Media urges Biden to stay in basement after New Hampshire primary

Media urges Biden to stay in basement after New Hampshire primary

Fox News contributor Joe Concha joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss his reaction to the media’s coverage of the New Hampshire results and why he doesn’t see a path forward for Nikki Haley. #FoxNews

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President Biden heads to South Carolina After two historic wins becoming the First Republican candidate since 1976 to win both New Hampshire and Iowa Joe Biden skipped New Hampshire Altogether but still won thanks to Voters writing his name down so now the Media thinks Joe should you know just Stay in that basement until November for Him to win a right-in effort like this Where the Biden campaign was not on the Ground they were not organizing Uh is quite a statement if I were Biden I would I would stay hidden and I'll Tell you why um he doesn't Inspire Confidence so this is a a very bad night For Donald Trump looking at the pattern Nikki Haley beat Donald Trump among Independents that is not a good sign for A sitting former a former president of The United States people writing in the President's name in a contest in which He was not formally Competing it is awkward and some of that Awkwardness is about to get way Worse a lot of weird to break down there Joe kous a Fox News contributor and Columnist for the messenger and he joins Us now Joe your reaction to all of It okay first let's do the Republican Side Todd take the names out of this Because I think a Cloud's judgment Anytime Donald Trump is a vote so what If I told you there was a primary for a

Presidential nomination and then I told You that one candidate be another Candidate by 32 points in Iowa and then 11 to 12 points in New Hampshire but Then I tell you that no the candidate That got beat by 32 and 12 points in the First two contests actually that's the One who's doing really well well right Now look I I'm with Nancy mace on this I Just don't see a road for Nikki Haley at This point as mace pointed out he's up 30 to 40 points in South Carolina and That contest isn't for another month so There will be pressure for Nikki heli to Get out but it doesn't appear that That's going to be happening and The Show Goes On meanwhile as far as Joe Biden guys isn't it amazing that a Former member of the Obama Biden Administration van Jones believes that a Sitting President should hide from the Public in the media and not talk about His record for the past three years I Mean talk about a confidence booster Even either way we know that CNN MSNBC They will do everything in their power To help with the basement strategy Through What's called the bias of Omission they will almost solely focus On Donald Trump in terms of his legal Battles they won't talk about the crisis That is a casty at the US Southern Border that that topic that crisis Richly deserves they won't talk about

Biden's foreign policy they won't talk About gas prices rising or the fact that Inflation is still 250% higher than it Was when Joe Biden took office and they Won't Broach Joe Biden's age very much So they'll be happy to keep him in the Basement and not talk about his record And focus on Trump instead because That's better for ratings and clicks and Because they hate the man so much yeah Well uh President Biden certainly hid From New Hampshire voters he it was uh Symbolic race there were no delegates Awarded because he's all eyes on South Carolina ended up with 62% of the vote Do you think Joe that that margin of Victory will silence the people who are Calling for an alternative candidate to Joe Biden a lot of those people also in The Media I bet you could go out to the Street right now Carly and ask who Challenged Joe Biden in New Hampshire Last night and probably somewhere around 95 to 96 out of 100 could not name Maryann Williamson or Dan Phillips these Are not true competition as far as Joe Biden is concerned you put Gavin Newsome On a ballot you put Gretchen Whitmer on A ballot you put Michelle Obama on a Ballot I I have a feeling those numbers Would look much much different so look He's the incumbent uh it's the Campaign's fault that he wasn't on the

Ballot so even though he got 62% of the Votes uh he's the incumbent it doesn't Matter whether it came through a WR in Or not and as long as Joe Biden stays in This race obviously he will be the Nominee yeah well we are in the Presidential election now the primary But a lot of people are already moving Forward towards the general election in Their minds and then you you think about The media coverage Joe and what that Will look like at this point negative Media coverage for Donald Trump is just Baked in the into the cake do you think That it's really going to have an impact On voters similar to the way it has in The Past well Carly think about how long This cake has been made right Donald Trump declared he was running for President in 2015 we're now 9 years Later and it's been a constant drum beat Of negative attention here's what I know Back in 2016 uh the hill where I where I Used to write for we looked at all the Major endorsements from 59 newspapers Throughout the country and 57 endorsed Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump and what Did that get Hillary Clinton it got her A set of steak knives and a concession Speech in other words you could talk About negative media coverage hammering Trump you're right it's baked into the Cake and people don't quite frankly

Trust the messenger uh anymore when it Comes to media coverage because they Know it's not journalism it's activism At this point Joe Donald Trump is Accused of you know denying elections Every now and again yesterday uh Joseph Biden during his New Hampshire campaign Stop in Virginia referenced the governor As the real Governor Terry McCall if yet I'm listening I don't hear anything from The mainstream media do you expect that We're going to have you know Investigations into the election Denial In Virginia oh boy yeah I I saw that Yesterday the real Governor Terry mcalli That that's funny Glenn yunan won quite Easily there uh you also have the White House Press Secretary who also called Donald Trump illegitimate after 2016 Hillary Clinton did the same thing Stacy Abrams I could go down the line if Democrats deny elections then hey you Get a free pass what want New Hampshire Juon no delegates like we said but then He got heckled 11 times in Virginia so I I would call that a mixed bag in terms Of success rate for him yesterday Joe Got to leave it there have a great day I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angy aart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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