Shannon Bream: Democrats are not happy with Biden | Fox News Rundown

Shannon Bream: Democrats are not happy with Biden | Fox News Rundown

President Biden has refused to discuss the debt ceiling with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy until Republicans produce a budget. However, McCarthy has now successfully passed a debt ceiling bill in the House and is now urging the President to come to the table with Republicans, who have ‘done their job’. Meanwhile, President Biden has announced his run for re-election in 2024, and though many polls show he’s currently the lead candidate in the Democratic Party, they also conclude the majority of voters don’t want the President to run again, citing his age as a primary concern. Fox News Sunday Host Shannon Bream joins to weigh in on these topics as well as the latest oversight hearing on COVID school closures and China’s diplomacy attempts with Ukraine. #foxnews

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Foreign This week lawmakers in the U.S House Battled over the debt ceiling Republicans narrowly passed a bill along Party lines that would raise the debt Limit through March of next year but With large spending cuts attached Democrats like House minority leader Hakeem Jeffrey said going back to 2022 Spending levels would harm working Americans veterans seniors and children The default on America Act is a ransom No house ways and means committee Chairman Jason Smith said the Republican Cuts are common sense it puts real Limits on future spending so that we Begin to turn the ship back in a more Fiscally sound Direction it was a weak Chock full of Congressional hearings as Well Republicans examined pandemic School closures select subcommittee on The coronavirus pandemic chairman Brad Wenstrip questioned the head of the American Federation of teachers Randy Weingarten but despite all this science Aft still wanted to install some way to Automatically close schools Which deviates from The Narrative of Doing everything we can to get them open Weingarten said she was in touch with The CDC and consulted doctors on best Practices we know that kids learn best In person but before all that Americans Heard from President Joe Biden that he

Is officially running in 2024 for a Second term while he made it official in A video he was asked about his Re-election bid while hosting the President of South Korea specifically About polling that indicates most don't Want him to run again and many cite his Age as a factor one of the things that People are going to find out how they're Going to see a race and they're going to Judge whether or not I have or don't Have it I respect them taking a hard Look at it I take a hard look at it as Well I took a hard look at it before I Decided to run while he has two Democratic Challengers Robert F Kennedy Jr and author Marion Williamson the Democratic National Committee has said They don't plan on hosting debates gosh There's so many interesting polling Numbers out there on this this week not Surprising Shannon bream is the host of Fox News Sunday FOX News are new poll When we ask among Democratic primary Voters who do you want to vote for the Current president gets 62 percent hey That's solid that's very good but RFK Jr Gets 19 I mean that's almost a fifth of Primary voters are like oh I'm gonna Pick some other guy who probably doesn't Have a real chance of winning that's how Much I don't want my current president The leader of my party to actually be The nominee the next time around you

Mentioned the age thing you look at the CBS News polling when they're asked for Reasons and these are people who are Lean Democrat Independents Or democrats Um what are your concerns about and you Why you think he shouldn't run number One his age number two time for someone New and number three I like other Democrats more so I mean his approval Rating is not good any poll that you Look at but there's real consternation Within his own party that they want Someone else they're not happy with him But listen if he's the guy I don't think That most Democrats are going to jump Across the aisle and vote for the GOP Nominee the question is whether they Just decide to stay home if there's no Enthusiasm do we see any pivots though From this President as he campaigns for A second time in 2024 it sounds like He's saying just watch me I'll be out on The campaign Trail Um and you guys can judge for yourselves But I mean now that he's seen the Polling and we've all seen the polling Does he make himself more visible Available well a lot of people are Wondering about that like how much more We're going to see from him so we had This presser with him uh in the South Korean president who are visiting Um the same week that he's announced but To really sit there and go at it with

The Press is not something he does very Much I mean he lags way behind all Recent presidents in availability all of The press Corps is complaining they all Want to see more of this president he's Gonna have to get out there in the Campaign Trail Um listen kovid changed everything in 2020 and running from your basement is Not going to be an option this time so There will be a real look for voters to Have a chance to see him in action how He is on the campaign Trail how he is With people how he is with his grueling Schedule of events well also to be fair Being the leader of the Free World it's A lot for any person so um I think he's Going to have to get out there certainly Much more than 2020. and this I mean as We were told earlier this week by a Former Biden surrogate in 2020 you know He'll he will be president likely still At that time when he's running and That's visibility in its own right um Right Shannon the reaction from Republicans it was very Stark I mean Former president Trump was talking about Like World War III in his reaction Um the RNC had a fully AI generated ad That was full of very dark dystopian Images I I wonder Was that too over the top or does that Resonate maybe with some persuadables Who maybe feel like things are tenuous

Right now with Russia China Banks Inflation you name it yeah you and I Know we've covered this enough that People will tell you they hate negative Scary ads but then all the data will Show you that they work so people may Say they don't like that stuff but both Sides know that appealing to fear often People will vote out of that versus a Positive uplifting message this is kind Of what Senator Tim Scott is out there Testing in the field will people respond To this message of Faith and Hope and Pulling together and counting on each Other and staying away from name calling And you know I don't know I mean he Feels like he's seen enough he's got That exploratory committee now but the Fact is the dark fearful ads work History proves it and for whatever Reason human nature seems to be Persuaded by that you mentioned the Fox News poll it did as we've noted and We've seen found former president Trump With a double-digit lead over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and and DeSantis Noted while in Japan hey I'm not even a Candidate yet but this poll also found Broadly more people think Banning books And not being accepting enough of Transgender families are more important Than trans kids competing on girls Sports teams or discussions about race In the classroom for those like DeSantis

Who maybe would focus on those kinds of Issues in a presidential campaign what Do you think he and other Republicans Maybe should glean from this kind of Polling I think probably DeSantis is one of These guys who they all say this like I Don't care about polls I mean he really Demonstrated that during covet he was Willing to do what he thought in his Assessment of going through scientific Materials and studies and talking to Experts I mean he'll say I make the Decisions that I believe from my core The right decisions now in Florida They've done a lot of this and he won my 19 points after barely squeaking out a Minor percentage fraction of a Percentage point in his initial election So I think he's going to feel very Emboldened like listen I've got my Finger on the pulse of this stuff the Floridians who turned out in droves and Basically turned the state from purplish To solid red what I did in Florida will Work on a national stage I mean that's What he's been out testing around the Country so Um yes the Florida blueprint right yeah And I think that he's going to make the Argument that it will work nationally he Knows in some states that's not going to Work those States may be ones that Listen I don't know in my lifetime if

We'll see a Republican presidential Candidate win California or New York Right so you know they may just go ahead And take those off the table but he Knows in other states and across the South the Midwest important places the Polling may be very different and he's Willing to I think if he gets in ride That path and to stand by it a lot of Oxygen taken up on the hill this week With the debt ceiling debate Republicans Did vote to raise the debt limit along With a bunch of spending cuts though That's obviously tied in there it Doesn't seem like it will go anywhere Right a democratic controlled Senate the President's not going to sign it but I Guess it was meant to show according to The analysts that that Republicans can Stick together and that the President Should negotiate we don't have much time It sounds like according to the treasury Secretary so what will the president do Now Well even with his own in his own party He's got Democrats now saying okay we Understand you know you don't want to Negotiate over the debt ceiling but we Have to do something now you said Republicans need to put something on the Table they have Uh the speaker against most odds pulled Together enough of these votes to Actually pass something so that gives

Him something to go to the table with Like hey you said we need to come Together on something here's what we've Got he knows he's not going to get Everything in there Democrats know They're probably not going to get Everything in there so the two sides are Going to have to come together I mean This what the speaker pulled off is to His credit and the critics who said he Couldn't do it now he has something that Forces the president's hand and when you Have Democrats now publicly calling on Him to say you got to get us together we At least have to have some kind of Conversations the pressure's on now from Both sides and interesting to me too That several Senate Republicans have Come out to say like hey we stand with The house great job by the speaker Because they've kind of hung back and Let him do his thing yes but it cuts off That Avenue if the White House wanted to Try to go to the Senate GOP directly and Have negotiations with them the Senate Now casting with the house and sporting What speaker McCarthy did means that the White House doesn't have that Avenue Got it just a couple more for you we Other than the Congressional debate on The debt limit we had plenty of hearings As I'm sure you saw Um and we heard from Randy Weingarten The head of the American Federation of

Teachers took a lot of heat over the School closures during covid going back And forth with Republicans in a sort of High profile hearing and and really Tried to defend herself saying she was Consulting with doctors in the CDC and Republicans said her guidance was too Draconian I guess schools were closed For too long but I suppose the question Would be out of a hearing like that then What now let God forbid there's another Pandemic would anything be different did We learn anything I mean did we learn Anything from this hearing that they've Learned anything about if we have to Pivot or do something else God forbid we Have another pandemic yeah gosh I think That people lost so much faith in public Institutions and when you find out that People were having back Channel Conversations and things that they Played dumb about they had already kind Of negotiated behind closed doors You know those kinds of things what I Heard from all my mama bear friends this Week who had school-aged children who Were living through this in real time Who are Furious about their kids lost Year or two depending on where they Lived Um and feeling like Randy Weingart now Is coming out and trying to Gaslight Them that's that's the phrase I'm Hearing from some of these Mama friends

Who are like listen there were States Who moved forward and had kids in school There were private schools who had you Know safety structures in place and you Know when there was a positive test they Had you know their own way to handle This and to you know keep the kids Safely in they feel like she was about The union and not about the kids and They feel like she was caught in a lot Of things that weren't especially Transparent and so unfortunately what I Think is if this happens again in our Lifetime heaven forbid that there's Going to be so much skepticism about Following Um you know the teachers unions or Following the CDC or following the White House no matter who is running those Things Left right or Center I think gosh Parents who lived through the last Couple of years of this very angry and Very skeptical Got a hit on a foreign policy note Before we leave um President Biden as You noted earlier met with South Korea's President they pledged to work together On a number of items especially Concerning our national security and With North Korea but as that was Happening I guess China's president Xi Jinping talked to Ukraine's president For the first time since this War began

And it was reported that she said you Know we don't want to add fuel to the Fire we want to end this war peacefully And help you do that Do U.S officials buy that and believe That Xi Jinping or Chinese officials Will not help Russia out in the duration Of this war whatever's left remaining of It yeah they feel like if that was true That China didn't want to give any Advantage at all to Russia they would Really crack down on Dual use items like Drones and others that aren't Necessarily lethal Aid or Weaponry but Can be used for the battlefield they Think China needs to be much clearer About that and they don't like this idea That China is going around the world Trying to be the mediator of you know Issues in the Middle East now the war in Ukraine it's the last thing that U.S Lawmakers and leaders in the White House Want is for XI to be now showing up as If he is the one to bring people Together to bring you know broken Factions together and to be a bomb on The you know wounds of the world I mean That's the last thing they want they Don't want to be boxed out of Europe Where he's trying to do it or Africa or Anywhere else so I think the last thing That they want to see is Xi stepping up To say I'm the one who's gonna you know Get this thing done although I think

Everybody agrees maybe other than Putin They want this thing over Fox News Sunday host Shannon bream Thanks for joining great to be with you

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