Newt Gingrich: Biden is beyond being a ‘paper tiger’

Newt Gingrich: Biden is beyond being a 'paper tiger'

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says President Biden is a ‘classic left-wing liberal’ for his handling of the Israel-Hamas war on ‘Hannity.’

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Former Speaker of the House new Gingrich To me this might be the lowest point of What has been a failed presidency and That is a lack of moral Clarity and Abandoning our allies and literally in In many ways giving you know the thumbs Up that you're not going to be punished If in fact you are involved in either Proxy Terror Wars or direct Terror Wars thoughts well you know if You actually look at what Biden does It's pretty Straightforward uh he abandons our Allies in Afghanistan after being warned by the Military that if you pull out they're Going to collapse didn't matter he Abandoned them after 22 years he's told The Iranian the uh ukrainians you're not Allowed to fight Russia in Russia they Can bomb you they can destroy your Electric facilities they can destroy Your towns you're not allowed to use any Weapon to go inside Russia he said to The Israelis I think the Rafa ought to Become a terrorist Sanctuary City uh a Moment of Total Insanity we have allowed a you a Iranian Warship to sit in the Red Sea where it Helped houthis Target their missiles That ship could be sunk by the American Navy in 5 minutes but it sits there and Now you've had had 335 missiles and and various other

Weapons fired at Israel I I did a piece At uh gingr 360 where I said look if you Say don't and 335 times they do then what's your Obligation to respond Biden is beyond Being a paper tiger uh this is pathetic But I think it's deliberate I think he's A classic left-wing liberal when in Doubt America and allies are bad and the Enemy is actually good and so you ought To understand the Enemy No matter how Bad the enemy is and that's where we're At and until we defeat him that's where We're going to continue to be at because That's who he really Is so you we've got to ask the question And you you have touched on it and that Is the why okay I think Biden is Watching polls his base is eroding that Would be the the traditional base of the Democratic party his numbers are Crashing With African-Americans Hispanic Americans Asian-americans uh the youth vote is Going away and he's got all these Radicals in his party in in Michigan and And other places and he sees these Numbers they would rather vote for Uncommitted nearly 20% of of Democratic Primary voters in Michigan and he cares More about his blind political ambition Than he does about standing up against Terrorism that's that's that's a US

President I don't that's the leader of The Free World I I don't I actually Don't I actually don't agree with you I Don't think this is purely transactional And purely political way back in 1984 Ambassador Jean Kirkpatrick made an Amazing speech at the Republican National Convention in which she Described the blame America First Democrats and said whatever happens Anywhere in the world the reaction of The American left is blame America First Well guess what that was Joe Biden he Was in the Senate already he was part of That he's now he's surrounded by people Who are crazy and the fact is I think we Ought to go back and learn the lessons Of the 1930s Franklin Dela Roosevelt was Faced with a Nazi effort inside the United States they locked people up if I Believe frankly we should say if you are For the victory of Iran if you want to Scream uh death to America we're Deporting you if you're an American We're going to try you for treason you Can't get up and say death to America as An American citizen and it's time that We were prepared to defend the survival Of the United States and I think that The time we confronted headon a President Who clearly on every single Front from Ukraine where he favors Russia to what's happened in Afghanistan Where in the end he favored the Taliban

To what's happening in Gaza where he Favors Hamas to what's happening with Iran where he favors the Iranians on Every front Joe Biden is on the side of The people who hate America hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe To Fox News YouTube page and catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis you will not get it anywhere Else

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