Steve Doocy: It appears Biden is in denial

Steve Doocy: It appears Biden is in denial

Fox News’ Lucas Tomlinson provides details on Biden’s approval among key demographics. ‘Fox & Friends’ co-hosts react. #FoxNews

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All right on to some other news President Biden is going on a media Blitz today as he looks to rebound from Another round of damaging polls yeah but He doesn't believe the polls remember Those numbers show form president Trump Beding in several key Battleground States Lucas Tomlinson joins us live From Washington with the latest Lucas it Does appear the president is in denial That's right good morning guys if you Want poll numbers for breakfast you came To the right place let's take a look at President Biden's support among black Voters in the swing States according to New York Times poll Biden is seeing a 28o drop compared to just four years ago Former president Donald Trump seeing a 15o bump now let's take a look at the Hispanic vote Biden leads Trump by 3% in The swing states to keep in mind though In 2020 Biden took 59% of the Hispanic Vote now let's see the poll numbers when You bring in RFK Jr you can see Biden Support has been cut in half since December while trumps has increased by Nearly 10 points RFK junr getting nearly 20 % of the Hispanic vote now let's take A look at young voters Donald Trump is Leading leading in this category by Three points with young voters one Democratic pollster says quote all the Data consistently shows that our Campaign needs to do better with younger

Voters with black voters and with Hispanic voters perhaps an effort to woo Those black and young voters the vice President appeared on Sherry Shepherd Show I used to I used to shop in California had a woman owned business And by Les and I love the smell of Gardinia and Jasmine gardinia is my Favorite scent so when I became vice President she created a scent for me and That's what that is who doesn't like the Smell of Jasmine now yesterday Biden for The second time in a week repeated the False claim about inflation telling Yahoo finance I think inflation has gone Slightly up it was at 9% when I came in And now it's down around 3% of course Inflation was 1.4% when Biden took Office inflation under Biden had had an Average rate increase of 5.5% second Only to Jimmy Carter who of course was Not reelected guys right I mean it's Unbelievable Lucas said he'll say Something so dramatically wrong uh does He that brings up two questions does he Not know it right did anyone tell him How wrong he was or number three does he Say what do I have to lose I'm just Going to keep repeating it you have People fact checking it then of course He continues to say it but meanwhile When the former president says anything Or wants to have a campaign event they Have to fact check every single thing

Say Lucas let's set it straight it was 1.4% when he took office it was over 9% 9.1% in June of 2022 a year and a half Into his presidency and today uh Cheeseburgers cost $25 and you go to Five Guys that's what people are feeling That's right but it comes with a drink And also fries and a great big bag Lucas Thank you very much you know the scary Thing about this is what I worry about With Joe Biden continually saying when I Came in inflation was 9% Maybe he forgot maybe maybe he forgot Which just goes into the whole dynamic Of you know the president has lost a Step he's lost a bunch of steps and That's why these these pieces are coming Out right now talking about how uh People inside the Biden bubble they Don't trust the polls and the president Doesn't trust the polls but people in The larger Democratic world are like Come on you got to change taxs because You're behind right now in a bunch of These reliable polls and you are Sleepwalking into a disaster so it it Makes you wonder why the Pres it makes You wonder what the president was going To say when he had his big economic Speech about 12:00 yesterday in the Rose Garden at which time he came out and Said I know the problem it's China right Which is bizarre because we know that That was Trump's thing and everyone said

You can't do that it's a number one Trading partner but Trump was consistent We're going to tariff them until they Come aboard and he started working on The first phase of the trade deal and Then the pandemic hit and they poisoned The world and never were accountable for It but this is so weird this is cibil Biden because right now he is trying to Amend relations with China he has a Meeting in San Francisco they have Meetings now on the defense minister to Secretary of defense they're having all These uh re-approach Ms and then he Comes out and says I am going to put 100% tariff on all their goods in a Desperate attempt to win over the Automakers in Michigan perhaps I asked Speaker Johnson about his big speech Today he was in New York at the time Time but he flew back to DC and here's What he said everybody knows that bomic Has has ruined the economy everybody Knows that the cost of living is through The roof uh China is a culprit in some Of this as well but the main culprit is The president and his policies they have Spent too much money they have grown the Size and scope of government and they Have regulated some of our Industries Almost to the point of Extinction that Is what is destroyed the economy that's Why inflation is so high and that's why The rising cost of living is the top

Concern uh for for Millions and millions Of Americans Brian I've been in 102 Cities now and over half the states over The last few months doing large events And and uh in you know many events and All these places no matter where we are Out west the East Coast north south mids South doesn't matter people have the Same concerns they're having a hard time Getting by because of what Joe Biden and The de Democrats have done to the Economy and I think there's going to be A reckoning for that in November so a Couple things I find it very interesting That the Biden Administration whether it Is the economy and and our relationship With China or it's the border that Suddenly that the president is having This big Epiphany uh during an election Year and he wants he's acting like Trump Now all of a sudden he agrees with the Trump policy or trying to act like it's His own the second thing when it comes To the fact cheick about the economy or Biden n is working I would be more Concerned if the American people were Buying it but right now poll after poll Shows that not only are Republicans Upset Independence but even Dem Democrats uh don't believe the president When he talks about Biden onics working You know and there's a there's an Interesting piece that just was posted On the Washington Post in the last hour

And it does talk about all the polls and This is to your point Lawrence it talks About how Joe Biden is trailing in the Swing States but when you you put Joe Biden up against a generic Democrat Running for Senate it's a different Story because Joe Biden's tied pretty Close to being tied with Trump with Young and Hispanic voters but a generic Democratic Senate candidate in each of Those States leads by 19 with Hispanics And by 16 uh with young voters and then Generic Democrat leads by 59 points with Black voters compared to Joe's 40% so The generic Democrat is ahead by almost 20 points so in other words voters are Not bulking at Joe at the Democrats They're bulking at Joe Biden he's been President for over three years and he Has not delivered what he promised he Would do and people are Yeah and the when you look at the young Voters in swing States according to New York Times and Sienna Trump is ahead He's getting 46% and Biden's getting 43 Look at the black voters in 2020 Trump Got 9% now he's getting 23% that's Almost a fourth of the black voters like Donald Trump although axios is reporting That Joe Biden and his closest advisers Don't believe any of these polls right Right uh it just uh it's goingon to be Interesting because it's still close in All these places except for Georgia and

Nevada uh but uh and he is making gains In these different categories but it's Still Clos in the overall state I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and click here to subscribe To the Fox News YouTube page to catch Our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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