Shaping the Next 100 Years of American History | Sen. Josh Hawley at #Heritage50

Shaping the Next 100 Years of American History | Sen. Josh Hawley at #Heritage50

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Thank you to Kevin for having me here Thanks to the Heritage Foundation you Know I have to say it was the Heritage Foundation that 23 summers ago helped Spark my interest in conservative policy I was an intern at the Heritage Foundation in the summer of 2000. how About that What a time to be alive that was the Summer of 2000 doesn't seem like that Long ago but I tell you what I remember Telling my parents this was one of the First Summers that I had worked away From home I was a college sophomore at The time and so I was away for the Summer here and I remember they'd ask me About my experience what was it like and Who did you meet and I told him I said It was just like being with family If your family are made up of policy Nerds who have Newt Gingrich over for Breakfast on a regular basis But it was it was great it was great and It's great to be here now I'll try to be On my best behavior at this family Gathering so to speak I can be controversial the last time I Was at Heritage just a few weeks ago a Protester storm stage who knows what Might happen today I guess uh every Family has its Crazy Aunt or uncle right And these days that might be the same Person So who knows it's Joe Biden's America I

Mean you know what might happen Some of you are just getting that the uh It'll come to you later the truth is the Truth is that it in all seriousness Nobody has done more for 50 years now Than the Heritage Foundation In setting the agenda of the Conservative movement and pushing Forward the ideas of a conservative Movement and standing in the Gap when we Needed people to stand and at this time Of Challenge and at this time for Choosing It is again the Heritage Foundation that Is at this Forefront of the fight it has Never been more important and I say Choosing deliberately Because that's where we are it is a time For us as conservatives To choose what it is that we're going to Be about It is my conviction That we stand At one of the great Crossroads in American history The decisions that we make In the next five to ten years will Determine the trajectory of this country For the next 50 to 100. That is the burden of Our Moment in History it is also the opportunity of Our Moment in history and the question Is what will conservatives do what will We do in this hour

Will we have what it takes will we take The stand that we must in order to save This nation Because that's what's on the line It's the character of the nation it's The soul of the nation it's the future Of our nation that we are fighting for We Face a rising adversary in China Rich Colby mentioned it just a moment ago We Face the loss of Industry here at Home the unraveling of our social fabric All around us pick any measure you want Birth rates marriage rates family Formation all falling But above all of the challenges that we Face I think the one that may be the most Pressing the most dangerous Is the challenge of the new radical left And the new brand of Marxism That they have embrace This is a left that now seeks to Fundamentally transform American life That seeks to change and overthrow Practically every institution that we Value Marriage the family the very idea of Gender they want to purge Christianity In any kind of Bible influence from our Culture this is the Great awokening That the left has gone through the great Awokening that they want to force on This Nation At my contention to you today is

That the Republican party as we have Known it for the last 30 years Is not prepared To face this challenge The Republican party as we know it must Be reformed And the question is will we as Conservatives do what we must to see the Party reformed to see it stand up to Meet the challenges of this hour you Know this is what President Reagan faced He had to transform the Republican party In order to meet the challenges of that Day This is the challenge that is before us Now Now you might ask well what needs to be Changed Well how long do you have No I'm just kidding let me in a slightly More serious Fame let me tell you a Story That I think will get at that question Story has two parts here's part one In the 1990s When I was still a teenager The world changed decisively and so did The Republican Party Republican leaders in those years Embraced what you might call a politics Of New World Order And this change was not for the better The 1990s Soviet Union collapsed you Remember the United States prevailed and

Our Long Cold War everywhere Freedom Appeared to be on the March and Authoritarianism and Retreat and a good Part of the American intelligencia in This period decided that that was the Natural order of things that this was Nature taking its course that this was History with a capital H on the move That this was the end of History Our victory in the Cold War wasn't so Much a product of careful strategy and a Perseverance and the courage of people Like President Reagan no it was actually Just it was the natural order right this Was just history evolving progressing Towards its natural conclusion and that Natural conclusion according to many of These people the so-called end of History Was not the victory of the United States Per se it wasn't the victory of the Nation-state No it was the victory of something Different It was the victory of a global market The victory of the unifying forces of Globalism if you read the end of History Theorists what you will find is the Conviction that a globalized world and Above all a globalized economy Was the wave of the future that the World was destined to become one great Unified economic Empire Now

This head Some Appeal on the right because after All conservatives had four years rightly Defended the free market over against Soviet-style Central planning so if you Want to talk about the free market well That's something that we were for Absolutely but The kind of unified globalized economy That the end of history people foresaw Was very different than the free market Economies of nation states that Conservatives have championed for Decades now the end of History types They wanted to break down the borders Between nations They wanted to capitalize on the free Flow of goods they wanted a new world Order that's what George Bush Senior Called it you might remember it was 1991 I think he gave a speech in which he Talked about open borders Open trade and open minds that was his Troika open borders open trade open Minds And that new world order required a Revolution in American policy It meant major changes to our trade Policy Admit major changes to our monetary Policy And that's exactly what we got over the Next 25 30 years It started with NAFTA and then Gat and

Then the WTO and then most favored Nation status for China What did it mean emit no more protection For American manufacturing it didn't Meant no more fostering of American Industry no the priority now would be The free movement of capital it would be Globalism The New World Order also meant major Changes to our foreign policy an Economic Empire required a military Force to defend it And these proponents of New World Order Wanted America to furnish that military Force The New World Order Republicans wanted America to be a global hegemon they Wanted us to be the global hegemon and So they gave us a massive and permanent Presence in the Middle East Later two 20-year-long Mideast Wars They committed America to a forever Presence in Europe not just a presence But a a forever giant footprint on the European continent that couldn't be Questioned couldn't be changed couldn't Be adjusted in any way And they gave us Decades of constant Conflict constant conflict look at the Last 30 some years constant conflict on Almost every continent on the globe Where America was constantly called in To use forces to expend our capital To spend our lives

I just suggest you this 30 years into This experiment of New World Order Politics the verdict is in The politics of New World Order have Failed They have failed Our people They have failed our party The pursuit of economic globalism has Failed the pursuit of liberal Empire has Failed it has cost us shocking sums of Money I think Senator Scott was maybe Just talking about some of that It has fueled the rise of our most Serious adversary China We will surely look back At the decision to create the World Trade Organization in its current Structure and to admit China to the WTO And then to give China permanent most Favored nation status as one of the most Colossal errors any Global power has Made in its history and certainly it's One of the biggest errors the United States has ever made what did that do It fueled the rise of China China has Built its military on the backs of our Middle class China has systematically cheated on Trade systematically cheated and Manipulated its own monetary policy and The policies that our governing class Adopted in the 1990s and early 2000s Helped them do it but worse than all of

That worse than all of that The New World Order politics has cost us A way of life And that's the working class way of life The economic policy is of the last 30 Years Have sent millions of jobs overseas and They tend to come from one part of the Country they come from the blue-collar Worker part of our country It is the working class the middle class Of this nation that have paid in jobs Lost in wages lost in families lost Because of the politics of the last 30 Years what has that meant practically Well it's meant that whole towns and Communities have disappeared Listen I know I came from one of them I'm from a small town in West Central Missouri I watched as I grew up local Industry leave I watched jobs be lost I lost folks who Work nearby at a manufacturing plant who Worked nearby on the assembly line lose Their jobs lose their livelihoods lose The ability to support their families That's happened all across our country Not just in Missouri not just in Michigan not just in places that begin With m but all across the United States Of America And that brings me to the second part of My story The growing threat from within

The Great awokening The Soviet Union lost the Cold War Thank the Lord but Marx Karl Marx now Marx lived on He lived on in the English departments In American universities He lived on in the law schools of American faculty rooms and in places Like that a new Marxist ideology took Root That trashed American society is Fundamentally oppressive systemically Racist you've heard this it's it's all Over the news now it is the fashion of The Democrat Party this new ideology Began in American Academia but soon over The course of years spread everywhere And I do mean everywhere like a disease First the student radicals in the late 1960s then faculty members governance Organizations now it's infected our Businesses Our self-proclaimed Elite Class our Media certainly Now this virus found a welcome audience In those places because they revise Marks to suit their own ends you don't Hear a lot about fighting economic Oppression from these people No no this is about a cultural Revolution That's what the new marxists are Interested in Fundamentally transforming American

Culture They decided that Marx was you know only Half right economics isn't Destiny they Decided now actually culture is Destiny That's what the new marxists say and They don't like American culture They don't like our history which they Say is systemically racist They don't like our institutions which They say are too Tethered to Christianity They don't like the family they don't Like gender They want to fundamentally transform This nation The cultural marxists are now in power I don't have to tell you that all you Have to do is turn on your TV all you Have to do is Cross the bridge into Washington DC You'll see it everywhere They run the Democrat Party They run the Biden Administration have You been watching who Joe Biden is Nominated to be judges in this country I Mean I sit on the Judiciary Committee I Have to tell you judge after judge after Judge these are people nominated for Lifetime appointments ask them what they Think about this country look at what They have said about who we are that our Criminal justice system is corrupt to Its foundations That we are riddled through with racism

As a nation That we should apologize for our past And our character it is the reigning Ideology this is the new Marxism it is The reigning ideology of this Administration And it is the greatest threat I believe To this country in any of our lifetimes It is the greatest threat in any of our Lifetimes And here is my central contention to you Today The Republican party is not well Prepared at this moment to meet it We are not in position to meet it And I just contend to you in some ways The Republican Party of the last 30 Years has been part of the problem The Republican Party For decades now Has in its policies Has helped to undermine the very people Who I contend to you are the most Important bulwark against cultural Marxism today and I'm talking about Working Americans Working class Americans middle class Americans Ours has been in this nation A working Class Nation A working class culture What I mean by that It has been the working people of this Country who have formed our country's Character from day one historians have

Marveled at this for literally centuries Tocqueville wrote about it this is a Nation that has never been driven by the People at the very top never The left says that now that's part of Their propaganda campaign that's not True it has always always been driven Our most fundamental convictions have Been shaped the life of our nation has Been pushed forward by who by the Working people middle class people of This country by Farmers by Pioneers by Builders small business owners That is who has shaped the American Character That is who has shaped the United States As we know it And working class middle class Institutions have defined American Life The family Neighborhood Church Country These have been the Bedrock institutions That unite us as a country because They've been at the center of our Culture and they are now exactly the Institutions That the radical left has under Full Assault They are exactly the institutions Preserving exactly the values that Today's marxists want to sweep away as Obstacles to progress And the problem is Republicans have not

Been defending them The Republican parties embrace 30 years ago of this new world order Politics this globalism Decimated working-class jobs and Families It helped undermine working class Culture After we let China into the WTO Our trade deficit exploded Over three million jobs vanished not Jobs from Wall Street jobs from Main Street working class Blue Collar jobs Listen you know this a job means Independence a job means being able to Speak your mind a job means being able To support your family Republicans help Take that from working people this is The Republican policies anyway this is The difference for years now the HR Managers at their biggest firms have Forced Those who want to work in the Multinational corporations to tow the Party line to go to the Dei trainings Working people So long as they were essential so long As we needed them on the farm needed Them on the factory line needed them Performing essential tasks they had some Independence they had a bulwark of Strength but when they're no longer Needed when the corporations can outso Outsource those jobs to China when they

Can replace American workers with slave Labor elsewhere in the world guess what That working class bulwark disappears That working-class culture begins to Fade And now without the fear of economic Disruption they once had today's new Marxists are bullying or trying to blue Collar workers And blue-collar communities into Submission The only way To turn back the less culture War the Only way is to strengthen working people And the middle class consensus the Middle class culture of this nation That is my only contention to you today We as a party Those of us who care about the future of The Republican Party must move it Immediately to Higher Ground it will not Be enough to decry the woke corporations It won't be enough It will not be enough to complain about Dei training we should do that but that Will not suffice If we are going to resist and turn back The left's culture War we have to create A bulwark against the left's radicalism And that will come in the center of our Country in the Great American middle Class if we are going to be the party That saves this nation from the new Marxism we must fight for the working

Class in this country That is my contention to you If we lose them We will lose this country If we lose the middle class if that Culture is destroyed finally we will Lose American culture and American Society as we know it so what are we Going to do the whole of our policy the Whole of it Ought to be oriented Right now at home and abroad toward Protecting the family protecting our Neighborhoods protecting our churches Strengthening our country This has to be our overriding singular Focus and priority what does that mean Abroad well it means an end to Liberal imperialism abroad listen We face in China an adversary the likes Of which we have not seen in any of our Lifetimes the Soviet Union was a Powerful determined rapacious adversary But China has more economic capability Than the Soviet Union could ever hope For China has the ability to be a truly pure Competitor to the United States in a way We simply haven't seen for over a Century now That means that when it comes to our Interests abroad we have got to Rigorously focus on countering China our Biggest threat and do less elsewhere

Around the globe we cannot be the World's policeman we should not try to Be we do not have to be a global global Hegemon but we do have to defend American interests and American Security And right now China is the number one Threat at home It means a rigorous focus on bringing Back industry bringing back blue-collar Jobs jobs that can support a family Curbing the power of the big Multi-national corporations that want to Squelch competition that want to Dominate our markets let's strip China Of normal trade relations Why not They shouldn't have it let's take it From them Let's require our most critical Goods be Produced in this country Let's balance our trade There's the trade deficit nobody wants To talk about in Washington I can tell You actually don't want to talk about Any trade deficits or any deficits at All it's been to Oblivion but I tell you What the trade deficit is a critical one Because it represents not only the Overdraw in our accounts it represents All of the money we are giving away to Other countries in this case China above All let's balance it let's balance our Trade let's strengthen buy America Let's break the backs of the big

Monopolies in this country that want to Play by a different set of rules that Want to crush the little guy that want To have no competition yet want to get All of these government handouts let's Put an end to that Let's restore The economic and cultural power Of the working people of this nation That's how we're going to save our Culture if we will do it that is the Path I just say this today we we sit here and We may feel outnumbered Maybe outmaneuvered But the heroes are still out there In the Heartland in our factories in our Churches Keeping America alive The good people of this nation are ready To fight for this nation They are ready to rise up and defend This nation they need help from Conservatives in order to do so this is The great challenge of our hour I Believe that we can do it and I believe That the Heritage Foundation will as you Have for the last 50 years lead the way To the next 50 and we'll look back I Hope decades from now and say in that Critical time at that critical hour we Rose up we stood firm we saved our Country God bless you thank you so much For having me


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