Sarah Huckabee Sanders: The Biden admin has failed here

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: The Biden admin has failed here

Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, R., discusses legislation addressing the fentanyl crisis, education reform, social media access for minors, and China’s expanding influence. #foxnews

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First a cartel associate Brokers the Sale and shipment of fentanyl precursor Chemicals principally from China the Clandestine labs in Mexico where the Fentanyl is manufactured cartels Traffickers move fentanyl from Mexico Into the United States where it is sold Wholesale to other criminal Organizations Before resale those criminal Organizations often mix fentanyl powder Into other drugs such as cocaine and Heroin they also often sell fentanyl Pills as counterfeit prescription pain Medications And that was attorney general Merrick Garland on Friday after the justice Department charged 28 members of Mexico's Sinaloa drug cartel and a Massive investigation into fentanyl Trafficking into communities across the United States meanwhile the treasury Department sanctioned two Chinese Companies for providing the chemicals Needed to manufacture that fentanyl this Comes as over 35 thousand pounds of Fentanyl have been seized over the last Three fiscal years with Untold more Making its way across the southern Border undetected in Arkansas Republican Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed a Bill last week which could charge drug Dealers with aggravated murder if they Knowingly deliver fentanyl that results

In an overdose facing a minimum sentence Of 20 years in prison if convicted Joining me right now is the woman Herself Arkansas governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders who will mark 100 days in office This upcoming Wednesday Governor Congratulations on 100 days good to have You this morning Thanks so much for having me on Maria And you've got a lot to celebrate from Education to this crime stance let's Talk about these bills that you signed Into law Arkansas's death by delivery Act I want to get your take on the Significance of this fentanyl killing Americans right now You know if the Biden Administration I'm Glad to see that they're finally Stepping up and doing something to crack Down because the breakdown at the border Has allowed in fentanyl to pour into our Country and we are seeing the impact in Communities across the country and Because they have allowed this to take Place states are having to step up and Crack down ourselves and that's exactly What we did here in Arkansas we passed Legislation this first session of mine To crack down on drug dealers Specifically targeting those who are Trafficking fentanyl if you knowingly uh Traffic fentanyl that causes an overdose You will now be charged with murder and If you traffic fentanyl to kids you can

Also be charged with a life sentence so We are cracking down where the Biden Administration has failed to actually Step up and I think we're going to see a Lot of States doing exactly this because It's become so necessary with the out of Control drug problem that we're seeing Everywhere in our country right now well I mean you have come at this from a Leadership standpoint as a governor as a Woman as a mother and you've attacked Not just the crime crisis and Fentanyl Crisis but also education you see this As your biggest accomplishment in this First 100 days right education Absolutely we passed what I think is the Most Historic Landmark Education Legislation certainly in my state of Arkansas but probably anywhere in the Country where we went from being the Lowest in teacher pay we were number 48 In the country to top five where we Focused on empowering parents and making Sure that they have the ability to Decide where and how their kids can best Be educated we're putting real resources Into our schools and I think we are Bringing about transformational change When it comes to education here in Arkansas that can be a blueprint for Every state in the country yeah Media and We have we have have had a very busy First 100 days in office we also passed

Legislation that would require parental Consent for any new user on social media Under the age of 18. we have seen the Absolute just damage that social media Is causing to our young people with Anxiety depression suicide rates Skyrocketing and among teens in large Part due to social media we want to get More kids off screens protect them from The dangers frankly I'd love to see them Off screens more and outside a whole lot If we can change the way that our Culture is focusing but really putting That power back into the hands of Parents so that they know what their Kids are doing and protecting them for The Long Haul well that Turn to try to ban tick tock Unless the country we're doing it but It's unlikely in my mind that the Democrats are really going to ban Tick-Tock because it's a tool to attract Young people I mean even as Governors Were talking about banning Tick Tock Alexandro ocasio-cortez did a video on Tick tock I think we've seen that Democrats Priority is a lot more about building Their voter base than it is about Protecting our country we've seen that Time and time again I don't expect that They're going to take meaningful action On things like Banning Tick Tock which Is again why we've had to count on

Governors to step up we ban Tick Tock From all government devices here in the State of Arkansas I know a number of Other states have done that as well and I think that you're going to continue to See Conservative Republican Governors Step up where the federal government Constantly fails well it's also Seeing Republican Governors uh also Take on now this has been more Bipartisan than some people know because The committee on communist China is Headed by Mike Gallagher a republican But there are also Democrats who Understand the threat tell me about that Surveillance threat and the CCP wanting To buy more land near our military Installations what are you doing about It We have passed a number of pieces of Legislation to push back against the Infringement of the Chinese government Whether it's Banning tick tock on our State devices uh Banning the use of Chinese drones here in the state as well As Banning the purchase of land here in Arkansas by a company majority majority Owned by the Chinese government so we Are looking for every place we can to Push back from the Chinese government Infringement here in our country and I Know a number of other states that are Are following suit we're going to Continue to lead on this issue and I

Hope that the federal government will as Well Governor it's great to have you Congratulations to you on 100 days and We hope you'll come back soon Absolutely thanks so much for having me Maria always a pleasure to see you thank You so much NTU Arkansas governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders hey Sean Hannity here Hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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