Newt Gingrich: Democrats are ‘desperate’ for this

Newt Gingrich: Democrats are 'desperate' for this

Newt Gingrich: The Left may have just guaranteed Trump will be the nominee.
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Joining me now is Newt Gingrich former Speaker of the house and Fox News Contributor new you did get the sense Um yesterday that there were a whole lot Of Democrats who were just a tad Disappointed that they didn't have that Scene I think that they were hoping for Of some type of unrest in the streets Well I look I think the Democrats were Desperate to have Trump behave in some Kind of angry hostile Manner and to have Him call out his supporters to recreate A sense of you know civil unrest or Riot Or whatever in that sense I thought that Trump was amazingly disciplined came Across exactly right Indicated clearly that he was Subordinate to the law and then while he Thought this whole indictment was Absurdity he nonetheless was not in any Way going to encourage people to go Outside the law then I thought his Speech last night was extraordinarily Well written and well delivered and Again it was it was a tone of Reasonableness a tone of talking about The accurate history of the last couple Years and just how bad the left has been So I think probably the left tonight is A little frustrated because they may Begin to sink in them they may just have Guaranteed he'll be the Republican Nominee I mean when even Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush and others come out and say

This is wrong you're seeing sort of a Consolidation of Trump versus a corrupt Establishment that could have huge Implications both for the nomination and For the general election do you disagree That the Democrats are going to make This election in their mind not a Referendum on Biden which obviously has To be but a referendum on Trump because If it's a referendum on Biden it's hard To see that they can win but if it's a Referendum on Trump they think they can Get enough of their same supporters out To win in Pennsylvania win in Arizona Win in Georgia Etc Yeah look I mean I think if you're the Democrats and you're looking at a failed Biden Administration you're looking at Extremists in the House and Senate uh You're looking at policies you can't Defend back home you need something to Take people's attention away from Reality the problem they've got is Normal everyday Americans sit down at The kitchen table they look at their Family budget they look at the cost of Gasoline they look at the disaster on The border they worry about crime in Their neighborhood none of those things Fit what the Democrats wish they were Focused on and I think frankly the more Calm and the more reasonable the Trump Is the harder the Democrats problem is That's why I thought yesterday was a

Very significant moment he didn't rant And Rave he didn't try to arouse his Supporters he very calmly went into Court he very calmly gave a talk that Was disciplined and orderly If he strips away the weaknesses they Want to attack the Democrats have Nothing left to campaign on Well yesterday Um the JP Morgan Um CEO Jamie dimon released his annual Report to shareholders Newt and here's How ABC News reported it diamond is Optimistic about the economy despite Recession fears positives are huge well Note ABC must have glossed over the Section of the report entitled Evaluating and managing the economic and Geopolitical risks And it reads that the current economy is Pretty good but storm clouds ahead Potential trouble Brewing from Unprecedented fiscal spending Quantitative tightening and geopolitical Tensions preparing for what may be a new And uncertain future Newt uh they are desperate in the media To try to Rebrand this economy as Evolving And not Slowing Look I think you have to start with the Idea that the elite media is simply the Publicity arm of the Biden

Administration they are pure propaganda They have no interest in the facts Remember the New York Times The Washington Post got Pulitzer prizes for Reporting total falsehoods about what Turned out to be the Russian hoax and They didn't give back their Pulitzer Prizes they were quite happy to keep Them so you just have to start every Morning with the idea these are the Equivalent of Pravda and azvestia in the Old Soviet Union they're the party line They tell you what they want you to Believe but the average American goes Out and they look at reality they go to The grocery store they go to the gas Station they look at the crime rate in Their City they look at them I know I Know but that's the Border release dude I don't mean to interrupt you but they Looked at that in in 2022 and they Elected John Federman and they elected Katie Hobbs in Arizona so in two years We got to get enough of those voters to Switch and become Republicans yes Sure because it was bad it was bad last November too Look I think the key to that is to Recognize that our Consultants are Mostly totally out of touch with reality They're running obsolete campaigns Everywhere the Republicans ran positive Campaigns with Positive Solutions like In Iowa and Florida they won huge

Landslides All right new great to see you tonight As always hey Sean Hannity here hey Click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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