‘Obsessed’ left-wing media melts down over Trump’s hush-money case

'Obsessed' left-wing media melts down over Trump's hush-money case

Sen. Katie Britt, R-Ala., joined ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss the latest on Trump’s hush money trial and House lawmakers’ effort to impeach DHS Secretary Mayorkas. #FoxNews

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So a Fox News Alert moments ago Donald Trump speaking out as jury selection for His hush money case begins today saying Quote as virtually every legal scholar Has powerfully stated the Biden Manhattan Witch Hunt case is among other Things barred by the statute of Limitation this trial should be ended by The highly conflicted presiding judge And the left leaning media already in Meltdown mode Watch we all know what you feel and what You don't feel about this guy how do you Get a jury to ignore all of that and Just look at the facts yeah Juris Election is kind of going to be the Whole ball game because all Trump needs Is one all Trump needs is one cultist One died in the wool Trump supporter to Sneak into that jury and he can hang the Whole thing he or she can hang the whole Thing if it were Donald Johnson we were Talking about not Donald Trump he would Not be on his social media site posting He would be in contempt in a jail sale Trump is going to use this courtroom and Other courtrooms to come as really the Centerpiece of his campaign unbelievable And the Washington Post presses New Yorkers on whether they can even be Impartial in the case Alabama GOP Senator Katie Britt joins us now uh so Senator you're a legislator but you're Also a lawyer do you feel like the

President can get a fair trial here in New York no I mean look at what we're Seeing this is the left um continuing to To meltdown over Donald Trump they are Obsessed I mean there is a reason both The federal prosecutors and state Prosecutors said we are not not going to Move forward with this and then you have Alvin Bragg enter into the arena and Want to make a name for himself people Know that people are sick of the Two-tiered system of justice that we're Seeing and I think that the more the Media can talk about this which we're Going to see them do then the less they Have to talk about what a disaster this Country is under Joe Biden they know People want Donald Trump back in the White house and they absolutely cannot Stand it it's the perfect transition uh Senator because you got the political Ramifications of this you got the legal Ramifications but you also got the Calendar And the president is making the argument That it's election interference because He can't be on the campaign tra if you Got this calendar full of days that he Has to be in court I mean just look at It from today to May November I mean When will he get the campaign if he's in The courtroom that's exactly it and the Thing is they know that people want Donald Trump back they know they want

The policies back I mean look at what's Happening on the country right now Whether it's our border whether it's Abroad or whether it's uh how far your Dollar goes at home it is a complete and Total disaster under Joe Biden so we Need Donald Trump out there giving that Message and obviously bringing more People in and they know that when that Happens he's going to win in November And they absolutely cannot stand it so We've got to get him back out there get This wrapped up um and save our country So senat I got some other news for you Obviously it's a big issue for pretty Much every single state that we've been Going to that the border is not being Secured right now the House pass Impeachment is over in the Senate's hand Uh right now or at least they want to Get it What's the timeline on actually will There be a trial or not yeah so this is A great question and this is something We've got to continue to keep the Pressure on Chuck Schumer Chuck Schumer Would rather spend his days um putting Very partisan judges on the floor and us Not actually doing our job so what you See right now is we're waiting on the Transmission um of that impeachment to Come to the Senate we've got to keep This momentum building because what Chuck Schumer wants to do is just motion

To table he wants to just completely Sweep this under the rug and Lawrence The American people deserve better this Has been 150 years um since we have been Dealing with something like this but it Is unprecedented to not have a free open Trial in front of the American people And Lawrence just look it whether it is Drug cartels whether it's human Traffickers or whether it's terrorists It is absolutely Open Season under Joe Biden and secretary mayorcas and these Failed policies and somebody needs to Answer for it and this is what you're Not going to see in the media and let me Tell you what shuck SCH doesn't want People to know you know he doesn't want Us to be able to say look at the drug Cartels you look at the fent andol Poisonings it's a leading cause of death Between the ages of 18 and 45 in this Nation when you look at human Trafficking under President um trump it Was a $500 million industry it is now a$ 13 billion industry under Joe Biden That's men women and children who are Suffering and paying the price and then When you look at terrorist Lawrence we Had the FBI director just a few months AO ago say in a senate hearing he sees Blinking lights everywhere we know under President Trump there were only 14 known Terrorists that came to the Border we're We're looking at upwards of 350 and more

And that doesn't even account for the Known Goda ways people 1.8 million and Growing that we don't know who they are Where they're going or what their Intentions are it's absolutely Despicable in the American people Deserve better no change in policy uh From the administration also to your Point lot of uh Democrats in swing States shuck Schumer doesn't want them On the record he doesn't want them on The record and that's why Senator Lindsey Graham actually put a letter Forth and almost all GOP Senators signed It saying we demand a trial so we're Going to keep fighting for the American People while Chuck Schumer tries to Protect uh like you said senators and Swing States and sweep us under the Iraq The American people sincerely deserve Better and we're going to make sure they Get it Senator thanks so much for coming Us I'm Steve juy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angy aart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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