‘Never seen it like this’: Police officer sounds alarm on crime crisis

'Never seen it like this': Police officer sounds alarm on crime crisis

NYC Detectives’ Endowment Association President Paul DiGiacomo joins ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss his calls for help at the House hearing on crime. #FoxNews

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Completely dismissed gang assault and Murder indictments against two of the Defendants clearly on video Participating in the brutal Savage Slaughter of my son both my boyfriend And his best friend were murdered but Justice was not served As two of these brothers both who had Records were freed in a sweetheart deal We have to start concentrating On the victims of crime And not the people that commit the Crimes Emotional testimony from Witnesses Including our next guest on New York City crime and the impact of the far Left soft on crime policies joining us Now with more from that fiery hearing President of the New York City's Detectives endowment Association Paul Digiacomo good morning to you Paul Paul can you hear me I think we're having some problems with His audio but in the meantime we'll try To fix that there were several people That spoke different Witnesses uh you we Heard from the lawyer of Jose Alba who Was charged with the murder of defending Himself at the Bodego when um the career Criminal walks in and uh Jose Alba Stabbed him he ended up being charged With murder had to go to Rikers Island He said he spent almost a week at Rikers He said the next time an innocent man

Does nothing but protect our own life And self-defense from a violent attack They should not be made the villain but Instead treated with care and compassion As the victim we also heard from Madeleine brame who lost her son he was Stabbed to death on a New York City Street someone held him back and stabbed Him nine times then another person Stabbed him 12 times and left his body On the street to bleed to death she says There is his mom speaking yesterday she Says as far as the Manhattan District Attorney office if he's receiving one Penny of federal dollars you need to Pull that funding until he starts doing His job and Prosecuting crime I think we Have Paul back with us right now Paul Can you hear me Yes I do Paul what was your takeaway Yesterday we had to have Federal Lawmakers come in from other states to Try to hear from these witnesses to hear From you to try to make change possible Here in New York since our lawmakers Locally aren't doing much what is this Going to change anything in New York Will it help Well we hope that the federal government Has some uh some clout to get some of The things fixed on a local level you Know uh crime can't continue to uh go in A direction it's going it's unsafe uh For the New York City detectives out on

The street every day and also for the General public as well Uh what did you make of Congressman Hank Johnson he's a Democrat from Georgia and He said he called all of the witnesses He called you props for a Maga Broadway Production Well I thought that was very Disrespectful uh we went out there uh For any political nature we were there To ask for help uh to try and keep my Detectives uh safe and to keep the People of this city safe and I think That uh you know getting this word out To the rest of the State uh and see it's Happening in other places as well I Think their input and their uh Committee could could help the situation Here in New York and throughout the Country how many years have you lived in New York I'm sorry how many years have you lived In New York Oh my whole life okay have you seen have You seen it just get worse and worse I've never seen it like this I've never Seen uh you know uh District Attorneys Not prosecute crimes uh at the level That they're doing uh three of the District attorneys uh two are very good Uh and we need we need to have uh Law And Order and the district attorneys Work together uh I've never seen it like This before in my career in law

Enforcement all right five boroughs and You say how many of them are good three Well no we have we have the Staten Island district attorney who works very Well with the police and and queens as Well which uh you know fairly well with The police too all right uh it's three Boroughs out of the city of New York That are not proactive and working with The police and proactive and Prosecuting Crimes well Paul thank you for being a Voice we appreciate it I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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