‘SLAP IN THE FACE’: Veteran blasts Biden for ‘passing responsibility’ on Afghanistan withdrawal

‘SLAP IN THE FACE’: Veteran blasts Biden for ‘passing responsibility’ on Afghanistan withdrawal

Pineapple Express task force leader Lt. Col. Scott Mann joined ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to react to the ongoing fallout stemming from the Biden administration’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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Okay the Biden Administration shrink is Uh shirking blame on the botched Withdrawal from Afghanistan pointing Fingers at the Trump White House in Their official review and despite images Like these you're seeing on your screen Right now people running alongside Aircraft we know what happened there Despite things like this uh they're Insisting that this disastrous Withdrawal or exit was anything but Chaotic For all this talk of chaos I just didn't See it not for my perch at one point During the evacuation there was an Aircraft taking off full of people Americans and Afghans alike every 48 Minutes and not one single mission was Missed so I'm sorry I just won't buy the Whole argument of Chaos Our next guest was part of a volunteer Group of U.S Special Operations veterans Who rescued hundreds of Afghan families Retired lieutenant colonel Scott Mann is The author of operation Pineapple Express and he joins us now uh Colonel Listen I I understand that things can't Be perfect that I mean no we say all the Time that uh combat is organized chaos Expect the unexpected things will go Wrong I feel like that's a far stretch From what we got from this report and How Kirby was spinning it what do you Think

Yeah I agree with you Jolene thanks for Having me on Happy Easter um you know I The veteran Community is really really Upset about this as I'm sure you well Know and I was talking to one of the Young men who was at Abby gate uh Specialist Aidan Gunderson who testified With me to the house Foreign Affairs Committee and he said you know uh he may Not have thought it was chaotic but I Was on the ground he said and believe me It was total chaos and I think that's Been echoed by so many of our active Duty members who were on the ground but Also the veterans who were involved in All these various groups we had Commandos who were our partners Afghan Special Forces whose families were being Beaten as they tried to go through Checkpoints at Kabul International Airport with no evacuation plan at all So to say that it wasn't chaotic I think Is is almost a slap in the face to the Men and women who affected the Evacuation and the veterans who Supported them you know Kirby I'm Calling Admiral Kirby because he he Needs to remember that he wore that Uniform but he stands up there Admiral Kirby and he says we're proud of this We're very proud of this operation he Talks about how every 45 minutes a plane Was taking off I lose the number I think It's like 124 000 total but I remember

And maybe you can shed some light on This they weren't vetting all those People we don't know who those 124 000 Were you and your team when they're Strategically finding people that were Important to our effort and that had Hour back and just tell me your thoughts On the juxtaposition of being proud of Mass bodies as opposed to the people we Deserve to get out of there Yeah I think to say that it again is is Just an egregious passing of Responsibility you know the thing that I Would say that really concerns me Joey Is you and I were taught as all veterans Are that when something goes wrong you Own it you fix it and you move on and The absence of personal responsibility In all of this the fact that you know we Have violent extremist groups over 20 Rising in Afghanistan right now Um we have a veteran mental health Tsunami as a result of what's happened The Army has missed its recruiting goal By 25 percent public trust in the Army And Military has fallen to 56 percent Since the withdrawal wow I mean all of These things stem from an absence of Personal responsibility and what tell What I get from this and what I'm Worried about is when our institutional Leaders regardless of their politics say That there's no responsibility it also Means there's no will to fix what is

Going to be a problem that probably Follows us home on the National Security Veteran mental health and Readiness Front yeah I know a lot of veterans I Have very uh I have a few friends that Were there and they were very affected By this not just the bombing at the Abbey gate but seeing the Despair and The afghan's eyes and the people that Even some of them had worked with we're Gonna have to leave it here but you know Just to end this I talked to Adam bowler Yesterday that helped negotiate the Doha Agreement and uh you know the binding Administration saying things like there Was no other better way to do it Scott You proved there was I mean civilians Went there coordinated and tactically Brought people out of there and I just Can't thank you enough I really Appreciate everything you've done not Just for this country but for our allies Too Thanks Joey we did it at home but a lot Of folks did it over there and uh I Think it's a personal responsibility in This country All right thanks Scott I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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