Rep. Steube: DeSantis’ team recently started pinging lawmakers for endorsements

Rep. Steube: DeSantis' team recently started pinging lawmakers for endorsements

Florida Republican Congressman Greg Steube joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to explain why he decided to endorse former President Trump over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for the 2024 GOP nomination. #FoxNews

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There's so many nice things you could Say about this next guest but I'm going To focus on one uh when it comes to Watching sports He's kind of old-fashioned he believes Men should compete against men women Should compete against women a little Bit of a throwback uh we're talking About the Superstar representative from The 17th congressional district of Florida representative Greg stuby hey Man Hey how are you coming very Old-fashioned of you to make the boys Swim in the boys pool what the hell's Going on stoobie yeah I know it's a Crazy idea right that now suddenly you Just identify as a woman and you can Play any sport you want not a single Democrat in the house voted to protect Women's sports which means every single Democrat thinks it's okay to force Biological men into your daughter's Locker room I mean just think about that For a second like wrap your head around How far we've come as a country under Joe Biden where he has infiltrated every Aspect of the federal government with Trans speak it's just it just blows my Mind yeah it's it's ridiculous and you Know to be clear I would actually semi Support this if I could gamble on it Like I don't want the boys changing with The girls but I was talking about this

Earlier you remember the movie Rocky Three okay if Mr T changes his name to Mrs T and fights Adrian the Democrats Are okay with that Yep 100 yeah yeah I put my money on Mrs T This is I gotta tell you she I don't Know what it is but it makes me think Mrs T she just she looks sharp in that Heavy bag you know I gotta tell you Stupid put my money on the girl with the 13 size shoe We're laughing but we have to I mean There's no other way to really highlight The Ridiculousness of this but to laugh At it and the problem is okay they're Racing women and we know this is true Like title the Title IX protections are Out the window if girls are now Competing for scholarships against guys And we know that to be true so I mean The timing of all this is interesting Too because the Biden Administration Just updated new rules through the Department of Education that would force Changes of Title IX and allow biological Men or they call them trans men or trans Women into women's sports all across the Country yep so like it's time that we Americans true and this is like a 70 to 80 issue across political Spectrum this Is not like we're not in the minority on This issue and they're show the Biden Administration is shoving it in our face

And pushing these rules through yeah It's it's crazy we're talking to Florida Representative Greg stewby from the 17th Congressional district it's weird to me Because it almost looks like they're Just trying to mobilize like another Lane you know how the Democrats used to Get things done by just yelling that we Were all a bunch of racists and enough People would be like I don't want that Kind of blowback I guess I'll just agree With the Democrats on some level it Feels like they're trying to run on this Transphobia card when everyone in the Country especially on the conservative Side is like hey do what you want just Don't do it to little kids don't erase Women if you want to be trans as an Adult fine but we're just trying to Protect the women's Lane and I think the Children's Lane which again to them and You could speak to this a little bit if You're giving a five-year-old kid the Opportunity to make permanent Life-altering decisions your be like Your acting the child's well-being are You not You were allowed minors and and letting Them make the own decision without Parents being involved even if parents Are involved I don't think you should Allow any type of gender reassignment Surgery for minors period and and They're forcing that agenda on the

American people as well yeah it's that Is barbaric to me and you know what's Funny that the Democrats will talk about Well you know we get the support from The medical community in the Pharmaceutical Community yeah because They're getting rich off these kids if You get a general assignment yeah you Got a surgery you're getting a lifetime Supply of meds people are making a lot Of money and it's amazing because what They do is they accuse you of not caring About these kids as they're literally Upending the rest of their existence It's a projection and it's a scam but It's a well-paying scam because there's So much money in this Well and it's exactly what you said We're not instead of using the racist Rhetoric now it's we're transphobic Rhetoric and you've ever heard the Democrats on the floor it's all why do You hate trans kids and I last time I Looked Leah Thomas who beat out women For for swimming does not look like a Child to me he is a full-grown man but They try to make it this emotional Argument that we are transphobic and we Don't want these trans kids to have Opportunities and I've said they have Plenty of opportunities they play in the Sport that they were born in their Biological sex so if they want to play Baseball they go play on the men's team

If they're a biological male if they're A woman they go play on the softball Team it's very simple we're not telling Them they can't participate in athletics We're just telling them they can't Go against women if they're a biological Male I mean and honestly it's it's so Reasonable because look at it this way I Mean you wouldn't let an 18 year old kid Compete in sixth grade baseball if he Identified as a sixth grade baseball Player you know because he'd have a huge Advantage in terms of throwing the ball And hitting the ball but no one wants to Have that conversation but the other Thing I was going to ask you I think a Lot of Americans including Republicans Would also support if the trans athletes Just wanted to compete in their own Trans athletes division so you have a Male athlete a female athlete but then There's a trans athlete so you're a men You're men who pretend to be women and You compete against each other but they Wouldn't allow that because that's Tolerance and they don't actually want Tolerance they want to claim that There's intolerance so is that why they Fight so hard to get biological men into Women's sports do you think It Is The ideology that we're going to course This Progressive leftist ideology on the

American people despite the fact that 80 Of Americans don't agree with it don't Support it don't think it's Equitable And then the undermining and this is What's just so fascinating to me too and I said this on my speech on the floor Like you were undermining women's Equality in women's ability under Title IX that Congress created four women over 50 years ago but they don't care about That so the party that you know says That they support women is actually Going against women by women by allowing Biological men to compete with them on The on the playing field it's it is Bananas we're talking to Florida Representative Greg stubey Um by the way I meant to ask how are you Uh recuperating since your wife had you Pushed off the roof of your house She's sitting right next to me too yes She is I'm telling you stupid I don't Try my I love my wife the best thing About me but I'm telling you I took out Too much life insurance every suggestion Is like parasailing cliff diving don't Trust him stoobie Well and I keep I keep telling her that See I still don't remember anything so She very well could have been underneath That ladder If you go look at the family browser History from that day there's probably Like local Ferrari dealerships she was

Looking at cars Check that out I'm laughing uh give me One other time getting better and Healing every day all right no that Makes me happy to hear you know we're Rooting hard for you uh last question Why is this the week I understand There's a strong case to be made for a Donald Trump presidency but why did Everybody in Florida go Trump this week Yourself Byron and everybody made this The week Well part of it was because the DeSantis Team started like pinging people oh now I've never had a conversation with any Of them Um I've never had a conversation with Governor DeSantis about like he's never Reached out to me when I've tried to Reach out to him to discuss issues I Don't get a response and suddenly his Team is suddenly reaching out so I think It was really their team trying to push People because DeSantis was going to be In Washington this past week and he was I've always supported the president I've Always been been team Trump I was kind Of waiting until things started working Out we have a governor who hasn't even Announced he's running for president Um and so I didn't really think that the Timing needed to happen but as soon as I Got involved and and announced my Support for the president then Vern

Buchanan did then Gus bilirakis did then John Rutherford did then Brian Mast did And it kind of had this flurry of Activity because there was so much Focus I think this past week on those two Races okay so you're basically in a Roundabout way they were looking for an Answer and now you've become a Trendsetter that's what you're telling Me Five more members decided to get on Corey Mills and Byron got on a couple of Days before and there was all this Chatter about it and um I felt like it Was a good time for me to get involved And had the opportunity to spend some Time with President Trump last night and We'll be with him in Fort Myers uh Tonight for their Lincoln day oh there You go absolutely cool and last I will Tell you this last but not least I was Hosting I was guest hosting on TV on the TV side last week and I had Byron was in The studio and he brought his mom along For the ride and she heckled us does Mrs Donald's come to the chamber and Heckle You guys Her so she's really sweet Super super sweet mom 's mom wasn't A position she did Hannity she did Kennedy I was guest hosting Kennedy I Was on both shows with him and his mom's Like the sweetest woman you'll ever meet

In your life and uh she was in the Studio she was busting our chops it was Great so if you see him say hello uh but This is all good newsworthy stuff stay Safe stay off the roof if your wife's Around we'll talk soon stay off the Ladder see you man there he goes the Great representative Greg stuby from the 17th congressional district of Florida Foreign

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