‘NO BALANCE’: Trump hush money trial dominates mainstream media headlines

'NO BALANCE': Trump hush money trial dominates mainstream media headlines

Fox News contributor Joe Concha reacts to media headlines ahead of the jury selection in Donald Trump’s hush money trial. #FoxNews

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Former president Trump will appear in a New York City courtroom today when jury Selection begins in his hush money trial So without further Ado cue the Media we all know what you feel and what You don't feel about this guy how do you Get a jury to ignore all that and just Look at the facts yeah jury election is Kind of going to be the whole ball game Because all Trump needs is one all Trump Needs is one cultist one died in the Wool Trump supporter to sneak into that Jury and he can hang the whole thing he Or she can hang the whole if it were Donald Johnson we were talking about and Not Donald Trump he would not be on his Social media site posting he would be in Contempt in a jail sale Trump is going To use this courtroom and other Courtrooms to come as really the Centerpiece of his campaign Joe kcha is A Fox News contributor and he joins us Now Joe good morning to you uh media is Going to have a field day with this of Course but there's also that Inconvenient fact that this is a very Weak case that Alvin Bragg brought Forward according to all the legal Experts and the statute of limitations Even expired for some of what Trump is Being accused of so how will the media Balance the facts versus the feelings Here oh Carly did you say balance there Will be no balance all right this is all

They have at this point as far as Juicing ratings for their failing Networks at this point I mean the CNN Headline is so typical of the coverage Quote Trump's first criminal trial is a Historic and solemn moment for America No it really isn't if you listen to any Sane and sober legal analyst that Actually looks at this case to your Point statute of limitations expired on This long ago Jonathan Turley who is as Respected as any legal expert as there Is in this business said that this is an Unprecedented attempt to revive a Misdemeanor for falsifying business Documents that expired years ago if that Is still the basis of Thursday's Indictment brag could not have raised a Weaker basis to prosecute a former President so in the end it seems that They're bootstrapping this this Misdemeanor into a felony right to try To prosecute Trump in this case in New York where obviously he's not the most Popular person in the world he got Something like I think 12% of the vote In 2020 for example uh but but still in The end this is all going to be played Up as if Trump committed some sort of Crime that he actually has to go to jail For but in the end it seems that Turley Others like Andy McCarthy are saying That this is something that most likely Is not going to get very far as far as

Taking out Trump but Trump will use this As part of his campaign that see the the Justice system has been weaponized Against me this is election interference And this is all nonsense to take me off The campaign Trail and if you look at This objectively that seems to be the Case k you can throw me in that list of Lawyers who thinks this is the worst Case ever brought you going be the legal Expert I'm going to be the legal expert There's zero it's a mislabeling problem It could backfire Joe you're right here Are some other headlines on the trial The New Yorker calling it Trump's trial Of the century the New York Times says In final rally before New York trial Trump Again cast himself as political Victim and the Washington Post headline Says Trump's trial strategy deny delay Denigrate there's sort of like an Undercurrent here that that that Trump Really isn't getting the shaft in all These things that somehow he's Benefiting from from this why don't they Think Trump is being victimized one by Having to go to court during the middle Of his campaign on charges involving Literally mislabeling like literally Mislabeling where there was no victim we Have to remember that I I don't Understand any of those headlines Joe wow I want to see the show on Fox Nation Todd goes to trial and you try

Cases right like Court TV almost uh that That would be very interesting to see Have you ever actually practiced law I Mean I'm just I'm just curious I'm saying that sarcastically no I did Practice had something about to go to Trial but of course on the verge of Everything it settles last minute like It always does but but getting back to Trump for a second because I will not be In that court room Joe oh boy uh look this is going to be Obviously cast as as you saw from those Headlines New York Times Washington Post Remember the New York Times hasn't Actually endorsed a republican candidate For president since 1956 The Washington Post in its history has never endorsed Uh a republican candidate so you're not Going to get any balanced coverage here To get back to Carly's earlier uh Question this is all going to be played Up as if Trump is some sort of criminal And he's going to try to delay this to Go past election day to avoid what Obviously he's guilty of in other words You're supposed to be innocent until Proven guilty in this case Trump in most Of the media will find him guilty until Proven innocent and that's just not how The law works so either way despite what Happened with Iran and Israel and that Attack on Israel over the weekend this Will dominate coverage uh for the

Foreseeable future uh until another Trial comes along and that will dominate Coverage either way the ball we're Taking our Eye Off the Ball which is the Incumbent president which is Joe Biden Who is mightily struggling as far as Inflation which continues to come in Hotter crime in major American cities And obviously the border and immigration All that goes away because this trial uh Which most people think is a sham will Take center stage and today the judge is Going to be asking jurors which news Source where they get their news from Whether the New York Times Fox News CNN Just proving how very political this Trial can be in a jury pool where only 12% of people in Manhattan voted for Donald Trump in 2020 Joe thank you so Much for joining us have a great day I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley Aart and click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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