‘REMARKABLE’: Trump is a fundraising juggernaut

‘REMARKABLE’: Trump is a fundraising juggernaut

Former presidential candidate Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss former President Trump raising millions in California fundraising. #foxnews

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[Music] Donald Trump wrapping up his West Coast Fundraising swing the massive Hall Expected to bring in nearly $34 million And it doesn't end there Trump surrogate And potential VP pick Tim Scott Launching a $14 million effort targeting Minority voters and he joins us now Senator welcome tell us what's going on On the morning Rachel how are you there Have been some really interesting Positive news for the Trump campaign Tell us where things are at um and how You plan to help the president uh Leading up to the Convention well one thing's clear Donald Trump is a fundraising Juggernaut it's The most remarkable fundraising numbers We've seen in the history of all Politics what we'll do with all those Resources is one thing restore hope to The American people we need to make sure We have Donald Trump for four more years We need him back on the world stage the One thing we know without any question Is we cannot afford Joe Biden on the World stage the best thing that Joe Biden can do to restore American Prominence to the global stage stay off Of it we need Donald Trump back on the Stage Rachel there's an old scripture Proverbs 27:17 that says this iron Sharpens iron one person sharpens the Other we need a sharp president of the

United States protecting the Western Alliance defending our allies and doing The right thing for the American people That person is Donald Trump it's time For us to fire Joe Biden those resources Will be very helpful Senator the left Has thrown as you know everything at him Including what happened in a trial here In New York City and they have counted On it effectively being their campaign Strategy and at every step it has Backfired why does it keep backfiring And why do they keep Trying well the American people know Fairness when they see it and one thing For sure targeting your political Opponent is not fair that is Antithetical to what it means to be an American the reason why they keep trying It is because they have nothing else to Do but try to keep Donald Trump off the Campaign Trail we know for sure the Results of their efforts has backfired His numbers go up in the polls he Becomes the biggest fundraising draw in American history politically and it Brings to focus for the American people That without Law And Justice there is no America and so the protecting Law And Justice is job one for president Trump He will not Target his political Opponents he will fire Meritt gardland And restore confidence in the Department Of Justice they are out of answers for

The American people so all they can do Now is lie cheat and Steal Senator there was a report this Week that your name was on a short list Of vice presidential candidates who've Been asked uh to submit paperwork to to Accelerate the vetting process it Included by the way Senator Marco Rubio Of Florida Senator JD Dan JD Vance of Ohio uh Doug bergham former governor of North Dakota yourself others like Tom Cotton Byron Donalds and Elise stonic uh Last week Senator we sat down with the Former president we asked him what are You looking for in a vice presidential Vice presidential candidate in my Estimation he gave us three criter Somebody gets along with you seem to Satisfy that uh somebody who selfishly Can help him win which he said Historically isn't the case usually when It comes to vice president but that Would be nice and most importantly he Said somebody who could be president do You think you satisfy that second in Third requirement help him win and could Be President well there's no question that I think we have an amazing talented re Republican party in a great bench uh Without question having run businesses Having spent 10 years in the senate in The house understanding how this Government works what we make need to

Make sure we do is have people who are Ready to take this to the mat president Trump doesn't need any help what he Needs is amplifying his voice when we do That we are doing the right thing to Make sure that American people have four More years of low unemployment low Inflation High enthusiasm and frankly World Peace so what we all need to do is Put our shoulder to the grindstone to Make sure the American people and the World experiences four more years of Donald Trump listen when When Donald Trump was President we didn't have war In Ukraine we did not have conflict in The Middle East we certainly did not Have aggression from China period we had The strongest economy we've ever seen in My lifetime the American people deserve Four more years and we have have to Restore confidence in our justice system Only one person does that it's not a VP Contender it's not the who the VP is Going to be is what we do to make sure President Trump gets four more years so Senator one of the things that um the President also mentioned was you know Somebody who aligns with him and Obviously on many many issues you do you Talked about world peace that's an issue I really care about because I'm really Scared I have young sons who are you Know of draftable age should we go into Some sort of conflict so it's very

Personal to me um you talked about the The war in Ukraine and that that might Not have happened and and Donald Trump Says that wouldn't have happened if he Were president instead of Joe Biden but We are in a war with Ukraine how should We end that war and in and ending that War um which is something Donald Trump Says should Ukraine remain or should Ukraine become part of NATO or is that Something we should take off the table So we can end that Conflict well one of the things that we Must do is make sure that the conflict Ends before we have a conversation of NATO accepting Ukraine that is something That's been on the table we've taken That off the table the resources that We've seen has come to Ukraine frankly Because of Donald Trump what Donald Trump said to speaker Johnson was simply This let's make it a loan don't give Them the money loan them the money and Because of that you saw the Republican Coalition rally around the words of President Donald Trump and support Mike Johnson's efforts what we've seen in the In in Israel in the Middle East is Something very clear with President Trump we had the Abraham Accords Bringing together Arab nations in Support and back into normalization of The relationship with Israel without President Trump we've actually seen war

In the Middle East in China president sh President she understood without Question you can't Know what president Trump is going to do So let's just fall in line and do what We're supposed to do there is no Aggression against Taiwan frankly look At the results of President Biden Afghanistan 13 dead American soldiers Absolutely um Unnecessarily look at the withdrawal The Botch withdrawal so I could go on and on About the contrast between the two but One thing for sure Rachel under President president Trump we saw a 9% Increase of the wages of our military The largest increase in the last 50 Years we saw respect for men and women Willing to die for our country under President Biden we've seen the exact Opposite and let's finish the whole Circle President Obama decided to gut The military with a $500 Billion reduction in funds president Trump came to strengthen the military President Biden following the same Footsteps of his predecessor Obama once Again makes our military destabilized Yeah and guys we got to run final point We have to get rid of all the social Efforts in the military we we don't need To talk about vaccines there should not Be mandates on our military we can't Have a conversation other than fighting

The war and being successful period our Military deserves Focus all right thank You Senator Tim Scott appreciate you With us this morning thank you Senator I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and click here to subscribe To the Fox News YouTube page to catch Our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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