School Forces Girls to Share Locker Room with Biological Male

School Forces Girls to Share Locker Room with Biological Male

This startling story our brought to you by our friends from @DailySignal etched out the reality of radical gender ideology put into practice.

The victims?

In this case, high school students — four members of a girls’ volleyball team in Vermont.

They’ve bravely decided to share their story, and in doing so, expose the left’s false claims about changes to Title IX.

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A male was in our locker room when Volleyball girls were trying to get Changed after I asked him to leave he Didn't and later looked over at girls With their shirts off and it made many People uncomfortable and feel violated I Left as soon as I could in a panic I was The first one inside the locker room at The time and the trans student came in And walked into a sofa part or the Locker room and went and changed while The other girls were in the main part of The locker room changing as well as soon As the trans identifying student was Done changing they came out and stood at The entrance of the locker room for a Little bit a lot of the girls were Changing in their sports bras and stuff A lot of us stated like can you please Get out we're changing we don't feel Comfortable with you in here after a Little while the student did leave But it took a little bit for the student To leave and a lot of us were not Comfortable with that situation

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