ORDER IN THE COURT!: Federal judges pledge not to hire Stanford Law students for clerkships

ORDER IN THE COURT!: Federal judges pledge not to hire Stanford Law students for clerkships

‘The Big Sunday Show’ react to U.S. Court of Appeals Fifth Circuit Judge James C. Ho and Eleventh Circuit Judge Elizabeth L. Branch claiming they will not hire future Stanford Law School students over woke protests of Judge S. Kyle Duncan.

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Order in the Court a pair of federal Judges are taking action after Stanford Protesters ambushed one of their fellow Judges remember this [Music] [Applause] Is a show it's uncomfortable to say that For many people here your work has Caused harm my job is to create the Space of belonging for all people in This institution this is actually part Of the creation of belonging Judges James ho and Elizabeth Branch say They won't hire clerks from Stanford law School after that Ambush and I should Also clarify that this applies to Future Students not currently enrolled law Students Andy obviously I'm going to go To you first what do you think about This You know Molly wrote a great book a Couple years ago about Justice Kavanaugh's the insanity of Kavanaugh's Confirmation and I was hoping that that Was like the low moment and things have Only gotten worse when I first heard the Judges were starting to do this like the Voice inside of me said I wish they'd Just do it and not talk about it because It'll you know this will become a thing There'll be litigation and lawsuits but I think they actually have to say it Because there has to be an open and Notorious response to this to say that

It's unacceptable I don't know what we're raising on these Campuses but they're not lawyers they're Not going to be able to function in the World of the law where you actually have To have disputes where there's two sides To every story and they get worked out That's like what we have lawyers for so I think these judges are absolutely Right if your mindset is to cancel Rather than confront then you don't Belong in the law there's there's Probably other places you can go but That's not where you belong right but This definitely is backfiring um future Students and I should mention also that The dean that was involved in this also Has now been placed on leave but Molly Take a listen to what judge ho said in The speech to the Texas review of Law And politics he said what some law Schools tolerate and even encourage Today is not intellectual exploration But intellectual terrorism they engage In disruption intimidation and public Shaming they try to terrorize people Into sub mission in self-censorship in a Deliberate campaign to eradicate certain Viewpoints from the public discourse we Were just talking about this two breaks Ago and I think it's so interesting that Judge ho has taken this Brave stand and I think it's also worth kind of Revisiting what happened here judge

Duncan is one of the most well-respected Federal judges out there he's argued in Front of the Supreme Court he spent his Life caring about civil liberties when He was invited to speak at Stanford Protesters said that they wished that His daughters would be raped this is not The type of conversation that you're Having in a free exchange and it's not Just that the protesters the students at Stanford law school did this but the a Dean supported them that is why what Judge ho and these other judges what What they're doing is so important Because Stanford itself has not taken Care of the problem yes they put the Dean on leave but there should actually Be repercussions for the students that Engaged in this as well there needs to Be a strong message sent from these Schools that you learn about law you Respect effectively hear other sides of An argument and that's not what we're Getting right now no and Joe I was Thinking also about you know there are Parents out there who helped pay for Their kids to go not just to law school But to Stanford law school and they see This on and maybe they approve of it but I'm sure they're rethinking things or Someone is now that there's some judges Saying I don't want that in my court Hundreds of thousands of dollars it cost To go to a Stanford University a lot of

People can't afford that obviously and Where are they getting their cues from By the way right not just from Academia But from social media where we talked About so many young adults live on they See Twitter censoring accounts Suppressing Free Speech Facebook doing The same thing they say oh I guess That's okay because major corporations Are doing it I'm old enough to remember Conde rice at my State University Rutgers where my kids will not be going Right the football team's not very good Anyway and I can't deal with that but Also they actually banned candy rice From coming she was supposed to speak at Their graduation candy rice the first Female black secretary of state and You're saying that she isn't welcome at The University after she was hard to do That commencement speech so we even saw It with Charlie Kirk last week uh he was Speaking at UC Davis and a hundred Person brawl broke out police officers Injured property damage all over what a Guy who runs Turning Point going there To give a speech to give his perspective The shouting down is one thing but there Are now polls out where one in five Young adults think that violence is okay To shut down speech that they disagree With one in five that is scary can you Can I say the the hundred the hundreds Of thousands of dollars yeah that you

Mentioned is probably the the most Important part of this that we're not as Focused on as we should be what is that Paying for it's paying for battalions of Administrators to the point where There are now in some of these Elite Institutions more administrators than Students great point and they are the Ones who are in charge of this you know Progressive method uh indoctrination uh And more often than not they are the Ones who are whipping these kids who Essentially I mean the young kids they Don't they're very impressionable They're supposed to be the smartest ones But still it's not like they and they're The ones who are uh in the avant-garde Here they are being led by armies of Administrators that your tuition dollars Are paying for that's what you're you're Getting you're sending your kids to Indoctrination centers not law schools Amazing yeah and and Molly to back to What Joe is also talking about all the Different varieties of this kind of Situation happening all over the place And and you bring in the fact that all These administrators are kids just used To this now I mean that's the way it Works right is that what they're Thinking right and and uh this is this Is something that's happening Nationwide We have such a problem with people not Actually respecting they don't they

Don't believe in tolerating other Viewpoints that's a problem across every Discipline when it comes to the law Though it is actually really important That you're trained and you have it Repeatedly emphasized even some of the Best leftist law school administrators Have worked really hard to make sure That their students are well versed in Different interpretations of the law so That when they go in front of the Supreme Court or when they go in front Of a higher Court they actually can have A better chance of winning their cases As this leftist totalitarianism seeps Throughout the entire society and even Our law schools you know it really does Not surprise us what we're seeing even In these courts with people not having a High regard for rule of law yeah hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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