Ron DeSantis called out for ‘big mistake’ in fight with Disney

Ron DeSantis called out for 'big mistake' in fight with Disney

GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy joins ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss Gov. Ron DeSantis’ ongoing fight with Disney and his priorities if elected in 2024, which include ‘shutting down’ the Department of Education. #FoxNews

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Fox News Alert Florida Governor Ron DeSantis hitting back at Disney as the Company takes him to court calling its Lawsuit Merit lists and politically Motivated They had no accountability no Transparency none of that and and that Arrangement was not good for the State Of Florida we did not think that that Should continue so we now have brought Accountability and so the idea that Somehow uh being pro-business means Giving companies their own governments That is not what a free market is all About last I checked in fact In fact they've been treated much Different than Universal Sea World and All these other places they don't want To have to pay the same taxes as Everybody else and they want to be able Uh to control uh things without proper Oversight They promised Swami running for President in the Republican party and he Joins us now great to have you back on The program Vivek and we do need to be Clear DeSantis has not launched a Presidential campaign all indication That it will be next month but he's Really walking a tight line on this 44 Of Republicans said they had a more Favorable view of the governor because Of his battle with Disney but that's Again less than 50 percent that same

Poll of eight showing 63 percent of GOP Voters are less likely to support a Political candidate who backs laws Designed to punish a company due to Politics you wrote a book called woke Inc good or bad move by your likely Competitor so I think that where Ron DeSantis really messed up here and I'm Surprised nobody in the media has picked Up on this yet is one of those special Privileges that Disney had that he Rolled back was legislated under none Other than Ron DeSantis actually he Passed a political anti-discrimination Statute saying that owners of websites And internet companies this includes Disney could not discriminate based on The basis of viewpoints except they Carved out Disney they said if you own a Theme park greater than 25 acres in the State of Florida that was carved out so When Ron DeSantis struck back at Disney He says they enjoy these special Protections the Dirty Little Secret is One of those special crony capitalist Protections was passed by Ron DeSantis Himself I'm surprised nobody's really Picked up on this and that's the essence Of what's going on here is that when People say this is political retaliation And Ron DeSantis says no no this is just Special privileges under Disney the fact That he's passed into law some of those Special privileges is really where

People like his critics ought to be Pointing out I'm competing against in The race that's why I think it's well I Mostly welcome him and I think it's Basically he's basically all intents and Purposes behaving like he's in the race I just think it's worth seeing the Situation clearly interesting one of Those crony privileges was enacted by Ron DeSantis that was his big mistake That is an interesting take on it but he Also said that you know he's he's Bringing accountability back to the Companies which you know we've said time And time again Republicans don't like You know all these these laws and strict Measures on companies but we do like Accountability we do have to get to this Though um when it comes to you you're Running on this America First 2.0 Platform Um so I want to run some sound of a Panel of Voters we had on last hour they Were talking about their fears basically Of Biden if he does get reelected listen To this thank you I have a politicized CDC that doesn't care about Children's Health or children's rights I'm Definitely worried what I think is going To happen is more illegal immigrants Crossing the border and the breakdown of The rule of law Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and they want four more years to Continue destroying the country is just

A no for all of us So I mean taking into consideration what They said that panel what's your first Day in office look like with their Concerns I think first of all we use the Military to secure our border if we can Use the military to secure somebody Else's border we can use it to secure Our own one that's how you solve the Border crisis and the fentanyl crisis I'm looking at shutting down government Agencies that get in the way the U.S Department of Education to the IRS to The nuclear Regulatory Commission we've Talked about shutting down agencies and Rebuilding them from scratch that's why We're taking the America First agenda in My campaign further than Donald Trump Ever did we're looking to actually take It the full distance and I'll tell you This America First does not belong to Donald Trump doesn't belong to me it Belongs to those voters we just looked At it belongs to the people of this Country and so if we're doing it based On first principles and moral Authority Rather than just Vengeance and grievance We can actually go further with the Agenda itself and lead a national Revival instead of a national divorce That's why I'm in this race Randy Weingarten making a shocking admission On Capitol Hill yesterday let's listen To it quickly

Did you suggest revisions to their Operational strategy what we suggested Sir was ideas do you remember how many Edits that you suggested we suggested we We suggested concept sir do you know how Many edits were included One do you remember what that edit was The reasonable accommodation issue You're a Yale Law grad is this exhibit 1A in your argument to get rid of the Department of Education and the CDC Absolutely so I would shut down the Department of Education which creates These toxic policies use that money to Fund school choice programs across this Country so parents don't have to be held Prisoners by teachers unions the level Of influence that Randy Weingarten and The teachers unions held over the CDC is Staggering and now we know why our Policies protected teachers unions Instead of kids so I say shut down the Department of Education fund underfunded School choice programs and then unleash The public schools by abolishing these Teachers unions that's how we fix Education in this country his name's Vivek ramaswamy we thank him for his Time I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade And I'm Ainsley Earhart and Clint care To subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Page to catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling analysis

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