‘MAKE ATHENS SAFE AGAIN’: GA community rallies for safety after Laken Riley murder

'MAKE ATHENS SAFE AGAIN': GA community rallies for safety after Laken Riley murder

Laurie Camp, organizer of ‘Make Athens Safe Again’ rally responding to nursing student Laken Riley’s death, tells ‘Fox & Friends First’ about the culture in Athens, Georgia and how locals have responded to the rally. #FoxNews

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And while House Republicans take action In honor of lak's memory residents in Athens Georgia are also honoring Her Today by holding a rally to quote make Athens safe again the rally comes nearly One week after a man went viral for Confronting the city's mayor during his Press Conference who voted to to make Athens Clark County a sanctuary City sir who What's their name you're fired You need to go sir we don't want to hear From you no more you're not defending us You're not upholding you're out of Office sir you are Lawless you are a CRI Criminal joining us now is the organizer Of the rally Lori Camp Lori good morning To you you know the goal of this rally Is in the name make Athens safe again But tell us about this effort and your Expectations for Today my expectations I'm hoping that a Lot of people who have always been Fearful of speaking their mind and for Speaking their truth I'm hoping that They will come out today to show our Local government that we are tired of Being silenced Athens progressives have Made a culture of Athens of sess they Want everybody to think the same of as Them and if they don't if we don't think The same as them they shame us into Silence by calling us racists or calling Us bigots and um even today I was kicked

Out of a teacher group here in Athens Because the people claimed that they did Not want me in there anymore since I Wasn't a teacher however that whole um Issue was because I was not the same I Did not think the same as they did and That's what's happening here in Athens Is people are so scared to speak out I Have had lots and lots of um of messages And phone calls Etc thanking me for Speaking out because they are too afraid To and I'm hoping today that people will Will discover that they do have that Boldness inside of them that they can Speak out and I hope they will show up In numbers Lori what are they afraid of Why would they be afraid to speak out on An issue of Public Safety they are afraid of to speak out Uh about anything that is different than What our local government thinks for Example as a teacher for all of those 28 Years here in Clark County I never spoke Politically I never discussed What my stance was on anything because I Knew that I would be shamed and I knew That I would be called out and I would I Would be scrutinized with the public and I would probably have lost my job but Now that I am retired I do feel free to Speak out but there's so many others That feel the same they feel that they Are going to be shamed they feel that They are going to be labeled as white

Supremacists um I'll just give you Another example my son was in a class at His high school here in Clark County Where the teacher asked students they She didn't require them I will give her That but she asked students to apologize For their whiteness and my son of course Did not participate in that he chose not To apologize but that is the culture in Athens is they want everybody to think The same and if you don't you're going To be labeled um something that is not Um appealing yeah well now residents Like you and and that other resident who Confronted the mayor that press Conference are speaking out and saying Something needs to change and there were Questions uh last week over whether or Not Athens Clark County is a sanctuary City because the mayor is saying that It's not but then residents are saying Yes it is and the sheriff campaigned off Of not cooperating with ice so who's Right Here I from my personal knowledge that I Have we have been told that the da will Not prosecute we have been told that They will not uh they will Not um detain and just to give you Another example of of the corruptness That's going on here to get around the No cash Bond um issue they are giving 10cent bonds 10cent bond for um Aggravated assault a dollar bond for

Sexual battery they are letting Criminals out with very little Bond Money and putting them right back on the Streets and that is such a slap in the Face to the victim yes Lori a lot needs To change and like we said you're making Your voice heard later today at the make Athens safe again rally thank you so Much for joining us thank you I'm Steve Duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart And click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling Analysis

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