‘NO QUESTION’: House will pass formal impeachment inquiry vote, says Majority Whip

'NO QUESTION': House will pass formal impeachment inquiry vote, says Majority Whip

House Majority Whip Rep. Tom Emmer, R-Mn., discusses the potential House vote on formalizing an impeachment inquiry into the President and stand-alone bills concerning immigration and Israel aid. #foxnews

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We're being stonewalled by the White House because they're preventing at Least two to three doj Witnesses from Coming forward a former White House Council the National Archives the White House has withheld thousands of pages of Evidence so a formal impeachment inquiry Vote on the floor will allow us to take It to the next necessary step and I Think it's something we have to do at This juncture that's house Speaker Mike Johnson who joined us live yesterday Making his case for the imminent Impeachment inquiry into President Biden Johnson adding his fellow Republicans on Capital have the votes for a formal Inquiry against Biden that could happen As soon as this week for more on this Let's bring in House Majority with Tom MIM Congressman great to see you this Morning good to be with you so before we Talk about where we stand perhaps with Votes in the Republican caucus talk to Me about an impeachment inquiry a formal Impeachment inquiry for anybody watching And listening at home this is not an Impeachment vote this is to formalize a Process that gives you what more power To subpoena what would you accompl by Making this next step to an impeachment Inquiry the the argument that I would Make is that we already have the Authority and Jamie comr with oversight And Jim Jordan with Judiciary and uh

Even Jason Smith with our Ways and Means Committee have done amazing work but the White House on November 17th sent a Letter to uh Jamie comr and to Jim Jordan telling them that they refused to Honor the subpoenas that had been served Because they believe without a full Floor vote uh it's not a uh valid uh Impeachment inquiry so look you've got a Situation will where it's very likely The president knew what his family was Doing and it's very likely that he Benefited what his from what his family Was doing we have to follow these facts So this the White House is in essence What you're saying setting a standard And by the way that standard hasn't been Consistently held especially when Democrats held the house but there're Setting a standard to say we're not Going to comply with subpoena unless you Have a floor vote so now Republicans are Looking to have that floor vote to set To basically meet the standards set by The abide Administration I would assume And then say well now you got to satisfy The subpoena that's right so do you have The votes if it goes to the floor do you Have the votes for an official Impeachment inquiry if it goes to the Floor we're going to pass it uh there's No question but keep in mind the uh the Issue here is the White House is Mike Said it yesterday they are stonewalling

They're trying to delay we're going to Have to go or Jim Jordan and Jamie comr And and Jason are going to have to go to Court to enforce the subpoenas and the Decision apparently that our speaker is Going to make is we're going to satisfy This uh full excuse by having a floor Vote on a formal impeachment inquiry so That when we do go to court to get those Subpoenas enforced there really isn't an Argument against okay and you're the guy That that whips the vote and the speaker Said it yesterday he expressed a little Bit of hesitation about some holdouts in The Republican caucus which we had some Trouble understanding why why would a Republican I don't know how it would Hurt them if you were in a swing District right now just to go to the Next formal step but you're here telling Me today as the man who whips the votes We've got the votes for this I don't Talk about what votes we have will I'm Telling you if it comes to the floor We're passing it okay good um on that Same note I want to follow up on Something the speaker said yesterday um He brought up uh hr2 he said we're going To stand send Standalone bills Immigration funding Ukraine we're not Going to roll this all up into one we're Going to go one at a time and he told Pete hexi I believe directly this is a Hill we die on now that's not happening

In the Senate uh Chuck Schumer sitting On those bills he wants to wrap it all Up into one big bill um do you believe That is the path Republicans will pursue That is true this is the hill you'll die On and you can find success I he's Related the uh the Border he the our Speaker is related the border to Ukraine Funding in specific and you if you're Going to do any Ukraine funding he wants Hr2 and he's willing to die on that Hill Uh but let's go to a timely one Yesterday will was one month since the House passed a fully paid for Israeli Aid bill it's been sitting for a month And no action whatsoever by Chuck Schumer's sen this is the kind of thing That Mike Johnson is trying to change in Washington DC and I I think you just Have to have the public putting more Pressure on these politicos these uh Political Elites that think that the World is still the way they thought it Was last year all right Congressman Tom MIM it's going to be an interesting week For you individually for everybody Watching as well on advancing some of These things we've been watching for Months seems like an opportunity for a Big step forward thank you for being With us this morning thank you will all Right I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page

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