Should AI be used in medicine?

Should AI be used in medicine?

Dr. Marc Siegel discusses the pros and cons of using AI in health care and how it’s too early to decide whether it’s entirely reliable on on ‘Fox News Tonight.’

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Uh Dr Siegel so I went to the dentist The other day and he did his normal Inspection then he did the AI inspection And there wasn't much different but There were some things that he missed That the AI was able to pick up so is This a good thing or bad thing so that Part is a good thing that's kind of like An automatic pilot on a plane but do you Want automatic pilot Landing the plane You don't we've been on a plane together Recently we don't want that we want to Pilot in their LJ and we also have to be Scared that Jeffrey Hinton quit Google Today because and he's the father he's The Godfather of deep learning he Started all of this decades ago and he Quit saying this has gotten out of Control you already said at the Beginning where it stays in control that Tool you talked about at Harvard is Called civil and it looks at a CAT scan A lung CAT scan of a smoker and it says Before a radiologist would ever notice This this could be lung cancer this spot Worries me and also you can use AI to Look at things that you didn't even Think of looking at with it with a radio Geologists to begin with so it's a tool Where it gets out of control is where Somebody says that doctor didn't have Enough time for me let's go to AI let's Go to chat G2 GPT and in chat GPT says You're feeling fine sir and I'm thinking

And then study out of San Diego says That shows more empathy than I do I got To work on my empathy then we have to go To doctors for the human element for the Personalized medicine for the back and Forth your case is different than Another person's case AI won't be able To figure that out it just seems to be a Liability in the making I mean it's it's A robot and eventually it's going to Miss something I understand using it as A second pair of eyes to say okay you Asked me to infer on this maybe I need a Different x-ray but to just go to a Visit Of a robot I don't know if I could ever Do that doc you just made a really great Point if a medical center relies on AI And the AI gets it wrong there's even a Term for this it's called hallucinating AI can hallucinate can you believe that Like suddenly AI doesn't know where it Is and it gets something wrong the Medical center is still liable and how About me versus AI making a diagnosis What if AI gets something right and I Get it wrong I'm liable all of this Liability and the thing that bothers me The most is insurance companies using AI To determine if you get that test Approved or not yeah I can't argue that Against the computer also the cost okay If I'm paying for a doctor I'm not going to pay AI the same thing

For a computer to do it it just doesn't Make sense it's not jiving with me Doc I Agree with that hey Ice could have a Union you have to pay us more robots Will align this is where this is where It's heading but seriously as long as we Keep it as a tool that we doctors use That nurses use that medical centers use For research for contributing to Diagnoses I'm fine with it I don't want It making decisions also why did you Guys go to all that schooling if this Was going to be the case well it's scary That AI actually did better on some of These tests than I could is this the end Of your profession no I'm I'm saying That it's a wake-up call that we got to Re-look at our empathy how we make Complex decisions and the Art of Medicine we've got to keep to that That's the most important thing AI Cannot do the art of medicine doc I Think you find it alarming but I think a Lot of people are buying into and that's Scary thank you so much for joining the Program I hope you keep us posted

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