Louisville police say shooter livestreamed deadly bank shooting

Louisville police say shooter livestreamed deadly bank shooting

‘Fox & Friends First’ co-host Todd Piro reports the latest on the investigation. #FoxNews

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We begin with a Fox News Alert a fifth Victim has died after yesterday's Shooting spree inside a bank in downtown Louisville Kentucky meanwhile one heroic Rookie police officer is still fighting For his life after running toward the Shooter just 10 days after graduating From the police academy Todd pyro joins us with the very latest Todd yeah that's right the number of Victims killed Rising following Yesterday's Rampage at Old National Bank Right near Louisville Slugger Field Police say all five victims were Bank Employees at least eight others were Hurt including two police officers 26 Year old officer Nicholas Wilt is Clinging to life after getting shot in The head while lunging toward the gunman Officer Nicholas Wilt just graduated From the police academy on March 31st he Was struck in the head Engaged in this incident Nick has come out of brain surgery And is in critical but stable condition Police have identified the suspected Shooter as 25 year old Connor sturgeon Officials say he was an employee at Old National Bank but was recently told he Was being let go police say he opened Fire on his co-workers just before the Bank opened yesterday morning Witnesses Heard gunfire in a conference room Sending them running for their lives

He just started he had a long assault Rifle and he started you hear the fart The the shots to start firing whoever's Next to me got shot and hit Bloods On Me From it The gunman was shot and killed by police When he pointed his rifle at them Officials say he live streamed the Attack on his Instagram account even Telling friends and family about his Plans Community now coping with the Senseless loss of life holding vigils For the victims and survivors of Yesterday's tragedy Kentucky's governor Who says a close friend is among the Dead asking for prayers and support back To you all right Todd thank you very Much uh the governor also ordered the Flags in Kentucky to fly at half mast Until Friday night to commemorate the Lives of the victims he said we will Talk about issues in the days ahead Today ought to be focused on the victims Who are no longer with us and of course All eyes are on that rookie police Officer we just mentioned a moment ago Just 10 days out of the academy he was Running toward the gunfire he was doing Everything right according to this Former FBI guy watch What you're trained is to make sure to Stop the violence that's how you're Trained so coming fresh out of the Academy no doubt that they had put this

Into uh training there he had to he Heard the active shooting he was waiting For others to come he could certainly Hear the sirens they were there very Fast as I mentioned before however his Training kicked in which caused him to Take action heroic action by all members Of the Louisville PD so many questions About the shooter I mean 25 years old From University of Alabama uh interned Their few years lost his job so he Decides okay I have an idea let's just Stream this on Instagram now let me go And kill as many people as possible uh With a rifle a lot of answers uh need to Be done I know Instagram meta was Contacted right away so take it down They said we did so we took it down I'm Sure police are using it as an Investigation but uh he's dead too many Others are dead and I got to give this Governor credit I mean we've only seen I've only seen him on the national scene At times of tragedy uh remarkably Composed especially after losing two Friends and a third struggling for their Life and the other thing is for him to Say I'm not talking politics now I'm not Talking about guns or anything else Let's just focus on what happened here I I thought that's a lesson for leadership Governor was very emotional fighting Back the tears when he was announcing That his his good friend Tommy Elliott

Who was 63 one of his best friends he Said he talked to him not about politics He talked to him about what was going on There everyday lives he was very close To him and he was one of the ones that Was killed the Daily Mail did an article Or wrote an article and interviewed some Of his friends and he said one guy said I played football with him in eighth Grade and he said he was out most of the Year in eighth grade because he had Multiple concussions the shooter did and Then he had a few more in high school And that's why he would wear if you look At any of the pictures of him playing Basketball in high school he has a Helmet on he was a National Merit Scholar he played basketball he's a Basketball star he played football and He ran track and his nickname was Mr Floyd Central because he went to Floyd's Knob high school and in an essay that The Daily Mail found that he wrote in College he said my self-esteem has long Been a problem for me I was a late Bloomer he struggled for a certain Extent to fit in he said negative Self-image and making friends has not Been easy yeah without a doubt a star Athlete in high school his father was The head coach of his high school there In Indiana as we and at the University Of Indianapolis for 15 years he ends up A cold-blooded killer disgraced his


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