Musk reveals explosive allegation on govt’s access to private Twitter accounts

Musk reveals explosive allegation on govt's access to private Twitter accounts

Fox News contributor Joe Concha breaks down key responses from Tucker Carlson’s interview with Elon Musk discussing artificial intelligence and government access to private Twitter accounts. #FoxNews

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Twitter CEO and Tesla founder Elon Musk Says artificial intelligence has the Power to destroy civilization it's part Of his exclusive interview with Tucker Carlson which will air tonight at 8 pm Eastern AI is more dangerous than say Mismanaged aircraft designed for Production maintenance or or bad car Production in the sense that it is It has the potential however small one Make regard that probability but it is Non-trivial it has the potential of Civilizational Destruction Trained to withhold certain information From users What's happening is they're training the AI July yes it's bad it's a lie that's Exactly right and with old information July and and yes your comment on Something it's not common to other Things but but not to say what it what What the data is actually demands that It's a how did it get this way you Funded it at the beginning what happened Yeah well that would be ironic but Faith The most ironic outcome is most likely It seems Um Joins us now Joe first of all this is Going to be a must watch interview but What's your reaction to the clips we Showed so far Scary is the only word that comes to

Mind right we all we do 90s references All the time and 80s references all the Time on the show Todd uh Terminator one Terminator 2 uh machines taking over Learning so much that they destroy Humans uh it's not like we haven't seen Perhaps this movie before and look we're Looking at an AI sector it's Valley to 27 billion dollars now this is projected This industry to be 10 times larger in 2027 at about 275 billion and then from there Exponentially up to the trillions so This very easily can get Beyond human Control and the scary irony is that we As humans are incentivizing it because We can profit off of AI as we're seeing It's a growing industry with almost zero Regulation and Elon Musk I would believe Is probably somebody we should listen to And will listen to tonight on Tucker Where as you say probably 4 million People are going to tune in to watch This which is one of Tucker's highest Audiences of the year because this is an Important topic it's provided by a Source in Elon Musk that obviously has Had much success in business in general And he knows exactly where the money is Going it's going to AI Ashley yeah it is And then last month musk joined Thousands of tech leaders in signing in An open letter calling for a pause in Wide scale AI research it says AI

Systems with human competitive Intelligence can pose profound risks to Society and should be planned for and Managed with commensurate care Unfortunately this level of planning and Management is not happening Society has Hit pause on other Technologies and with Potentially catastrophic effects okay so Joe the argument is AI can do wonders For medicine but on the flip side when You have somebody like Elon Musk saying That this can destroy Humanity you know Does it balance out enough to keep going With this because you know do the risks Outweigh the benefits because to me I'm Not quite sure they do Precisely and and we don't hear much From the Biden Administration actually As far as regulating or at least hitting Pause on this because technology moves So quickly and can multiply so fast that As human beings as a U.S government in This case we can't keep up with it to The point where we don't know where it's Going and it can get out of control uh Yet you don't hear many lawmakers and I'll even throw Republicans in here as Well who are talking about okay what do We do here how do we pause this because Again follow the money as long as the Money from the private sector is being Thrown into this industry nothing's Going to stop this from getting out of Control and they're also quite frankly

Not smart enough to understand it which Is another big Administration they're Asking the public for what they think They should do well uh meantime Eli musk Also exposing the relationship between The federal government and big tech Companies here's what he found out The degree to which various government Agencies had effectively had full access To everything that was going on on Twitter blew my mind I was not aware of That would that include people's DMs Yes Joe this sounds like it was worse than We all thought And the Twitter files revealed that Right through Matt taibi and Barry Weiss And others uh yeah of course the Government is going to have access in This case it had access to Twitter Because it was such a powerful tool in Getting Donald Trump elected in 2016 and Then from there all politicians jumped On board as far as this being the Communications tool that they use and Then once government can weaponize Something in this case Twitter well from There not a lot of people are going to Stop that from happening particularly When they benefit in terms of gaining Power so yeah it's just unbelievable That so many journalists out there Todd Ashley try to dismiss what was revealed To Twitter files as a nothing burger or

Is something that Elon Musk kind of you Know really hyped up no it wasn't hyped In any way shape or form in terms of CIA FBI actual Administrations Having access to a tool and then Manipulating it or you weaponizing it in This case and it's just a Whole Bowl Wrong again the word scary is the only Thing that comes to mind guys yeah it Was a lot worse than I think even Elon Musk thought you can find out more about That tonight 8 P.M Tucker Carlson Tonight his groundbreaking interview With One Elon Musk we have a Groundbreaking interview with Joe Concho Almost every morning thank you we Appreciate it I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I means Lee Earhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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