Reporter confronts trans teacher who wears Z-cup prosthetic breasts

Reporter confronts trans teacher who wears Z-cup prosthetic breasts

Rebel News’ David Menzies reacts to trans teacher Kayla Lemieux being spotted in public without his prosthetic Z-cup breasts on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ #foxnews #fox #tucker

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We've been following the story because We can't resist of the Canadian shop Teacher a dude who's been pulling the Kids in his class into his sexual fetish He showed up in class wearing Z cup Prosthetic breasts because Canada is a Failed State the school board took his Side I was on the Pervert side in Canada They placed the teacher on leave only After parents threatened to sue most of Canadian media is ignoring their story This story but there is one exception David Menzies of Rebel news has been on This story of the teacher he uses the Name Kayla Lemieux Menzies just spotted The Mew at a shopping mall without the Fake breasts watch this Foreign [Music] Why are you dressing inappropriately in Front of children can you believe it Folks like a cornered rat he ran for the Hills he didn't even have the guts to Come back to his car he's abandoned it Here he called an Uber and he's uh Skedaddled well who knows where I wanted To get to the bottom of those boobs if They were real or fake we have the Answer now don't we folks they are fake They're as fake as a three dollar bill Mr Lemieux where are your breasts in the History of Journalism has there ever Been a better question from a reporter Probably not David Menzies of Rebel news

Joins us tonight Um David thanks so much for coming on so There was a question about the his Mental state I think it's been answered By the fact he's wearing a mask outside Is that common even in Canada now Um you know what Tucker I think that was Worn as a disguise mechanism uh he put That on when he noticed we were after Him but here's the Scoop Tucker as you Know several weeks ago the New York Post Had an exclusive interview with Carrie Luke Lemieux aka Kayla Lemieux AKA busty Lemieux I know that sounds like a Vaudeville performer but in any event he Dropped a bombshell Tucker those breasts Weren't made in China silicone props Those were actual real mammary glands he Allegedly started developing at the age Of 39 and it developed right into a zed Cup or a z cup as you say in America and Isn't that fascinating because this is Such a rare medical condition the Cleveland Clinic knows of about 300 Cases oh by the way they they are all Biological females that have this case This is how much of a medical Marvel Lemieux is but here's a thing Tucker we Saw him without those brass so it's one Of two things isn't it he recently had Those breasts amputated or he was lying Now the other thing is Tucker the for The school board to hear lemuse say These are real memory glands and also

That it can't wear a bra because it's Too uncomfortable for him this was like A gift from God to the Halton District School Board woke joke educrats because For them there was basically the Thinking is this Tucker we can't do Anything about him it would be like Firing a a disabled teacher who was in a Wheelchair that would bring in human Rights legislation and penalties so we Have to make do with what we have and by The way their solution Tucker is they Tried to do whack-a-mole putting them in Other schools in the region uh hoping Nobody would know it notice his breasts That plan failed miserably so they're on Plan C now and that is they're paying Him full salary and benefits to stay at Home and do nothing but thankfully Myself and Ace cameraman Lincoln J we we Caught him The Jig Is up or The Jig Should be up the ball is in the Halton District's uh Court let's see what they Do Tucker David Menzies one of the last Journalists and kind of the only one Covering breast gate we appreciate your Update tonight thank you Thank you sir Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Channel to catch our nightly opens Stories that are changing the world and Changing your life from Tucker Carlson Tonight

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