Ronna McDaniel: The media won’t fact-check Biden’s lies

Ronna McDaniel: The media won't fact-check Biden's lies

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel weighs in as the White House downplays growing concerns about President Biden’s fitness for office and discusses the RNC’s latest AI-generated ad showing what America could look like under a Biden second term. #FoxNews

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Let's bring in uh RNC chairwoman Ronald McDaniel she joins us from Oklahoma City Today hi Rana Hi great to be with you congratulations On being a grandad oh thank you very Much Um let's talk a little bit about what The Democrats are doing they don't want Uh Joe Biden to be on a debate stage With two other candidates who would make Him look really old Yeah they don't want Joe Biden anywhere They don't want him in front of the Press I think the last availability he Had was on The Daily Show they're They're not going to put him out he he Launched he didn't do a rally so they're Going to hide him it's going to be hide And Biden again just like we had in 2020 And I just hope the American people Reject that and want to see this Candidate face the American people and Answer tough questions which he's never Done well the cover of the New York Post This morning says President Biden Announces his re-election campaign but Americans say he's already lost so Kareem Jean-Pierre was asked about the Polls because most of the majority of The Democrats are saying we don't want Him to run we want another candidate and Half of them are saying it's because of His age she's blaming Republicans which Probably doesn't surprise you she said

That's the same thing we heard in 2020 Republicans are just trying to pull us Back and not move us forward what's your Reaction I don't want Joe Biden and it has Nothing to do with his age or the fact That he falls down the stairs or other Things that are gas worthy or or memes I Don't want him because our Southern Border is wide open fentanyl is Poisoning our children he's not taking a Stand on China at any level he's Abandoned our energy Independence he has Allowed crime to surge in our major Cities he has been a catastrophe for the American people especially when we look At inflation which is a tax hike on Every single American so Joe Biden has Failed the American people the last Thing we want is for him to finish that Job because finishing that job is Basically finishing America all right so Let's talk about what you guys did you Immediately responded to his rollout Saying he's going to run again he kind Of said that let me finish the job you Guys rolled this out and it's AI Generated here's a portion Border agents were overrun by a surge of 80 000 illegals yesterday evening Specials closed the city of San Francisco this morning citing the Escalating crime and Fentanyl crisis so Rana essentially saying that will happen

If he gets four more years uh what Pro Can you bring us the the mindset going Into that ad So first of all it is AI generated so We're sharing that that up front Ethically so it's not a deep fake every Single image was AI but we are painting A picture of a future Biden America our Our border is overrun crime is surging He has not taken a stand on the national Stage he is chow chow to China his Family is compromised by China so it's Important that American people see in a Graphic way in video what four more Years of this President would mean and The destruction it would mean for our Country Going back to the debates can I ask you Something so the Democrats don't want uh The top Democrats don't want a debate With Joe on the stage I saw yesterday That Donald Trump uh on true social said I see that everybody is talking about The Republican debates but nobody got my Approval or the approval of the campaign Uh Trump campaign before announcing them When you're leading by seemingly Insurmountable numbers and you have Hostile networks angry with Trump trump And mega hating anchors asking the Questions why subject yourself to being Liable and abused so did you talk to him About the debates is he in or is this Just what he does he he did this in

2016. working the refs I talked to president Trump all the time And we've talked to all the potential Candidates we've let them know the Schedule we've announced the debates the First debate's going to be with Fox and Milwaukee but every campaign and every Candidate is going to have to make a Decision do I want to participate he's Going to have to make that decision I Think he'll do it and president Trump Never shies away from a debate uh He skipped hours he skipped hours in 2016. He did he skipped one but you know he Was in the center of the debate stage in 2016 and he never left it so we'll see What happens but we are talking to the Campaigns and the candidates I talked to President Trump and and Mike Pence and And Nikki Haley were talking to all of Them all the time and we'll see what Happens it's going to be a roller Coaster until August right I know you Launched the fact checking website for Joe Biden it's fact check or it's a we were all looking At it earlier and you have articles like He never drove a tractor trailer and Then you can click on it and read more About it his house did not burn down it Was just a small kitchen fire he was Never a professor at the University of Penn he never reduced the deficit by 1.7

Trillion and you can click to find more Information and then just yesterday he Falsely claimed that his grandfather Died two weeks before he was born if you Fact check it in the same hospital if You fact check out the obituary for his Grandfather says that he died a year Before Joe Biden was born not in the Same Hospital might seem small but when The these add up it's it's one story After another and the fact Checkers are Finding out they're false Yeah so we launched this this website Fact so in real time We're going to fact check them we're Gonna put his lies on full display the Media is not going to do that so the RNC Is going to do it and we've had so many People on this website already it's Going to help State parties but it's Going to help average Americans look at This President and see how often he is Lying embellishing and not telling the Truth to the American people and and Like you said we added some new fact Checks yesterday to the I would also say if You want to get involved in beating Joe Biden text win to 80810 we need Everybody to volunteer right now and Start investing in the process to Beating Joe Biden in 2020. Ron I just Quickly asked a question for you when They say your party is Extreme Maga

Party what's your answer to that I say we're common sense and they are Crazy we are common sense and they are Crazy we want parents to have a right in Their kids schools we want parents to Stay in their kids education we want Energy Independence we want to close Southern border we do not want fentanyl Poisoning our children we want our kids Protected from Tick Tock all the things That the Democrats are doing is crazy It's against just normal common sense And I think most Americans look at that Right now and see the Republican Party Speaks for them well get out a hard hat Because the Democrats are going to Particularly Joe Biden in the White House they're going to clobber you with Mega mega mega from now tell they say Nevada an extremist the majority of Americans are in the middle they're not Extreme on either party the majority at Least well I think Biden's China first And we're America first I mean China is Sending fentanyl to our kids China is Taking our kids dead on Tick Tock and Biden sold our strategic oil reserves to China so we know he's compromised by China and he could stop this in a day he Could do it he could stop the flow of Fentanyl across our Southern border and He's not doing it why because he's not Putting our kids first our country first And that's why we need to send them home

And he's not getting off Tick Tock Himself his whole staff is on it uh Rhonda thanks so much thanks Rana Thanks for having me all right enjoy Oklahoma I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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