MSNBC host mocks top Republicans’ outfits at NYC courthouse

MSNBC host mocks top Republicans' outfits at NYC courthouse

Rep. Cory Mills, R-Fla., joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss the political nature of the former president’s criminal trial in New York City and his reaction to MSNBC host Rachel Maddow mocking top Republicans’ suits at the courthouse. #FoxNews

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Carly meim Republican lawmakers proudly Stood alongside Donald Trump during his Court appearance yesterday this is a Sham and that is the only thing this is Michael Cohen has no credibility no Integrity and this is weaponization Against our president ladies and Gentlemen of America this this trial is A joke this thing is a farce where's the Crime there is no crime the Prosecution's main strategy appears to Be to bore the jurors into submission Trump is leading all over the country And the conclusion you could draw from That is the American people have already Acquitted Donald Trump let's bring in Congressman Cory Mills who as you saw in that video was With Trump at the courthouse yesterday He is back in DC just made it like an Hour and a half ago so kudos to you sir Uh Carly and Katie talked about the Legal you and I are going to talk Political did you see anything yesterday While you were in court to change your Mind that this is anything other than a Fully coordinated political witch on I Did not and I'll tell you even more so I Watched where the prosecutors were Actually going to try and bring up more Witnesses and what they saw is that as They bring up their quote unquote star Witnesses Michael Cohen who has no Credibility no integrity and continue to

Try and go ahead and you know evade the Actual questions Itself by the defense You had stor stormmy Daniels who did Very much the same so what I looked at Was this what is the purpose behind this Behind putting a gag order on the President which stops him from going out On the campaign Trail he's up heavy and Most of the Swing States he's got Tremendous rallies that are turning out You had 101,000 people just in Wild New Jersey which is just unbelievable Numbers but look at who benefits if you Think about the daughter of the actual Judge she has raised hundreds of Millions of dollars for the Biden Harris Re-election as well as for Adam Schiff And others as a Democrat she also have Michael Coen who has his Mia culpa Podcast where he actually sells items Like President Trump behind bars for T-shirts he has his two books out that He's published the longer they drag this Out the more financially beneficial it Is to both of the individual so I looked At this less about it being about a Judge a witness and a jury and more About political operatives who are Coming after the president and these are Things that you can say because you Yourself are not subject to a gag order Unlike the president um I think the Prosecution case is going so poorly that The leftwing media is resorting to

Attacking your dot dot dot close here's Rachel Mattow one thing that has changed in the Republican party is that they being in The tank for Donald Trump over the last Years has changed and become so much More tanked that they all now dress like Him too yes they were all wearing the Exact same outfit it was like they were Rocketts were you ever a rocket no That's not the official question now Your response to miss matow well Apparently she hates red white and blue So maybe she should check her patriotism At the door uh you know what do is it Make what do you make of the fact that That she's saying stuff like that like Instead of focusing on the case Attacking you trying to basically put This notion out there like oh look They're all in a cult because they're All wearing red ties well because she Can't actually try and support the Prosecutor they can't actually look at The fact there's any wrongdoing if you Go through any business in a general Ledger one of those items that you list Is what it's legal fees that's all that They paid here and Todd here's the best Example if it was supposedly a payback If I paid 150,000 or 130,000 for you you Would expect to pay me $130,000 back not $400 plus th000 which is actually what It is so if you look at this it is a

General ledger entry of legal retainer And why does people have retainers one Is to ensure that a person with a Specialty is actually available and They're not taken up but also it's an Insurance thing it's a peace through Strength mechanism people aren't going To come after you for ref fill this Lawsuit if they know that you can defend It and so having multiple attorneys is Not something which is unusual so there Was no FEC violations it was done out of The Trump trust there was nothing that Was done that could have been looked at As a violation or wrongdoing and if Anything I think it was a self- Admission by Michael Cohen that he Defrauded the Trump organization by Actually saying that he knowingly Falsified invoices so I think there's Something else that could be said about This Congressman Cory Mills appreciate You making the time you've got a busy Day lots of votes thank you sir thank You I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley airheart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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