McDowell: This pretty much sums up the Biden presidency

McDowell: This pretty much sums up the Biden presidency

‘Outnumbered’ panelists discuss the intelligence leak after 21-year-old Jack Teixeira was arrested for sharing classified documents. #FoxNews

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Well Airmen first class Jack Tashara is Now detained after being arraigned Earlier this morning he is due back in Court Wednesday after not entering a Plea on multiple federal charges those Include unauthorized retention and Transmission of National Defense Information and the willful retention of Classified documents Tashara was a Junior member of the Air Force's 102nd Intelligence wing and his role as a Systems Communications official granted Him access to a higher level security Clearance and new details from his court Affidavit reveal that billing records Were key to identifying him as the Leaker and the Airmen even searched Government computers to see if he was Close to being found wow now Furious Republicans are calling for Accountability How did a Massachusetts National Guardsmen get access to this kind of Classified and sensitive information What general is going to lose their job There's only one way to look at this and There ought to be bipartisan Condemnation for what this young man did The idea that a 21 year old kid can Expose expose sources and methods of how We spy I mean the incompetence is Stunning this is a massive catastrophic Occurrence that should never have Happened

Have happened and one thing that struck Me from the Pentagon briefing yesterday Was the number of times Brigadier General Pat Ryder said over and over Again there are procedures There Are Rules there are processes in place let's Take a listen It is important to understand uh that we Do have stringent guidelines in place For safeguarding classified and Sensitive information but again let me Just emphasize my point that this was a You know we have rules in place each of Us signs a non-disclosure agreement Anybody that has a uh has a security Clearance look again we have procedures We have protocols in place but again To belabor the point we have safeguards In place we have processes we have Procedures you know Pete I had a Security clearance I worked in the Federal government yes there are Procedures and processes but they Clearly failed and perhaps this goes Back to 9 11 when there was the failure To share intelligence and it was open to Widely but something needs to change Because those processes aren't working When a 21 year old gamer leaks National Security information yeah there are Processes there are procedures and there Are also human beings and this guy made This 21 year old made a terrible Decision to look cool to his buddies on

The internet and there are big Consequences to that but I don't want to Die the age thing isn't a factor to me I Mean our military is staffed by young People if you want techno tech savvy you Want young people uh so a 21 year old With a clearance like that is not Surprising to me um it is surprising That he had access to that Vast of an information all the way up to The presidential Daily Briefing but not Really because if you're the if he's The Tech Guy almost the I.T guy that's like Saying the IT guy here at Fox News could Read all of our emails if they wanted to Right they understand the system but They're not supposed to and they don't He had a TS SCI that's top secret Sensitive compartmentalized information That's the same clearance I had as a 23 Year old platoon leader it means you can See top secret information but you're Only supposed to see things you're privy To seeing and certain aspects that are Affect your mission regarding detainees At Guantanamo Bay our mission but in This case he he opened up everywhere Else I it's uh And here's the problem we have such a Lack of faith in our institutions across The board right now I look at this and It's terrible but I also say where's the Manifesto of the trans shooter in Nashville where's the Dobbs leaker um we

Jump at this one because it because it Is bad and consequential but it doesn't Mean we need a thousand new layers Humans will always be humans and and This is an illegal thing he did and He'll he'll take the hit for it yeah you Know Emily it just it's so peculiar to Me that you know the one time I got to See the presidential Daily Brief there Was a news story about it um you know The Press secretary's office is not a Place that you would have much Classified information but you know I Had to go into a room someone from the Intelligence Community came it was very Closely guarded as it should be but it's Striking to me that this individual had Access to Joint Chiefs final product to CIA final product and you called this Yesterday Emily you said I worry we're Going to focus so much on the leaker and Not the consequences of what was leaked And now Josh Rogan an excellent reporter At the Washington Post said the most Shocking Intel leak reveals new Chinese Military advances you know that is Critical information that's now out There I hope with the media's Appreciation of their own responsibility That indeed the focus remains on the Substance of the leaks the threats to National Security the damage to our Allies potentially permanent Um and the details of those leaks rather

Than the leaker but it does call into Question to our Point here well we need To make sure this doesn't happen again My question is I'm surprised it hasn't Happened already the Cavalier attitude With which he seemed to not only treat The material but the the Gathering of it That the printing it off and then Showing its friends to look cool what Shocks me is not that someone 21 has Access to that information to your point Or even the breadth of employees that do In the federal government uh tens of Thousands have that same level clearance Um but the fact that he clearly saw There to be zero accountability so when The Brigadier General stance that oh we Have stringent guidelines y'all we have Ndas that you sign well clearly that Doesn't matter clearly that doesn't work And clearly the procedure in place under Your White House Kaylee that did Work Not only was it an actual process Whereby people could actually see who Has what when but there was clearly an Honor associated with it a gravitas Associated with it that this guy didn't Have and I don't think that we should Take his age into account in terms of of The crime or the fact that he's the Defendant Etc but I will just say that His youth is underscored in my opinion By an exchange that happened at court This morning when as he was being led

Away after the proceedings his father Yelled out I love you son and he said I Love you Dad yeah it does break your Heart anytime you see a situation like That Dagan uh you know Emily mentions a Cavalier attitude and what's striking is That there is a Cavalier attitude on the Part of our commander-in-chief not just On this matter but on many matters of National Security importance let's take A watch and go down memory lane from the Drone strike all the way through Afghanistan here's our Commander-in-chief How concerned are you about this league I'm not concerned about the reaganism And I'm concerned that it happened If there's nothing contemporaneous that I'm aware of that is of great content This is not a major breach I mean look It's totally it's a violation of International law it's our airspace and Once it comes in our space we can do we Want with it But no one's being killed right now God Forgive me for if I'm wrong about that But no one's being killed right now Russia will be held accountable if it Invades and it depends on what it does It's one thing if it's a minor incursion And then we end up having to fight about What to do and not do Etc but if they Actually do what they're capable of Doing with the force of mass on the

Border it is going to be a disaster for Russia A vile cocktail of incompetence and Dishonesty that can sum up his Presidency so far it can get worse Potentially five days to explore his Ancestry in Ireland when he could have Just spit in a tube and paid a hundred Bucks to 23andMe But I'm not gonna make a joke about What's going on because uh Tashara needs To go away if convicted for the rest of His life because we have been too Flippant and too easy on people leaking I know some people don't have a problem With this because oh we get to discover Secrets from the federal government but This is about protecting the United States and protecting people who serve This country mightily and protecting our Allies and we have secrets and we need To keep them and we need to protect Those who are serving in secrecy Potentially and this means prison Forever I remember when President Obama Said with Edward Snowden no I'm not Going to be scrambling Jets to get a 29 Year old hacker so again this kind of Flippancy is not something new just a Couple of things I talked to a tech Executive yesterday and you said you Know our I.T people could potentially Read all of our emails and the general Rule is if you look at information you

Can steal it but what is totally Shocking is the fact that this Information these documents got printed Out printed out into hard copies and Then carried out of a facility this is Inexcusable egregious and the most Massive lapse in security they were Photographed on his bed on his his Keyboard at home and just one other Thing that was in the Wall Street Journal that I'll point out this Guardsman's in a unit that has no clear Need to know about this information Which is part of the Um the kind of adjacency right exactly And this was in the journal and unless Deploying under Federal orders the Massachusetts Air National Guard's job Is just simply to protect the Commonwealth Communications of the Leaders of Israel's Mossad and Discussions among members of South Korea's National Security Council on Whether to sell ammo to to Ukraine that Could end up in Ukraine have no obvious Relevance to this suspect's work a lot Of questions we have to find a middle Ground here because it's clearly too Loosely handled now same time September 11th intelligence was too siled there's A middle ground I suppose there's a Middle ground but I'm on board with Dagan here we've got to take some action We've ignored this too long you know the

United States of America is Gulliver and It's Americans who are the little Futions attacking America and that to me Is what's deeply concerning you don't Hear about Wikileaks in China you don't Hear Wikileaks of Russia that doesn't Happen that's not who gets our Information leaked it's us and it's on Us to fix the problem I feel like Somewhere there's a huge gap between the Guys at the top of the Pentagon who are Running it and who are older and people Way down the line who have all this Information about how to access data it Is on Pentagon leadership to understand What the problem is it's time to move no Doubt about it here's another real Reason this recruiting numbers are way Down for the Army what is the Army doing When its recruiting numbers are down They're lowering the standards yep yep And so if you get something you get more Of what you tolerate to your point they They got to be able to hold this guy Accountable and then realize as you look At Future recruits when you lower the Standards you get worse yeah and when You focus on drag shows and Military Basis yeah

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