let China Dominate and we're going to Be in a world of hurt stop War before it Starts is my view what would I do if I Were president I would beef up the Navy And I would put cruise missiles nuclear Tipped in China's backyard like Reagan Did during the Cold War and say we don't Want a war but if you start thinking American aircraft carriers you start

Coming after American interest all bets Are off and if you're not willing to do That then you're missing an opportunity To deter War what did Reagan do during The Cold War he moved in nuclear tipped Cruise missiles telling the Russians if You invade Germany through the folder Gap I'm not going to match you tank for Tank but I'm not going to give you Europe I don't want war of any kind if you've Been around the military like I have war Is a terrible thing but I don't want to Lay down in the face of aggression and Ronald Reagan broke the Soviet Union's Back and we got to stand up to China I Don't want to conflict with China but if You start giving parts of Asia away to China and give Ukraine to Russia and Just keep your eye you're blind to what Iran's going to do you're going to wake Up with three major Wars in Asia on the Continent of Europe involving NATO if You don't stop Putin now in a nuclear Conflict because the Arabs are going to Go anything you give the Iranians if the Iranians get a nuclear bomb the Arabs is Going to want a nuclear bomb then you're On the road to Armageddon all of this is Not inevitable but Biden is a fecklessly Weak president nobody fears him nobody Respects him Trump scared the hell out Of everybody at times including me and We need to be strong and the Republican

Party needs to understand who we are We're the party of family We're the Party of Capitalism and we're the party of Freedom and sometimes you have to fight For those values and the best way to Prevent a war is to deter it and the Best way to deter it is to convince People they will lose if they fight America Is it an overstatement in your judgment To say that there is something of a Schism within the Republican party on The approach you just laid out because When I hear not just like stay out of Ukraine but what I interpret to be Pro-putin Comments when I see Paul yeah 800 troops Literally 800 and and you go 900 again Okay 900 we're going to pull them home And that's going to change everything so I mean I hear America first but I don't Know how you can be first if if you're Not anywhere else I mean you're you're Just you're literally all back home Well you can't build a wall between us In the mid East we need a wall on the Southern border to stop The Invasion Right coming from Mexico you can't build A wall so what do you do with the mid East do you have our troops smaller Number 2500 in Iraq 900 in Syria all Over the globe working with people In the backyard of the enemy so they

Can't get here all those troops 900 Troops will prevent Isis from coming Back in Syria the last time they were in Charge of Rocka Syria Isis they attacked America I mean hundreds of marathons died Through Isis inspired and planned Attacks they attacked the you know the Uh the concert hall and and and France Isis did you know planned in rocket Syrians and just slaughtered people so They will keep coming if you don't keep Your foot on their throat but this has Been with us as long as we've been a Democracy before uh December the 7th 1941. Isolationist fever was rampant in America by both parties it's just not a Republican party problem Nobody wanted to get involved in another European War World War One hunk over our Heads we kind of just looked the other Way and tried to explain Hitler away and Rationalize the irrational and the next Thing you know you have World War II so This idea of leaving people alone and Not getting involved in other people's Problems makes sense to me to a certain Extent where you lose me is when I know Those problems are coming here And the people who are trying to rewrite The map of Europe China and Iran do not have our best Interests at heart we cannot live in a

World where you can't travel freely and Openly you can't do business if the Communist dictatorships take over Asia That whole Market goes so I'm just Begging my friends in the Republican Party understand what Ronald Reagan got Right understand what Trump got right Trump didn't want to get involved but he Was unafraid to stand up for America When it mattered he killed solomoni and Iran was in a box and everything that Trump has accomplished from border Security to deterrence in the Mideast Has been lost we need to regain what Trump had done for America China was Afraid of trump we secured our border we Destroyed the caliphate people respected Us all of that's been lost and if we Don't regain it and regain it quick We're going to have a lot more war not Less war What have I not asked you that I should Have Why I cannot turn on the golf ball [Laughter] I mean if you could answer that question I would guarantee you world peace I will Guarantee you a thriving economy I would Guarantee you energy Independence a Beautiful wall would be built if you Could do just one thing that's easy to Consistently turn so the fate of the World depends on your ability to get me To turn to the golf ball don't let the

World down The answer is the same for both of us There are too many candles on the Birthday cake When they're when it becomes a fire Hazard when they when they give us a Birthday cake and it's a fire hazard it Is I will say this I will say this I Will compliment you as I say goodbye There has been one United States senator In the history of our Republic who Actually paid a golf debt only one and It is you and and if you think now Granted was the money like from the Great Depression because it it I Literally think it was the first dollar You ever made because I don't think You've ever used to go you could go to The Outback you could go to the Outback Or when I paid you but you'd have to Order cheap but here's the good news you Can tell the IRS about all this when They come knock on your door Listen man you've been a great friend uh You know thank you for your friendship Your leadership your voice you do a Really good job on Sunday night we're All proud of you in South Carolina and You know we're all gonna rise to the Occasion the best days lie ahead for America I really believe that well I Cannot thank you you are Um you are a ton of fun uh I'm obviously You know a lot about foreign policy and

Whether people agree with your I mean You mentioned kind of obliquely that you Were familiar with the military I mean I Went to your retirement party from the Air Force you you have more than just a Fleeting connection with the military Yeah thank you but I have I'll tell you The same thing that I tell every crowd When I give a speech I Have Known Lindsey Graham for 30 years and I've Actually liked him for part of that time I say I say that to every crowd I speak to I Cannot thank you enough because I know You're busy all you hunger guys are busy Thank you for sharing with us and with Our listeners and I look forward to the Next time you want to come take Advantage of what's left of my Membership at the Country Club of Spartanburg and we will play golf very Very soon until then you take care of Yourself okay thanks Ray God bless Val Yeah you too thank you Senator and thank You all for listening listen ad free With a Fox News podcast Plus Subscription on Apple podcast and Amazon Prime members can listen to this show ad Free on the Amazon music app Foreign

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