‘PERPLEXING’: Tennessee shooter manifesto must be released, says senator

'PERPLEXING': Tennessee shooter manifesto must be released, says senator

Sen. Bill Hagerty, R-Tenn., joined ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss Biden inviting the ‘Tennessee Three’ to the White House, the latest on the Hunter Biden investigation, the war in Sudan and the migrant surge at the border. #FoxNews

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We're talking about Tennessee let's Bring in the Republican senator from the Great state of Tennessee Bill Hagerty uh Senator good morning to you good morning So good morning so what do you think of The president inviting the so-called Tennessee three to the White House today You know I understand that this White House is focused entirely on politics I'm certainly focused on the covenants That those who lost their lives we're Doing we can to put in place legislation To harden schools to protect these Children to protect the most vulnerable Uh and political stunts really are Secondary in mind I think to everyone Certainly in Tennessee that cares about The situation at Covenant School is that What you call it a stunt do you think it Was a stunt Well certainly it was a stunt that took Place on the floor of the of the Tennessee Senate the bullhorns all of The rocket making they knew what the Rules were but again this has turned Into something not I think the White House can make some political gains on At least that's their calculation I wish They would instead focus on the victims Of this horrendous murder yeah what is Your reaction to that that they have not Been the families of the shooting Victims have not been invited to the White House yet they're inviting these

These three here are the faces you have Uh three nine-year-olds that were killed And three adults Everyone in Tennessee's hearts are Broken about this we are extraordinarily Focused on the families those whose Lives were lost and Senator Blackburn And I have put in place legislation to Harden schools at the federal level the State legislatures put in place more Resources for schools to protect them uh And I think the Tennessee legislature is Looking at a special session to come Back together right now to see what more That can be done right but Senator why Do you think they haven't invited the The families of those who lost their Lives Again we've got an Administration in the White house that's far more focused on Press releases Spin and politics than They are on substance and reality it's Not just what's Happening Here Domestically it's what's happening Around the world also just real quick on The shooter the manifesto they say is Too dangerous to release well could you Tell us about that that we would I'd Love to know the motive of the Killer It's been very perplexing to all of us Involved Um you know it seems that certain a Certain information is flooded into the Marketplace immediately if it fits the

Narrative so to speak uh if the Information does not fit the narrative It seems to get suppressed I don't know What's in the manifesto uh I want to be Sensitive to our law enforcement Officers that are going through this but It's certainly taken a long time to Figure out whether and what information Can be released I think people do Deserve to know what took place what was In the mind of this sick person that Committed these heinous murders yeah I Talked to someone yesterday who knows Someone who has children at that school And they said they didn't know for hours They couldn't get in touch with their Kids they didn't know if their kids were Were victims let's talk about this Attorneys for Hunter Biden they're going To meet with doj this week what do you Know about that situation and what's Your reaction to James Comer saying he Thinks that they're going to be about 12 Biden family members that had these Shady business deals Well I'm not surprised at all that the Investigation is beginning to open up Now that you've got the House Republicans in a position to actually Subpoena and get at the data but I'll go Back to a question that I asked Mary Garland more than a year ago when he was Before me I asked him to assure me that This Administration would be able to

Deliver an investigation in an unbiased Fashion now that we've had the Whistleblower come forward particularly Coming forward in in light of his Suggestion that perhaps this Administration is not being unbiased at What attorney general Garland told me Was not in fact the case we need to get To the bottom of this I'm deeply Concerned about it sure because the Whistleblower essentially has said that Uh and we've all unnamed in the document From his lawyer the person at the Government on point e is the attorney General who presented information before Congress that is not true so it's So he misled you the big question is did He know that that information was wrong Or did somebody for instance from the White House or the Department of Justice Give him bad information so that people Would back off the hunter case All the more reason to get to the bottom Of it Steve and I think that's exactly What needs to happen here again I'm very Concerned about it many of my colleagues Are and I think we will get to the Bottom of this good All right uh let's move on we know about Your dramatic events that took place With Special Operations came in in a Matter of hours got our Embassy Personnel out of Sudan uh that that Whole country's falling apart we

Understand that while we move out we're Also concerned about the thousands Left Behind is there a plan in place for them Uh what plan those plans are called Non-combatant evacuation operation plans And Brian when I was U.S ambassadors Japan when I came in I immediately Reworked my non-combatant evacuation Plan they call them Neo plans in Japan I Had a quarter of a million Americans on Any given day that I needed to be Responsible to identify to process and Flow Away from danger here we're talking About in Sudan roughly 16 000 Americans That's what we know of and again the State department doesn't have a full Grasp of who's on the ground but still a Large number of Americans sixteen Thousand plus I would say that we need To be in a position to understand where They are to be able to protect them Right now all they've been told is that They need to shelter in place but this Is a grave concern you've got Wagner Group involved here uh Wagner group who Came in and destroyed Syria you see what They're doing in Ukraine right now now They've moved into Sudan we've moved out Clearly you think about the opportunity That we had with the Abraham courts Being signed in in January of 2021 Sudan Was one of the greatest opportunity Spaces for us to improve relations in The Middle East the Biden Administration

Has been so in Syria I've been paying Attention to this relationship the void That they've created is now allowed Russia to flow in and again negative in The accounts of the United States of America from a diplomatic standpoint Take positive to Russia and a plus to China too you know Senator we have Thousands of migrants that have begun This protest procession across Mexico They're heading to Mexico City they're Demonstrating the detention centers and The demand reforms they're demanding Reforms I know you're leading a group of Republican Senators to reintroduce Legislation to allow title 42 and I Believe it involves fentanyl maybe that Would be a way for you to justify title 42 explain what you're doing Well it is again it's amazing to me that This white house is so focused on Politics they're not focused on the more Than 100 000 deaths that happen every Year due to drug overdoses coming across That southern Border in fact the biggest Killer of Americans between the ages of 1845 drug overdose most of it fentanyl Net fentanyl is coming across our Southern border I reintroduced Legislation blocked three times last Year mind you by the Democrats I've Reintroduced legislation as title 42 is About to come down that would stand Title 42 back up and allow our border

Patrol to use title 42 if there's any Concern about fentanyl trafficking Coming across their border we all know That it's a great concern and in fact It's one of the greatest Health crises We Face here in America I'm hopeful that This time the Democrats will wake up Past this and put a tool back in the Hands of border patrol to begin to push Back on this wave of humanity this Pouring across the border and bringing Tons and tons of killing uh you know Hundreds and thousands of people and Bringing tons of deadly drugs into America sure Senator uh yesterday I flew From Dallas to the New York City area And the pilot came on before we took off And he said we're gonna have to wait 15 Minutes because we're waiting for Connecting flight some Unaccompanied minors would be joining us And we waited 15 minutes and then on Came four migrant children uh clearly From our Southern border they apparently Had been flown from one of the small Towns up to Dallas Next Top New York City of course here in New York the Mayor needs billions of dollars because So many migrants are coming into the United States how are these cities that Currently are faced with these gigantic Bills for social programs and everything Else how are they going to be made whole By the federal government because

Congress has got to approve the money But I know there are a lot of Republicans in Congress who would say no Well these cities first need to look at Their own Sanctuary city laws that act As magnets to draw these illegal Immigrants to their to to their cities The other thing though is we need to Continue to put pressure on this White House to seal that southern border again This is costing lives the human tragedy There is just unbelievable I've been There on numerous occasions I can't get My Democrat colleagues to go but if you Could see the human the Carnage that's Coming across this border people are Dying there uh you've got young people That have no business being involved in This uh young ladies that have been Trapped you know moved by these coyotes For a month and a half to two months and A half on a very dangerous Journey right Many of them don't get here those that Do very bad things happen and again the Fentanyl that's coming across is killing Americans every single day and Senator I Just I don't know if you saw the story In the New York Times it looks like the Bite Administration has opened up Another back door to allow hundreds of Thousands of migrants they're going to Expand the very controversial parole Program uh for uh Haitians Venezuelans Nicaraguans and other people from

Nations supposedly in distress although They and Cubans although they've had the Same government for a while I think all they're doing Brian is Trying to find ways to more rapidly Process people across the border to try To take the awkward camera shots away so That the public doesn't see what they're Actually doing but they are flooding our Borders we're at probably six million That have come here illegally since the Biden Administration started they're Going to take that number closer to 10 10 million people by the time this Administration has finished its term Well Senator we know you've got a busy Week ahead thank you very much for Starting with Fox and Friends

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