New Hampshire governor inches closer to presidential endorsement

New Hampshire governor inches closer to presidential endorsement

New Hampshire Republican Gov. Chris Sununu tells ‘Your World’ the three candidates he is considering. #foxnews #yourworld

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He is an extremely popular governor in The state of New Hampshire so there was Some disappointment when uh some folks There uh found out that their governor Wasn't going to run for president United States but his support is influential And meaningful a lot of folks are Waiting to see where he goes Kim Reynolds of Iowa has already decided to Support Ronda santis so which way is Chris anuna going we'll ask him he's Here Governor you've no doubt made a Decision feel free to share it with Us if I did that I I think people would Stop watching this would be the last Time you ever invite me on so I I got to Keep you Little mind have you made up your mind Just in your own head have you made up Your mind who that person will Be well it's definitely one of the three Governors um I have a couple Conversations with all of them actually Over the next week and uh we'll make it We'll make kind of a firm decision you Know in in short order and and whatever I do you know it's I you put your name On a press release and say Here's the Endorsement that's worth nothing um you Know whoever we get behind we're going To get behind strong because I do think Especially in New Hampshire there is a Path to kind of break this uh assumption That Donald Trump is somehow the just

The pre preemptive nominee he's not not At all and most people really won't even Decide who they're voting for till Whether it's in the next couple weeks or Even maybe even after after uh after Christmas given that the this entire Campaign has move moved so late are you Influenced At All by uh the Kim Reynolds Decision the Iowa governor who supported Ronda sanis hasn't helped him Dramatically in the polls in that state It's still Donald Trump States lose and As you've often reminded me quite Correctly sir that could change and Polls do change your state is famous for That um but does it give you pause when It comes to Governor Dan Sanis no not at all look I think all Three governors Chris Ron Nikki they Would all make excellent presidents There's no question about it it's and It's not just about finding the Candidate who can win it's the candidate Who's really the best suited to lead This nation to lead the Free World and Something I remind folks is you need a President that just doesn't talking Sound bites but no matter what hand They're dealt especially with Congress Republicans Democrats who knows who's Going to be running the show there no Matter what hand is dealt who is going To secure the Border who's going to have The ability to still create efficiencies

And drain the swamp and do all the and And bring fiscal responsibility all These things we were told under President Trump were going to happen and Did not happen at all um and when you're Kind of at the tip of the spear Presidents Governors you can't blame Other people you got to take it on Yourself and get the job done one way or The other so I think all of them bring Great credentials are all a bit Different uh in their approaches it's Not about the policy it's really about Kind of who is connecting with folks and Bring that sense of retail management to The White House but it's also about how Much you're out there and seen out there And I had Governor Christiana earlier Today governor and of course he's hoping That and and very confident he will make The cut for the University of Alabama Debate on Wednesday but there's still a Possibility he won't uh we'll know at 8:00 pm eastern time tonight you know Three and a half hours if he doesn't is That another reason for Chris anuna to Say check him off my List well if you don't make the debates It's it's a really hard path forward There's no doubt about that it's hard to Make an argument to the American people When you're really not on the biggest Stage of of presidential politics that That's just going to be a real challenge

So whether it's Chris or others that Don't make the stage I've always said That's really um that's that's a a GameChanger in terms of your approach And strategy uh to the campaign um Obviously all the candidates they're Laying ground in Iowa as they should They got to go to their 99 counties but Iowa's a caucus right it's very Different in New Hampshire we're going To have probably the highest voter Turnout ever uh the higher vot to Turnout across the country is is likely What we'll see in through the whole Primary process folks are really getting Engaged you can't skip cities and towns You can't just you know buy some media And hope it's going to work for you um You got to make that that uh sell if you Will on a one-on-one basis Trump really Isn't doing it he flies in he does a Rally he kind of drones on for 90 Minutes about God knows what and then he Flies out these other candidates are Making connections and building relation Not hurting him and and Christie was Sort of saying the same thing in these States where he's been ridiculed for Doing that sort of thing it's not Hurting him one I own in fact his his Lead is as big as Ever because the expect I don't think The expectation has been there to do Anything different as of yet as these

Candidates lay a ground game a lot of Them haven't put a strong ground game uh But you're seeing that now in New Hampshire you're seeing more and more People do the door too they're doing They're getting on the phones they're Turning out the vote it isn't who Supports you it's who actually turns out The your the vote within that supporting Base Trump isn't really going to do that He's just going to rely on the earned Media and the argument that I've heard a Lot of folks even Trump folks say well We're you know we supported him in 16 we Support him in 20 but I need a president That can focus on inflation 120% of the Time not be distracted with with legal Issues I need a president who can really Focus and get border security done and Not be distracted with the chaos that That that kind of he brings to the table So we support him but there's no path For him to actually do do anything right They're not going to let them do Anything and there's too many Fundamental issues hitting families at The kitchen table now whether it's Financial energy all these other other Things that become pressing it doesn't Matter if if you elect somebody if they Just have no ability to move the ball Forward all right Governor good seeing You we look forward to your decision Whichever way you go Chris anunu in New

Hampshire the governor of New Hampshire Hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere Else

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