Politicians know when they control the food, they control the people: Activist

Politicians know when they control the food, they control the people: Activist

Political activist Eva Vlaardingerbroek provides insight on why politicians are pushing people to eat bugs on special previewing Season 3 of ‘Tucker Carlson Originals.’

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Even vardinger Brook lives in the Netherlands which has long been Europe's Biggest food producer now it's the Global center of the bug food industry She joins us tonight for an update on What it's like to subsist on crickets Eva thanks so much for joining us so Your country the Netherlands is famous For its agricultural output now it's Famous for insects this feels like the Leading Edge of a global Trend do you Think that it is Absolutely there's no surprise there I Mean my country really is sadly the Pilot country for an organization like The world economic Forum we are sort of The tester kit of the 2030 agenda so the Fact that we the second largest exporter Of agricultural products in the world Our nation with such a rich farming History is now cracking down on its Farms and opening insect factories Should be of no surprise to you and you Know this is not something that is just Going to affect the food supply of the Netherlands like I said we're the second Largest exporter of agricultural Products in the world after America so This will influence the food supply Worldwide and we've spoken to Farmers Who said well this could lead to actual Starvation if we're not careful I I have to ask about the role of the Population in this since purportedly the

Netherlands like the United States is a Democracy do the people of the Netherlands want to eat bugs is this Happening because there was a popular Outcry bring us more bugs No of course not nobody's being asked And I think that that's the point you Know nobody really inherently wants to Eat bugs when we think about bugs we you Know curly things you know nobody wants To eat that but they're telling us that It's good for the climate that this is The way that we can save the planet and That that little stake that you have on Your plate that gives you some joy in Life is that what actually ruins the World and of course none of that is true I think that the push for insect eating Is just a compliance test because our Politicians know that when they control The food they control the people I mean why not earthworms and rats as Long as you're humiliating people on Purpose by making the meat repulsive Things Exactly well I think that that's the Whole point so you know don't give them Any ideas Ducker I think the the rats And then the mice and all of that are Next on the menu after the Crickets that They now are trying to put in our food So my last question is what what is the Pushback been like a country with a Thousand year history of growing food

Has got to be resistant to this have People made that clear that resistance Yeah absolutely we've had massive Protests so our Farmers protest that you And I have been speaking about plenty of Times now and that also have been Featured in this documentary they've Been very successful so we actually had Elections just now in the Netherlands Where a lot of people actually the Largest party was the farmer's party so The Dutch people don't want to be eating Insects we understand that a traditional Profession such as farming that we have Been good at for centuries on end is not The cause of a modern day so-called Crisis such as climate change so no the People know what they want we don't want To be eating insects we want our steak And as long as we well keep saying no to This in this insect Bush we might still Have a chance of eating it but I really Do feel like now is the time to say no Exactly farmers are not the problem Overpaid non-profit Executives and Politicians are the problem obviously Eva Florida thank you very much for Joining us as always Thank you Tucker Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Channel to catch our nightly opens Stories that are changing the world and Changing your life from Tucker Carlson Tonight

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