Nikki Haley sweeps Dixville Notch midnight vote – with six votes

Nikki Haley sweeps Dixville Notch midnight vote - with six votes

‘Fox & Friends’ co-hosts discuss the results of the nation’s first primary vote in Dixville Notch, a township in New Hampshire, where all six of the area’s registered voters cast ballots for Nikki Haley in a midnight voting tradition. #FoxNews

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So so Lawrence just talked to the people Inside the tavern which it sounds like a Lot of them are going to go for Donald Trump this morning obviously he's not in Dixville not uh New Hampshire because They historically all get together at Midnight and they vote and they did last Night at midnight and the winner was 6 To zero Nikki Haley and the interesting Thing about this is when you break down Who voted the population well forget About the population there are four Registered Republicans who Ved and then Two of those undecided or unded that's The population six people well for the CU this is a resort area and uh what They did is because the resort I think It was the resort was closed they did The Voting in the uh living room of the Tilletson and apparently according to uh News reports uh chocolate chip cookies Were served and there was a golden Retriever there how cute I mean that is America right there the town moderator Is named Tom tilletson his dad is the One his dad started this tradition back In 1954 because everyone in that town All six of them were tired of driving 45 Miles to the closing site so they said Let's just bring it here an AP reporter Gave them this idea and they started This uh tradition more than 50 years ago And the moderator uh who's now the son Of the man who brought it Tom tilletson

He said we get our 15 minutes of fame Every four years because as y'all know It brings in journalists and media Outlets from all over the world Literally right that's what's great About Iowa New Hampshire it gets a Spotlight over this period of time every Single fouryear cycle so I just want to Bring this up that kind of interesting To see Nikki haey Sprint through with at Least five different events yesterday Donald Trump thought he had a court case They canceled it uh postponed till Wednesday uh so he had one event Scheduled at night and two days ago he Brought in the South Carolina contingent That's endorsing him yesterday he Brought in his former opponents who are Now allies to say get on they are now on Board the Trump train and listen to how They introduced him and let them know How they felt about the former president Watch tomorrow is the day that each and Every one of you is going to cast the Most important vote of your entire life This is a very very important vote when You step into that voting booth you're Are going to be uh signaling that we Want crooked Joe Biden the worst President in the history of our country We got to get him out if you want to Make Amer America great again vote Trump there's one candidate in this race That understands how to make our nation

More secure our nation more prosperous It's the person who did it when he was President before that's Donald J Trump How many of y'all want four more years Of low crime and high Law and Order Under Donald J Trump trump and Biden It's a dead heat it's going to be a Nailbiter of an election we don't know What's going to happen I'm in every one Of those same general election polls and I defeat Biden by up to 17 points you go Into DC with a mandate a mandate to stop The wasteful spending and get our Economy back on track a mandate to get Our kids reading again and go back to The basics with education a mandate to Secure our boarders no more excuses a Mandate for Law and Order in this Country and a mandate for a strong America that we can all be proud of Don't you want That only two strong candidates and Lawrence uh behind the scenes you see That Byron Donalds was there last night Don junr was there last night cor lowski Was there last night and he had three Former opponents who are uh immediately More than willing to say I put a fight Up but this guy the better man won uh And I'm I'm on I'm on the I'm on Board yeah Brian it it's really about Not just the surrogates but where the Energy is in the movement um and I I Think it's so hard for these candidates

That typically would have gotten so much Traction from average Republican voters But when you look at the rooms that I go Into every single day the diners or whe Whether it's the rallies or the people That are standing in the cold when the Temperature is below 15 um because they Just want to see the man or try to have Some type of interaction that type of Movement is hard to beat uh but again Things can change on Election Day there Can be people that show up um there Could be this secret voter but as I Always say when the diners and people on The ground uh if if it's consistent with The polling then I don't really look Forward to upsets because it's Consistent but if it's inconsistent then Maybe something can happen right now it Looks like it's heading towards the Former president right now Steve good Good point uh Lawrence regarding the Polls but the polls are for the most Part of registered Republicans and what Is unique about uh New Hampshire is the Fact and I mentioned this a couple of Times yesterday uh you've got 300,000 Republicans 300,000 Democrats but you Got 400,000 uh Independents or Undeclared uh With the Undeclared Nikki Haley leads um But the problem with Undeclared is they Are less motivated and so uh one of the Uh coch Brothers um organizations what

They're doing is they're on They're working out in behalf of Nikki Haley they have already knocked on 630,000 doors here in New Hampshire They're trying to get 20,000 people to Vote who vote in the general but don't Vote in the primary so that's the key That's that's the margin they want to Find 20,000 people who go to vote in November every time but never vote today They want to get them to vote today Trump has to keep that front runner Status Nikki Haley's trying to get those Independents and people that are not Necessarily the Maga trumpers um New Hampshire voters it's very Suburban here It's less evangelically Conservative Republican primary as far as the Electric is concerned and voters who are Registered as Undeclared can vote in This new in New Hampshire um primary the Republican primary now Nikki Haley did See a spike according to her campaign And donations after Ronda santis dropped Out she saw a spike of 500,000 from Grassroots donors online she was Campaigning across the state yesterday Vowing she's in this for the Long Haul Uh she'll be on our show today we'll ask Her about that how long if if Donald Trump does win today here so he wins Iowa if he wins New Hampshire and the Polls are right what does that mean for Her going forward right also the

President picked up the Catholic vote uh Yesterday the Brian Burch a major Catholic organization uh signed on with Him I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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