‘NO FREE LUNCH’: Elon Musk warns Tucker against dangers of socialism

'NO FREE LUNCH': Elon Musk warns Tucker against dangers of socialism

‘Undivided’ podcast host Brandi Kruse joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss Elon Musk’s part 2 interview with Tucker Carlson, rampant inflation under the Biden administration, and a Washington state bill that undermines parental rights. #FoxNews

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Let's try to unpack it with Brandy Cruz Host of the undivided podcast Brandy Great to have you back what were your Big takeaways from part two specifically With regard to AI Well look Elon Musk is someone who has Billed immense wealth based on Technology so if you have him sitting There saying there's some technology That really freaks me out I don't know About you but I intend on listening to Elon Musk on this one and I also thought It was a pertinent question from Tucker Which was but what is the threshold you Know to give the government control to Essentially have some sort of off switch To be able to control some sort of super Uh Ai and decide hey it's gone far Enough because certainly you don't want To just give the government any Government the will and the whim to be Able to shut something like that down And you really saw Elon Musk struggle With that question saying you know I Don't even know that I know the answer To that but his explanation of look if If you have a situation where software Commands are are not controlling it Where the AI has gotten away from you Then you need to have some sort of Hardware solution to that so I think This is Elon Musk warning not only Americans but the world about the Potential concerns and consequences of

This I think we'd be very wise to listen And hopefully it's the beginning of a Very rapid conversation about okay what Kind of protections reasonable Protections should the government put in Place you know another part of that Warning that I took away was when he was Talking about inflation in this part two Interview with Tucker and he mentioned Venezuela take a take a listen to this If you could just issue massive amounts Of money without negative consequences Why don't we just take that to the Limit Make everyone a trillionaire Well I mean they tried that in Venezuela How'd that work out well they had to eat Zoo animals right it's not good you know There's no free lunches if there's not Some ability to issue money And not have inflation You know Brandi for years now I've heard People talk about you know look at Venezuela as the marker look what Happened to them so what did you make of Those comments Yeah I mean it's the same thing it's uh And it shouldn't even be something that We have to have a conversation about I Mean obviously if you're going to say we Can just add whim uh print money and Then it loses value and the impact that That has and so it's sort of a No-brainer conversation that we even Have to have to have that debate but I

Think looking to Venezuela and uh Tucker's joke about what they had to eat Zoo animals about the potential Consequences of that yeah yeah meantime Americans have seen 24 straight months Of effective pay cuts under President Biden as inflation outpaces wage growth Despite this President Biden and First Lady Joe Biden reporting an adjusted Gross income of over 579 thousand Dollars Kamala and Doug reporting 456 Thousand dollars look I'm not calling Out anyone for making money but is he Really blue-collar Joe who understands The daily Financial struggles of the Average American if he's pulling in that Kind of dough Well I don't think he's been Blue Collar Joe for a long time but certainly he Tries to cling to that but there's just This weird thing about and look are Those the wealthiest people to ever Serve in the white house uh or to serve As vice president no of course not um You know there's no stranger to wealthy People in those two positions but you Know the disconnect I think for a lot of Politicians when even if they come from Humble blue-collar roots when they get To that position where they get to Washington DC is just astounding you Know I'm reminded of Pete bootage during The height of gas prices uh last summer When he said we'll just buy an electric

Vehicle there's your answer you know if You can't afford uh gas for average Americans oh buy an electric vehicle and Then you won't have to pay so much at The gas pump so again it's just this Disconnect where Um they're not really in tune with an American family you know even though Joe Like you said he talks a lot about Watching his family struggle financially To put food on the table but I wonder if He really truly knows the pain of that For Americans to have to decide okay can I put gallon of gas in or do I have to Save that for groceries that is that's Not hyperbole that's a very real Decision that Americans are making in This country every single day and even If I'm sorry even if you're make half Making half a million dollars a year uh Like the bidens or Kamala Harris and her Husband you should still be able to Understand that reality for Americans And work every single day it should be Your top priority to make sure that Americans aren't taking an effective pay Cut every month because the decisions That you're making I mean not only are There pay cuts and inflation topped on Top of everything else but there was a New report that came out saying that the Average household American will be Paying more to the IRS this year so that Was also another blow to Americans but

We have to get to this radical house Democrats in Washington state just Passed a trans youth law that takes Rights away from parents okay so the Bill permits shelters to house run way Miners without notifying parents allows Kids to seek gender affirming care Without consent and then gives no legal Recourse for parents to reunite with Their own children so tell us why it's So important that not only people in Washington know about this bill but Really all over America Yeah when this bill came up at the Beginning of this legislative session I Said on my show that I thought it was The most dangerous bill that I'd seen in About 12 years covering politics in this Day and I said at the time I think it Should be national news I think every Single News Network should be talking About it and and look there's two issues At play here one of them is parental Rights Um every single parent regardless of Politics or ideology regardless of how They feel about transgender issues every Single parent this should freak them out Because it doesn't make you a bad parent It doesn't make you an abusive parent to Want to know where your child is at Night and to want to have a say in what Kind of medical care that your child is Getting and this bill would strip

Parents of that right it is essentially Government-sanctioned kidnapping of your Kids and what it does in Washington State is it makes physical abuse in the Home akin to a parent who might have Concerns about their child getting Gender affirming care it essentially Puts those two things things on the same Tier and it says that if your child Decides to go to a youth shelter and They show up and they say I'm here for Protected health care then that Youth Shelter can hide your child's location From you while they pursue that health Care that's already protected under Washington state law for kids over the Age of 13. imagine being a parent Imagine being a loving parent who just Wants yeah they want to say and what Kind of Medical Care their kids are Doing they have some concerns about Gender care and gender identity and you Wake up in the morning and your child's Not there and no one is telling you that Your child is at a shelter no one's Telling you where your child is it is Unbelievable to me that this is even Something that that one was introduced In the first place but that is actually On the cusp of passing and it's not just In Washington state we have seen things Like this normalized in so many other States and it is so concerning because As a parent you do have parental rights

The fact that the government in so many Instances is trying to take that away From parents is frightening good on you For calling it out thank you as always For getting up with us we appreciate it I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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