Brian Kilmeade: Biden is causing this destruction

Brian Kilmeade: Biden is causing this destruction

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade shreds President Biden’s policies as divorced from reality on ‘Fox News Tonight.’

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Good evening and welcome to Fox News Tonight glad you're here you know we Told you last night about Joe Biden's Big 2024 campaign announcement video I'm Still tingling the one where Joe Biden Told you to vote for him or else you're A racist who hates democracy remember That theme on one level there was Nothing surprising about the script Because Joe Biden was reading it he's Been saying that kind of for a long time The same theme remember the speech he Gave in front of those Marines and the Blood red backdrop at Independence Hall You pay for that speech by the way with Your tax dollars Joe Biden speech Writers use rhetoric like that because Ever since Donald Trump's election it's Been effective scared a lot of people But now that Democrats have embraced Totalitarianism now that they're Arresting their Chief political Opponents their Rivals several of his Advisors does the rhetoric actually work Still in 2023 how do Americans respond To our authoritarianism who pretend to Be fighting authoritarianism do you get It if you if you get a moment go on YouTube like I did today and take a look At some of the comments on Joe Biden's Speech the video from yesterday they're All negative honestly some of them are Very funny for example here's one it's Nice that he was able to have a uh every

Single person that ever showed up at one Of his rallies all fit into a Three-minute video said one viewer Another quote quote I wish YouTube would Turn back on the disliked vote count and Said another that we might see 81 Million votes get it all in the video Got fewer than 400 000 views that is not Much that is not very good for a Presidential candidate who happens to be President United States now this could Mean that threatening voters and calling Them fascists might not work as well as It used to certainly it seems to be with The Biden team thinks that's uh kind of Switched up today think about it instead Of braiding you they actually talked About policy Biden Style My desire to increase U.S manufacturing And jobs in America is not about China I'm not concerned about China Remember America invented the Semiconductor we invented it we used to Have 40 of the market And we decided that what we're going to Do over the past I don't know how many decades we decided That it was going to be cheaper to Export jobs and import products I'm not Concerned about China Joe Biden says Because we invented semiconductors That's a coherent foreign policy it is Scary now In fairness Joe Biden is Running on what he considers to be one

Of his signature legislative Achievements the passage of the chips Act so let's break it down it includes Hundreds of billions of dollars for Research into semiconductor seems good Which is important if you want Electronics to be the future and if you Want Electronics to work at least that's How the chips Act was built bring the Chips home now in reality the chips act As yet another vehicle for the bite Administration's Equity agenda here's How the Biden administration's own Website describes one of the Bill's key Provisions quote women in construction Wanted applicants for chips funding will Be asked to take action to conduct Outreach to and retain women in Construction jobs because the United States cannot build the semiconductor Workforce in needs without them so in Other words a bill that's supposed to be About semiconductors is really about Funding people on the basis of their Gender we want women it's social Engineering not real engineering Multiply the chip sack by 100 and you Start to get a sense of the kind of Economic destruction Joe Biden is Causing it's not supposed to be the most Competitive economy it's supposed to be The most Equitable economy according to Him that's why despite a banking crisis And the fed's prediction that a

Recession is imminent Joe Biden said Last night that everything is going to According to plan his plan our economic Plan is working we now have to finish The job but there's more to do and You're leading the way shovels in the Ground cranes in the air factories Opening that all those jobs meaning we Created the private sector at home and Abroad are investing over 400 billion in Advanced manufacturing and clean energy Here in America this is rail Time to finish the job finish the job Well I also [Applause] Caught him by surprise it's funny how he Thinks that Union people want to be Yelled at he thinks that's what they Like Our economic plan is working he says Joe Biden says yeah everything's going good They're all saying that including Joe Biden's treasury secretary In the United States our labor market Remains strong our unemployment rate is Near historic lows inflation remains too High although we have seen welcome signs Over the past half year that inflation Is moderated I believe our banking System remains strong and resilient it Has solid capital and liquidity and the U.S economy is obviously performing Exceptionally well Really that's the same Janet Yellen who

Told US inflation was transitory now she Admits it is too high but she wants you To trust her this time because quote Unemployment is near historic lows let's Unwind this it is true but that's Because labor participation rates are Also low they're still dropping people Are not looking for work so they don't Count as unemployed the current labor Force petition rate participation rate Is under 63 percent that's far lower Than the before the pandemic hit again They tell you the opposite of what is Actually true they're willing to lie About just about anything yesterday the White House spokesperson said House Republicans are the reason get this that The border is broken It's clear that the speaker's Bill Breaks House Republicans commitment to America in the run-up to the 2022 Election House Republicans promised to Put cops on the beat instead they're Fighting to put fentanyl on the street By defend defunding border patrol their Proposal makes clear that only things House Republicans are committed to Giving to Americans are increased crime Same bite Administration they call Border patrol officers racists after They said that they were whipping Migrants now want you to believe they Care deeply about the border patrol it's Republicans fault that Joe Biden is

Causing a humanitarian crisis by Refusing to enforce immigration law any Of them and make no mistake this is a Humanitarian crisis today a Whistleblower testified that children Are being abused and she witnessed it Because the border is open and this Administration is not doing a thing About it listen today Children will work overnight shifts at Slaughterhouses factories restaurants to Pay their debts to Smugglers and Traffickers today children will be sold For sex Today children will call a hotline to Report they are being abused neglected And trafficked and we don't know if They're going to get the help they need That's what's happening under Joe Biden Democrats never miss an opportunity to Criticize president Trump for a Short-lived immigration policy what they Are doing now is so bad that even the New York Times wrote up the story yes The New York Times this is our children Under this President hey Sean Hannity Here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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