RNC launches ‘Fact Check Biden’ website ahead of 2024

RNC launches 'Fact Check Biden' website ahead of 2024

Fox News contributor Joe Concha discusses the need to hold the Biden administration accountable and criticizes the DNC for not scheduling primary debates. #FoxNews

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The Republican National Committee Launching a fact-check binding website Fact checking the president in real time As he's expected to launch his Re-election campaign today RNC Chairwoman Ronald McDaniel says quote The RNC will continue to hold Biden Accountable for his lies and on November 2024 the American people will too Fox News contributor Joe Concha joins us now Joe so tell us why it is so so important For the Republicans to launch this Website I mean let's not forget the Washington Post they monitored 78 false And misleading statements in Biden's First 100 days before they just stopped Tracking isn't that amazing crazy why Would they stop tracking I wonder Shouldn't that be a job that you Continue to do since he is the president United States like we'll quote elf here Okay this fact-checking idea is a solid Idea because this President sits on the Throne of lies to your point think about The things that he's claimed right and These are big deal type of things when You look at issues he says that he Inherited the high inflation that we Currently have now new it was at 1.4 Percent it's still triple that number Now he didn't inherit ever anything this Is something that he created this is a President and his spokespeople who say That Republicans actually are the ones

Who wanted to fund the police lie they Actually say that Donald Trump is to Blame for the current situation that we Have at the border that they inherited The problem let's here's the bottom line Basically fact Checkers have taken a 27-month spring break since this President has taken office Karine Jean-Pierre who every day Deserves a fact check or 10 has not been Fact checked once this year by Organizations like PolitiFact so the RNC Has to step in here and hold this President accountable any president Republican or Democrat the fact Checker Should be there often because the spin Will always be there and the RNC if look It's not a tough job to fact check but Somebody's got to do it you can see me Trying to weasel out my second elf Reference it's unclear if the president Smells like beef and cheese but we'll Send Peter Ducey into confirm well done Um will the mainstream media though Joe Getting back to the topic at hand be so Quick to use the Republican fact Checkers you know the ones within our Next of the name as they were during the Trump Administration with the fact Checkers that did not have ours next to Their names two words no shot I don't see that happening do you see That interesting interesting so fact Checking only goes one way it seems so

Yes I mean you saw on CNN for example They got a guy over there he was on Multiple times a day during the Trump Administration he can't even find the Guy unless you're looking at the back of A milk carton at this point in terms of Being on the air to fact check about Joe Biden and again the examples are Numerous and they happen daily you guys Are you're killing me with these References I can't think of another one It's also April 25th not December 25th So I'm a little bit off when it comes to The Christmas movies well done oh gosh None of those Democrats are calling out The DNC for not having any primary Debates on the calendar this election Cycle Democrat Marianne Williamson is Calling out the DNC saying as though There are simply no other candidates no Other ideas we should discuss about ways To win in 2024 or other ideas we should Discuss about ways to repair the country And then former Ohio state senator Nina Turner says the DNC refusing to hold a Single primary debate is democratic and Robs the voters of choice it does but I Also feel like they may be scared that Biden just cannot handle it or God Forbid they bring up something like the Hunter laptop Scandal that ties him in Everything the DNC does actually is About power it's never about Transparency it's certainly not about

Fairness just ask Bernie Sanders right Look Iowa for example is no longer the First state that's going to cast votes In their caucus it has been let that way Forever South Carolina the state that Saved Joe Biden is instead that is all By Design and RFK Jr is polling at 14 Percent right out of the gate overall in One poll we just saw last week one-third Of democratic voters say they would Rather have the RFK Jr Marianne Williamson or a player to be named later Right and and you see the polls again And again a majority of Democrats don't Want this president to run 70 percent Don't want him to run overall and when You take away a debate stage it sends a Shot across the bow to guys like Joe Manchin who may think of running like Hey you know what you're not even going To have a chance to debate the person That you're challenging for the Nomination we're not going to to allow Because the basement strategy worked Well in 2020 it is Alive and Well in 2023 guys okay but now with all that We've seen from Joe Biden's agenda and How disastrous it has been for so many Parts of our country yes can Joe Biden Call a lid 19 months before the election And still win over Independence Absolutely Independence not Democrats I Think Independence that's where the Elections are decided right something

Like 175 000 voters across Six States And it's usually those Independence of The Swing voters Here's the thing though Donald Trump if He gets the nomination will be front and Center every day and not in a good way It'll all be about the indictments the Arraignments the legal troubles and Obviously something that mean that he May have said on true social so it'll be A referendum somehow this next election On Donald Trump instead of the current Guy in the Oval Office I only say I Think he could win that way Todd because It worked in 2020 for whatever reasons Unless you see of Joe Biden the better It is for him yeah and he wants Trump Out there front and center because it Takes a focus off him precisely nobody Cares where Joe is whenever Trump's up Talking Again he's the commander-in-chief right Now and should be a referend on his Record not the guy who's been out of Office for 20 years you're our buddy not The elf but you're still our buddy your Time this morning sir thank you Joe Thanks Joe I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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