Pete Buttigieg slammed for doubling down on claims roads are racist

Pete Buttigieg slammed for doubling down on claims roads are racist

‘The Big Sunday Show’ panelists discuss Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg saying there are ‘racial disparities’ on the road. #foxnews #fox #thebigsundayshow

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And welcome back to the big Sunday show Transportation secretary Pete Butterjudge is back at it again and he's Claiming roads are racist and he's Taking his claim one step further take a Listen We've got a crisis when it comes to Roadway fatalities in America it's a Level that's comparable to gun violence And we see a lot of racial disparities Black and brown Americans tribal Citizens and Rural residents much more Likely to lose their lives whether it's In a car or as a pedestrian being hit by A car there are a lot of reasons related To discrimination even the ways that Roads are designed and built who has Access to a safe Street design that's Got crosswalks and good lighting who Doesn't have that access that can drive Disparities Wait you know Griff I don't say this Often but uh secretary Pete and I we Agree on some of this um you know what He was referencing right there it's true The Journal of preventative medicine Just recently came out showing Non-hispanic blacks have a 73 percent Higher motor vehicle fatality rate than Non-hispanic whites non-hispanic blacks Are four times High have four times risk Of dying from cycling twice as high risk While out walking and twice as much While driving what do you make of this

Okay so there is some truth rooted in His claim but the problem I have is a Transportation secretary who used to be The mayor of South Bend Indiana had when He ran for president a horrific racial Disparity problem in Marijuana arrest And he didn't have a single African-American leader in his Administration and so he was if Essentially disqualified as a candidate By people like Al Sharpton now he's like No no I have got it down now while there May be some some truth in in some Statistics good on hand for working on It but here's the other thing remember We were just talking uh in recent weeks About the fact that he believes that Transportation policy is climate policy So ultimately if you're taking care of Railways and rail cars going off and Things like we saw in East Palestine Happening you should be focusing on that Rather than looking at issues like Climate change and racial disparities And so it seems it's it's drifting into Maybe there's something there but way Out of your lane yeah and Tammy so Buddha judge is launching a one billion Dollar pilot to build racial equity in The roadways but let me tell you so when We're talking about the motor vehicle Accidents and deaths at mayor p is Talking about secretary P excuse me Um there when you look at it 90 of all

Motor vehicle accidents are secondary to Speeding and a huge chunk is also due to Driving Under the Influence but yet he Is talking about building roadways to Connect the lower the poverty areas with The higher economical areas how is that Actually focusing on decreasing the Deaths as they pertain to motor vehicle Accidents well what this is is a Distraction so that you don't look at The economic Dynamic of why you can Suggest that there's perhaps more Accidents for people of color for for Black Americans because they're further Away from their job because they can't Afford to live where their job is and so They have to drive further you could Argue that if there perhaps it's more Bicycle accidents because some people Can't afford cars or of course because Of the economy they can't afford gas and So you've got gas prices you've got in The job situation you've got the the Economy that isolates people in in the City versus the suburbs and the nature Of the choices that we have if you're Speeding if it's because you're a single Mom of two and you you get three hours Of sleep a night because you have no one To help you and you have no other money That's what this this Administration the Democrats don't want to address a Billion dollars for a pilot and let me Add and now they're making these

Regulations to make gas powered cars you Know more irrelevant while the cost of Electric vehicles is tens of thousands More than than a a gasoline-powered car But you can't mention that that goes Again you can't do that and so if you're Driving a car that is you know a second Hand car a used car the brakes aren't Great you're more inclined to get into An accident because of the condition of The car now you're not going to have a Car because you can't afford the Electric vehicle this is smoke and Mirrors it's it's a word salad when it Comes to policy it means nothing it will Really help no one the real help is Improving the economy so people of color Can make the same kinds of decisions Everyone else is making you know the Trump was on his way to you know Crushing that wage Gap to increasing Wages for everyone the Democrats now Wages going down inflation recession now Is expected at the end of the year will Affect people on the margins first and That means means people of color so Don't talk to us about you know Green Roadway Bridges let's talk about the Economy so people can live where they Want to live have decent cars and have The support they need at home to go to Those jobs that they have well we also Had you know you made the point about Electric vehicles I think it's an

Important one because we just saw the So-called inflation reduction act and There was a study I believe by Goldman Sachs projecting that the cost will Actually be triple what they told us it Would be shock of all shocks but what You saw within that bill was tax credits That can flow to wealthier people to buy Expensive cars that lower income people Cannot afford paid for by tax dollars That everyone is forced to put into the Pod exactly I mean it's just a Completely incoherent policy to then see The secretary out there talking about Systemic racism in our roads and bridges And you're right there is some Nuance to That but then you look at some of their Other policy prescriptions in this realm And it makes no sense When you know vis-a-vis what he's Talking about like you can talk about History and some of the problems that Exist there and you know systemic racism Or what have you ultimately the policies Need to make sense absolutely they do hi Everyone I'm Brian Kilmeade I want you To do me a favor I want you to click to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page This is the only way that I know for Sure that you're not going to miss any Great commentary any great news bites Any great interviews coming your way on Fox you can get it all here on YouTube So subscribe right now

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