Miranda Devine: More Hunter Biden whistleblowers will come forward

Miranda Devine: More Hunter Biden whistleblowers will come forward

New York Post columnist Miranda Devine discusses accusations of political bias in the Hunter Biden investigation on ‘The Story.’ #foxnews #thestory

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Let's bring in Miranda Devine New York Post columnist and Fox News contributor Miranda great to have you with us today Thank you for joining us you know I want To start actually with this because this Is why all this is the sort of the top Of the tree as I look at it and why all Of this coming down from the tree Matters here is President Biden saying He never discussed business with his Family I don't know what he was doing I did not Know he was on the board of that company I've never discussed my business or Their business my sons or daughters I Never discussed a single thing with my Son about anything having to do with her Crane I've never spoken to my son about His overseas business I have never Discussed with my son or my brother or Anyone else anything having to do with Their businesses period So Miranda the information on the laptop Has led to this tax investigation it's Also led to a gun investigation and There are charges around it also all Over that laptop there are all kinds of Emails that um that may put those Statements into some very deep question Right Yes look Martha it's not just the laptop I mean it's just overwhelming evidence Uh ever since you know we first started Publishing information from the laptop

It's a former business partners of Hunter Biden and it's also the entire Cover-up which uh just as with Watergate Is actually bigger than the original Story about corruption in Washington Um we are seeing you know all agencies From security agencies the FBI Um all working in concert to try and Suppress our story to try and protect The president's son who as you said has Been under investigation by the U.S Attorney in Delaware since 2018 Um you know there there it's a pretty Clear-cut case there and there's a huge Amount of frustration with David Weiss From his team that he hasn't been being Able to progress it it's basically just Being at a standstill for over a year And this is why we're seeing this IRS Whistleblower and no doubt there will be More whistleblowers coming forward and I Think the IRS whistleblower is Particularly important because uh for One thing I mean he's a non-partisan Very well regarded person with a stellar Career who just does his job and has had Very high profile tax cases this is not A particularly complicated case to do With Hunter Biden and he's just been Obstructed by Biden appointees in California and Washington D.C that is What his whistle blower complaint is About and this is what he wants to Testify to Congress about and you know

There's just some some hoops legal Hoops That have to be jumped over before that Can be done but it's a really a big Threat to Joe Biden's continual denial That his son has done anything wrong That there has been any corruption Involving him and that his claims that He knows nothing about his son Hunter And his brother Jim's overseas business Dealings he he was the product they were Selling he met with under Biden's Business partners he helped Hunter Biden And Jim Biden meet these business Partners he took under Biden on Air Force 2 to China to Mexico elsewhere to Meet business partners so it just Beggars belief that he can continue with This charade but he does and the White House continues to Stonewall yeah and The Sayre IRS agent excuse me he may be The linchpin that starts to kind of Unravel this as to where the blockage is Because you've got David Weiss who was a Trump appointed attorney overseeing this Case she got five years of investigating And now you've got people who are at These agencies saying what is going on We have a case here we want to see it Move forward and this IRS agent may be The the beginning of um of some of this Cracking open and you've done an amazing Job of cracking open this story all Along Miranda thank you so much it's Great to have you with us today

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