New Hampshire voters irritated with Biden: ‘Won’t give us the time of day’

New Hampshire voters irritated with Biden: 'Won't give us the time of day'

Former U.S. congressional candidate Matt Mowers joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss Nikki Haley’s case for New Hampshire primary voters and why some voters are irritated with Biden and the DNC. #FoxNews

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Former New Hampshire Congressional Candidate Matt mauers Matt look she's Off to a perfect start she's six for six But in reality if she does not outright Win tonight what is the margin that you Are looking for to where she will say Look I'm going to continue with this Campaign or I'm Out well I I don't expect it to be a Shut out unlike in dickville Notch at Midnight but uh you know look I think She's got to keep it within 10 if she Able to do that she's going to show that She was able to build a campaign in States like New Hampshire now there's a Lot of things going for her uh and and Honestly for any candidate that would Have emerged as the non-trump candidate You have uh number of Independents that Are going to make up almost half of the Electorate probably about 45 to 47% According to most polls uh so that will Be independent or unaffiliated voters You've got a popular Republican governor And chrisen Nunu who is uh campaigning Almost like her running mate right now And so if she can do that if she can Show that she can bring it close to Donald Trump here in New Hampshire she Can then look to other states that have Open primaries or uh potentially no Party registration States uh including South Carolina her home state but also Then looking to States like Michigan and

A whole host of other states that have Similar types of voting patterns on Super Tuesday uh in terms of the issues going All the way back to Iowa last week exit Polls show that immigration was the Number one issue on people's minds what Do you think is going to be driving People to the polls in New Hampshire well you know every state is a Border state and and actually in the Case of New Hampshire we truly are B Border state with the Canadian border uh We've actually seen an uh uptake in the Amount of uh illegal Crossings of the Northern border including a lot of Movement of drugs and so it impacts uh Folks in New Hampshire just as much uh As as many other states across the Country and so I expect it's going to be The Border but also small businesses are The backbone of the New Hampshire Economy and so Rising inflation Continues to be one of the number one Issues here alongside uh concerns about Security on the southern border meantime Democrats yeah they're doing something Tonight as well uh they hope President Biden gets enough writing votes but here Are some angry New Hampshire voters Listen oh I'm kind of angry about it and Some people have said why should we Write his name in when he won't even Give us the time of day we're

Disappointed this year not to have the Democratic P primary and that's why We're doing this because it's not Meaningless like the DN Says it's it really is Meaningful I Think you know the Democratic National Committee has said that the the primary The Democratic primary here is not Relevant or real and I think that's just Nonsense neighbors these are the people You live with and around are there Enough betrayed New Hampshire Democrats To somehow give Joe Biden a loss Tonight I mean I don't think you're Going to have enough to create a loss But it is going to be closer than expect Expected scare for Joe Biden um you know The challenge you have is that every Single Democrat elected official so Jeene Shaheen Maggie Hassen the two US Senators as well as the two members of Congress have gone out and publicly said They're writing in Joe Biden uh they're Telegraphing that message to Grassroots Democratic activists uh to show a sign Of their belief in collectivism and just Kind of all fall in the line by the way The advertising sent out and Direct Mail Pieces on social media by the right and Biden campaign shows the Communist fist On the and to stand in solidarity with Joe Biden and that shows the type of Collective group think that's happening Right now in the Democratic party with

That said you know I think Dean Phillips Who's invested $5 million of his own Money into this race who's out there Working hard I've run into him now a Couple times on the campaign Trail uh Super nice guy by the way um he's out There I think he's going to overperform What many folks were expecting recent Poll show he might even be getting close To a third of the vote or somewhere in The 20s if he does that it's certainly a Mess message to Joe Biden about Frustration from democratic party Activists and whether that's because of Overall dissatisfaction with his Administration or potentially because he Decided to try to kill off the first of The nation primary here in New Hampshire Well the poll's open in T minus 49 Minutes and 51 seconds just camera's Hiding a little bit uh so it's going to Be exciting in New Hampshire but who's Counting Matt thank you so much for Joining us giving us your perspective we Appreciate it I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Killme and I'm Angley aart and click Here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling Analysis

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