Steve Hilton: America is seeing the ‘destruction’ of families

Steve Hilton: America is seeing the 'destruction' of families

Fox News host Steve Hilton weighs in on the ‘collapsing’ soul of America and the downsides of the digital age on ‘The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton.’
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In the spirit of Easter I want to talk About what's happening to the spirit of America or even the soul of America Which Biden promised to restore how's That going Last week we told you about this Shocking Wall Street Journal norc survey Which found that the values that have Defined America for Generations the Foundations of our society are Collapsing since 1998 the number of Americans who view patriotism as Important has dropped from 70 to 38 the Importance of religion dropped from 62 To 39 having children drop from 59 to Just 30 percent Community involvement Down from 47 to 27 the only area that Americans see as more important than it Was 25 years ago having money What we're seeing are the awful Consequences of a broken Society this is Deeper than Politics the rot has been Spreading under multiple administrations And that's because neither Republicans Nor Democrats it seems to me have really Tried to understand let alone address The reasons why our society is so broken I wrote about this at length a few years Ago in my book more human So many things in our lives have become Too big and bureaucratic and distant From the human scale big government Centralizing power taking it away from Local government that's more responsive

And accountable big business taking over The economy driving out small local Businesses that play such a vital Civic Role as well as an economic one and big Tech of course is it a coincidence that The collapse in the foundations of our Society has accelerated in the internet Age 25 years ago when according to that poll We just showed you majorities of Americans still supported patriotism Faith and family only 42 percent of American households had a computer even Fewer than that just over a quarter had Access to the internet now nearly Everyone has what 25 years ago would Have been considered a supercomputer With instant high-speed internet access In their pocket nearly everyone but me It seems I won't get one But now we see kids being given Unsupervised access to the internet at a Ridiculously young age parents feeling Powerless to stop it even if they hate It children regularly absorbing all Types of inappropriate content violent Sexual incredibly damaging to the young Mind and we've sadly seen the Consequences Last year a teenager in Buffalo went on A racially motivated shooting spree in a Grocery store infected with poison that He told us in his vile Manifesto he got Quote mostly from the internet he lists

A bunch of websites where he was Radicalized online he live streamed his Crime on Twitch the platform used by Gamers We saw it again the other week another Young person motivated by hate this time Against Christians went on a rampage Inside a religious school killing Several children and adults again Leaving behind a detailed Manifesto And if you really want to see the rot of Our society in real time just log on to Tick tock and start swiping half of Americans millions of kids now addicted To total crap and worse You think that the country that invented Tick Tock allows it there of course not They're not so stupid comparing our Tick Tock to the Chinese version is like Comparing opium to spinach according to One social media analyst Connected to but deeper than all of that And perhaps the leading cause of the Erosion of our social fabric Is the breakdown of family As I've said before family is the most Important thing in my life And it should be the most important Thing in our nation's life But for decades we've seen a steady Destruction of family in America and That has to change we have to do much More to help families come together and Stay together to set expectations for

Proper positive parenting to make sure Every child in America is raised in a Stable loving home family relationships Parenting the way we raise our kids it's The most important thing we do strong Families make a strong country But the problem is families are not even Being formed today in the first place Our marriage rate is at its lowest ever Recorded Nearly a quarter of American children Live with one parent and no other adult More than three times the rate in the Rest of the world Forty percent of children born outside Marriage half a million in foster care Without either parent Half a million You see the consequences all around us Not just those in gangs or mixed up in Crime and disorder but in an every day Everywhere collapse of civilized Standards it is a social and economic Disaster It's an economic disaster because we Know that a stable family makes a huge Difference to life chances and Opportunity If you're born in the bottom 20 of the Income scale your chances of reaching The top 20 are four times higher if your Parents stay married Marriage makes a massive difference in Keeping families stable

On average if parents are married three Quarters are still together by the time Their child is 12. If they're just living together It's only a quarter The way we've normalized broken families Is a social disaster too because Substance abuse mental illness and crime Are all more common in disrupted Families This is not moralizing it's the data Weren't we all told to follow that No one wants to talk about it because The disintegration of the American Family is just so widespread people Don't want to seem judgmental but Actually The leftist elite are judgmental they Look down their noses at stable families Dismantling and redefining the Traditional nuclear family is the goal Of the left in fact it's been the goal Of the left for a hundred years as we Laid out in our piece on the Intellectual origins of wokism a couple Of years ago All this is taking an especially serious Toll on America's boys and young men Two-thirds of high schoolers with the Best grades are now girls whereas in the Bottom 10 percent Two-thirds of boys For every three women on college Campuses there's now only two men

These educational disparities of course Carry over into adult life one in three Men with only a high school diploma is Out of the labor force that is 10 Million Many of the jobs that have traditionally Been male occupations like manufacturing Or heavy industry they've seen their Wages reduced to have just flat out Disappeared from America We see the impact in mental and physical Health men make up about 80 percent 80 Percent Of suicides and Drug overdoses of course None of this means we should reverse the Gains that women have made that progress Is a great thing but we do need to think Harder about how to raise our Expectations of and the opportunities For boys and men in today's economy in Society So what does all this tell us That the collapse in support for the Values that built America Is directly connected to the health of Our society it all goes down together We have to turn this around we need to Stop this self-loathing and be proud Pro-american Patriots that's not to say America can't improve of course we can But is there a better country anywhere In the world take it from me as a Immigrant a new citizen no there is not Whatever faith we have or none we need

To understand the value of the morality That a faith-based worldview provides And we need to rebuild the American Family That is how we mend our broken society That is the next Revolution we need Tell us what you think on the new free Twitter at nextrev fnc and that's Steve Hilton X and share this message when we Post it hey Sean Hannity here hey click Here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube Page and catch our hottest interviews And most compelling analysis you will Not get it anywhere else

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