New Trump arraignment details emerge from inside courtroom

New Trump arraignment details emerge from inside courtroom

Federal law enforcement producer Jake Gibson speaks to Fox News national correspondent Bryan Llenas about Trump’s arraignment and next steps in the case on ‘The Story.’ #foxnews #thestory

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Let's go straight to Jake Gibson and Brian yennis Jake was in the courtroom And he has the indictment Jake and Brian What can you tell us All right Martha Jacobson is the Department of Justice producer Jake what Can you tell us about the charges in the Indictment so 34 charges their felony Charges for falsifying business records In New York and then also within that Using those records to help suppress a Story that may have done damage to his Campaign those are the charges 34 of Them Um Mr Trump walked in president former President Trump walked in he seemed to He seemed to have a bit of a Swagger He's he looks stoic he looks stone-faced He uh he pled not guilty he said not Guilty at some point the prosecution Brought up all of the social media posts That he has that he has put out recently Including the one where he's holding a Bat next to D.A Bragg and the the Prosecution said this is this is you Know could be looked at as inciting Violence and we they wanted judge Merchant Merchant to it seemed like they Wanted him to give a a a gag order judge Justice Merchant said that no he Wouldn't give a gag order but he said to Mr Trump and to his attorneys I don't Want to see this anymore I don't want to See the next time that I see something

Like this I might have a different idea About what I should do his attorney said That look this case has been they've Been investigating this for three years There's been selective leaks that are Harming former president Trump and it's Unthinkable that he wouldn't be allowed To defend himself that is their way of Justifying his posts The judge said that he didn't that he Wasn't sure that that justified and you Know if he was inciting violence right Later The prosecution also said that there was A conflict conflict of interest with Defense attorney takapino that they just Received a letter from Stormy Daniels Lawyer in wherein they say that he had Had Communications with her and that's a Conflict of interest takapino said that No that he had never met with her had Never spoken with her that she called His office looking to hire him spoke to A paralegal but he never took her all You know he never took her as a client So that shouldn't be a conflict of Interest very interestingly the Prosecution wants this to go to trial in January of 2024 and you know what else Is in January of 2024 his primary season For the presidential election President Trump's former president Trump's team didn't want anything to do With that they want to push it further

Out however Judd the judge said I would Like to move expeditiously there will be Motions on both sides defense motions Will come next and then there will be The prosecution will have a response on December 4th there will be another Hearing here where the judge will give His uh his his decision on the on the Motions okay so that's the next time we Have something here December 4th in Person the president Trump's team you Know hinted that he maybe they didn't Want him to come to that hearing and the Judge said it's good if he would come to These hearings you know a jury Eventually if there is a trial would Want to see him and the the defense the Defense said right but think of all the Money that it was spent with this today And how much you know the the burden This put on the city and the judge Seemed to agree that it was a serious Burden but that he still thought that Mr Trump should should attend and he denied Their request that maybe if he didn't Want to attend the December 4th hearing He said maybe in the future we can let Him out of one but this I'd like to see Him at the December 4th hearing a ton of Information Martha just you can come in At any moment with the question but I Just want to kind of wrap up what you Were saying so the former president will Have his next hearing on December 4th

Here in Manhattan there was the talk of The gag order judge Merchant was not Interested in doing that because he did Not think that it was an incitement of Violence the post of the foreign what he Said is I'm requesting that you don't do That it's a request at this point it's Not an order it's a request and he stay Off of social media not did he not do Things that might be looked as as Inciting some type of violence or you Know or or getting uh you know having Something that would end up with a Protest where someone could be her and He said now I'm not going to impose a Gag order now however if you know the Prosecution showed the judge the post They they gave him printed copies of him And he was looking at them and he said And if I if I see these you know if I Get this pass to me again I might have a Different idea about this and this is How it works in a lot of Trials you know Judges consider a gag order to be a Pretty a pretty severe order and so he Didn't it seemed like want to go out There already on the first hearing on Arraignment day and go that far And it seems like this had to deal with Stormy Daniels and Cara McDougall is That right we I didn't hear the name Karen McDougall but we did hear the name Stormy Daniels we definitely sure her Name was mentioned in court today Martha

Yeah Brian um quick question so that That's significant I think because one Of the things that we were looking to to Potentially intensify this presentation Of um this indictment was that we heard Uh David Packer involved in two hearings And he came back at the end and thought Maybe the Karen mcdougall's part of the Story was going to kind of put some more Um substance behind this but it sounds Like that's not the case and so the Judge says he wants to move you know Fairly quickly and the next hearing Isn't until December 4th did I hear that Right Yeah no you heard that right so he wants To move fairly quickly but the next Hearing is until until December 4th Because there will be motions I think It's September 19th in August there are The Motions that the defense can file And then the prosecution has to respond By September 19th and then the next Hearing would be December 4th and it is It is quite a ways off yes did the Defense show their cards on the types of Motions that they're going to file for Instance change of menu was of change of Venue was there an order a motion to Dismiss the case outright change of Venue was not mentioned however when the When the when the prosecution laid out Or they talked about a little bit of the Background of the charges and launched

Into the a bit of an attack about Mr Trump's what he president Trump's what He's been saying over social media uh The defense attorney got up and said I Didn't know we were doing opening Statements today I didn't know you know He seemed to be taking a jab at them That I thought this was an arraignment Day not you know you're going to give us Your whole open opening statement okay So defense didn't want to show their Cards clearly and get into that kind of Detail at this time uh Martha you had Mentioned David pecker we have a press Release and I'm sure you have it as well From the D.A Alvin Bragg that goes over Some of these counts and it does talk About Ami which was American Media Company David pecker was the witness who Was brought into the grand jury correct And he he testified twice as you Mentioned Martha and he was accused of Catch for kill essentially he was the Person who was the intermediary between Him and Michael Cohen the former President's personal attorney to pay Karen McDougall 150 000 and that Instance of the 150 000 payment is Mentioned in the DA's press release Describing these uh payments and Describing these excuse me these felony Counts so it does appear that Karen McDougall is at the basis of this and David Becker who was interviewed

Multiple times by the grand jury as well As Michael Cohen and and Stormy Daniels Um Jake do you have anything else you'd Like to offer us before we send it back Over to Martha I think I think it's Worth noting I think I brought it up Already but I may not have that the President president Trump former President Trump definitely glared at the D.A brag when he left he he seemed to Get up look around the room you know Because he He walked in Trump was the last one to Walk in the hearing and this was pretty Intense I mean it's a it's not a huge Room but there's probably 50 reporters In there there were 15 20 25 law enforcement officials that Were on the end of each row so we Couldn't really see that well because They're standing up in front so we can't Really see up there you just what you Really saw well was him enter the room And leave the room there was Secret Service agents in there there were the The court police there were just a lot Of police in there and they were very Strict with the with the Press you know We will kick you out of here we see a Phone we'll kick you out people would Try to sit up a little bit to look sit Down I think this was a very serious you Know the the it was very intense in There what was uh the judge's tone when

He was when he was did he admonish uh The former president or his lawyers no The judge Merchant was very measured you Know there was not he did not show his You know he did not seem to have any Beef with with President Trump you know He he I think he went out of his way to To to make sure that he was showing Everyone that he could be very fair About this Jake Gibson thank you Incredible job in there thank you hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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