School choice is a Republican platform: Corey DeAngelis

School choice is a Republican platform: Corey DeAngelis

American Federation for Children senior fellow Corey DeAngelis joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss how Super Tuesday elections will affect school choice. #foxnews

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[Music] It's a school choice Showdown this super Tuesday 16 Texas State Republicans who Voted against Governor Greg Abbott's School choice initiative are facing Reelection so will voters remove them Over their stance joining us now to Discuss a senior fellow for the American Federation of children Corey d'angeles Who's been a great Fighter for school Choice across this country Corey let me Start with this you know um this is my Home state I am from a rural area in Texas I think it would be qualified as a Rural area Grayson County Sherman Texas And most of the Republicans who voted With Democrats to fight school choice Fight against school choice in Texas Were rural Republicans what was their Motivation why why would this be Something they'd vote against I mean the Vast majority of these guys were Previously endorsed by the state Affiliate of the Nea the largest teacher Union in the country so this excuse About being in a rural areas just that Them trying to have their cake and eat It too other states that have more much More rural areas like West Virginia Already have Universal school choice so This is this is just an excuse really Quick though Corey I'm just trying to Fully understand why because look those Rural legislators in Texas are going to

Be very Republican they're going to be Very conservative on most issues is it That they Because by the way there's not Private school options in most of those Rural districts so you give a $10,500 uh voucher it's no real threat To the local school system there's no Place to go so is it that well the School district in that system is a big Emplo lawyer and that's why the Nea Endorsement and support matter so Much yes it's because the the in the Rural areas the school district is one Of the biggest employers but they'll try To say on the one hand that they can't Use this but then on the other hand it's Going to destroy their fantastic rural Public Schools one if they're so Fantastic you should have nothing to Worry about but if you have no exit Options you should be the last person Arguing this is going to defund your Schools let's take a look uh the point You made about West Virginia let's take A look at the states who have embraced Universal school choice or near Universal school choice across the Country you can see there Oklahoma Arkansas next door to Texas and then Scattered throughout the South and the Midwest and the Southwest um so this This proposal by Abbot would open up as I mentioned $10,500 vouchers to students in Texas to

Apply wherever they want private Whatever their options Freedom yeah you Can take your your kids education Dollars to the public private Charter Homeschool option of your choosing and If you look back at that map those are All red States this should be a a No-brainer for a state like Texas Controlled by Republicans School choices On the Republican Party platform and it Was supported on the ballot in 2022 by 88% of Texas Republican primary voters So this is a a conservative GOP litmus Test issue and this is partially why These 16 rhinos have Challengers who all Support school choice The Challengers Are backed by Greg Abbot Ted Cruz Donald Trump even attorney general Ken Paxton Were all uh rowing the same direction Here the wind is at our backs and I Think a lot of these guys are going to To lose their seats either in the Election on Tuesday or in a runoff uh Later on because this is a huge uh Priority of Republican primary voters I Want to follow up on that really quickly You're right by the way they're all There the there are Challengers The Challengers have been endorsed by those You just mentioned one of the things I Noticed personally Corey is while I grew Up in a place where you really didn't Have a private school option school Choice is even more important in urban

Environments where you really have these Failing schools and you have options for Example the lines for charter schools in New York City are out the door so one of The things you often find in rural areas Is apathy towards the issue you know Among the voters like well doesn't Really impact us in our area but you're Saying 88% of Republicans well they Support it but are they passionate about The idea of school choice in those Environments I mean if you look at the Polling on it from the University of Houston University of Texas Austin Whether you look at rural urban or Suburb BB and you see that Republican Voters in particular are extremely Supportive some polls finding that the Rural voters are even more supportive of School choice than suburban and Ur Urban Voters so this is across the uh Geographical Spectrum supported by Republican primary voters so I think Look and a lot of these incumbents were That they were not endorsed by Randy we Garten's Union the AFT but they are Privately being supported by them with Uh phone banking uh funding indirectly Through the defend rural Texas pack Which was actually set up in Austin uh Quite a a rural area not but um it just Goes to show you the teachers union Endorsement has become a political kiss Of death for Republicans uh in

Conservative areas well as you me Tuesday will'll know more Tuesday we'll Get exactly the view of the voters in in Texas um school choice ideologically the Right thing for individual rights to be Quite honest Corey d'angeles thank you So much I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian kilme And Angley airheart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling Analysis

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