Shocking details of Majorie Taylor Greene’s visit to Jan. 6 defendants in prison

Shocking details of Majorie Taylor Greene’s visit to Jan. 6 defendants in prison

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., joins ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ to share details about the prison conditions that January 6 defendants are being held in.

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Marjorie Taylor green of Georgia is one Of the very few members of Congress who Cares at all she has led a delegation to The jail where many of these defendants Are now being held she joins us now with The report on which she saw Congresswoman thank you so much for Coming out for doing this so what was Your impression of the conditions that These protesters are being held in Well I think what we all saw was a big Cover-up you see I've been in the been In that jail before and I know what it Looks like I was there back in late uh 2021 when myself along with Louis Gomer Were the only ones to go into the jail And see the conditions that the Pre-trial January 6 defendants were Being in being held in and it was so Horrific that we wrote a report called Unusually cruel that still on my Congressional website today well we Finally were allowed to go back in after Demanding another visit from the mayor's Office for over a year we went in with The oversight committee and what we Found is they had scrubbed the jail Clean cleaned up all the mold and Freshly painted the entire area so that It looked a lot better well I got to Tell you Tucker it fooled the Democrats Robert Garcia and Jasmine Crockett that Came along with us because they praised The jail after we left and their in

Their press conferences and praised the Warden but I guess since they're so new In Congress they didn't know the history That this jail has and how many Democrats in Washington don't like the Jail either the fact that anybody is Being held without even a trial yet over Two years later is shocking to the Conscience to the Democrats in the Delegation seem stunned by that it Doesn't seem like an American thing to Do No they didn't care at all as a matter Of fact they criticized us for talking With the pre-trial January 6 defendants And being friendly with them but you Know what we would have talked to the Other inmates and defendants that were In the jail in other areas if they had Given us a chance you see it was Interesting the director and all of the Employees at the jail they wouldn't let Us talk to anyone else in the jail only The pre-trial January 6 defendants which I found very disturbing because I want Oversight of the entire jail but other Things that I found that really bothered Me and I think it should bother everyone And we as Republicans have to do Something about it is the medical Director in the jail showed off and Bragged about all of her medical Services and treatments that they can Provide in the jail but when we talked

To the pre-trial January 6 defendants They told us they were receiving no Medical treatments for problems and Health problems that they have even one Man in there with non-hodg chickens Lymphoma he has cancer and he doesn't Get any treatment there it's really an Atrocy I don't think you need to be Republican or a Democrat to care about Civil liberties and human rights and Really appreciate your calling attention To this consistently over the years Margie Taylor green thank you yeah thank You Thank you subscribe to the fox YouTube channel to catch our nightly Opens stories that are changing the World and changing your life from Tucker Carlson tonight

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