Revisit to the Quincy Illinois City hall much has changed!!!!

Revisit to the Quincy Illinois City hall much has changed!!!!

this is a revisit of the Quincy Illinois City Hall located at 8th and Main in Quincy Illinois 62301 located in Adams County Terry as you’ll see in the video in the previous video as well stated that going up the stairs was a okay and was publicly accessible so hats off to Terry keeping our city hall and our public areas clean Terry is a good guy in a straight A shooter as of now everybody in the city hall has passed this go around the signs that stated that there was no recording have been removed and replaced with paintings and a placard of different name plates which obviously States improves that what they had going on was illegal and a direct violation of the First Amendment of the United States of America just because he removed signs doesn’t mean that unjustice was done unjustice was very much so done to me on the 23rd of January 2023

U.S Constitution auditor we’re back at The city hall to do a follow-up from the 23rd when we were illegally detained so Hello Have a good day Hello It’s Glenda K Moore 217-228-4575 . I see they took down the Thing Yeah it was gone Nine two nine three Mean that they’re not open to a lawsuit Still Hello Twenty dollar fee for return checks NSF Two things I want to pay Order bill and I have been Promoted to treasure Abbey Ridge Condo Association okay and I’m told that I Need to have notified of you folks Perhaps you sign the bill I’m also President but I guess you send the bill To that person instead of as a Treasurer Said okay You’re like one minute too late Because he’s giving information on here He may not want to be filmed you want to Be filmed What are you filming for constitution First Amendment Federal protected Act I can edit I can edit your face out in Your voice

I’m not talking about anything I’m Okay Yep I understand and what’s your name And what’s your position Okay Have a good day sir Hey Terry Hey I want to take your hand man You were you were a really good city Worker and you just I just want to say Thank you for telling me what’s public And what’s not uh my my subscribers Wanting me to come out and say thank you So I really appreciate it man keep up The great work Yes sir [Music] Again that’s personal only private Cannot go there cannot go there but But Can zoom in from the public In the public being anything out here Or anything From the stairs over anything that you Can zoom in on Foreign To reach someone and either Patroller’s office risk management Information technology engineering And or utilities departments please Press the appropriate button on the Telephone It’s a polycom You’re gonna spend about a dollar I mean

Between the dollar 25 upwards to three Dollars Max from this Vending I mean one in fintech you know Spectacular View Not just a vacant lot Okay one more area Okay But Tons

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